How to Plan th’ Best Ever scurvy Pirate Parrrty

Shindigz introduces a brand new Pirate Theme for your next Pirate Party for your kids.  And to set the mood, let’s slip into Pirate Speak:

You'll be the Best Mom with this Shindigz Pirate Party!

Ye’ll be th’ Best Mom wit’ ’tis Shindigz scurvy pirate parrrty!

Ahoy, Matey! Lookin’ fer a unique parrrty to throw fer ye son or girly offsprin’? Have ye child invite all ‘o his or her pals over fer a scurvy pirate theme bash!

Start wit’ personalized invitation.

Pirate Photo Invitations

Pirate Photo Invitations

Welcome them wit’ a custom yard sign ‘n banner, ‘n then as they board th’ ship, deck them out wit’ an tattered eye patch, gold tooth, hat, scarf ‘n  hook!

Dress 'em up Pirate Style!

Dress ‘em up Pirate Style!

We’ve got plenty more scurvy pirate parrrty ideas at our scurvy pirate store, but first, take a couple ‘o minutes ‘n spy wit’ ye eye how parrrty Plannin’ Pro Wendy ‘n her sidekick Mary prepare fer a scurvy pirate parrrty:

Shindigz also found a collection ‘o scurvy pirate parrrty grub ideas to feed ye crew!

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Beat the Heat

Pinata's are fun for all ages!

Pinata’s are fun for all ages!

Use water balloons as balls in a fun game of dodgeball.  Not only is it a classic group game it will help cool off your guests as they enjoy themselves.  Water balloons can also be turned into piñatas that surprise the player with a shower of water when they break the balloon.  Or add a regular piñata as another game to play.

Make the Decorations a Game

Place small favors in balloons that way each child is able to break a balloon and earn a favor.  Any small favor in a balloon can turn a regular balloon into an individual piñata for each of your guests.  If you would rather not pick up the pieces of broken balloons then hanging gliders would be another option.  Before the activities the gliders make fun decoration.  During the activities it is quite simple to have a glider flying contest.  Simply take them down and see who can throw theirs the furthest.

Angry Birds

If you want to integrate some bird slinging and pig popping fun into your party an Angry Birds party would be right on target.  With decorations and tableware to fit this theme you can make sure only the birds are angry at your party.  You can create your own levels for your guests to defeat.  Set up blocks in fun configurations and fling your bean bag birds try and knock them all down.

Hawaiian Party

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Break out the leis and grass skirts and have a luau this summer.  Invite your guests to participate by donning Hawaiian print shirts, grass skirts, and as many leis as they want.  With a few surfboard and palm tree standees any space can look like an island paradise.  To add to the fun have a limbo or hula hoop contest to see who has the most island spirit.

Even the pickiest tweens will find themselves having fun at your party this summer.

7 Party Lessons from Downton Abbey

As Season 3 ends for Downton Abbey and the Crawley family, we can learn a variety of wonderful party and celebration tips from the hit BBC show.Chapeau haut de forme sur fond blanc 1

Lesson 7. Always dress for the occasion.  

White tie for dinner may seem a bit much, but the Crawleys are always dressed properly for dinner. And isn’t a dressing gong just a marvelous idea? Dress well for your party or event. Formal never goes out of style.

Lesson 6. Seating arrangements matter.

We know that one had better think through who will be sitting next to the Dowager Countess or who might be sitting next to his Lordship. Leave nothing to chance and assign seats based on creating an interesting dinner conversation and thought provoking discussion while avoiding conflict among those who might be looking to gain social advantage of the moment.

Lesson 5. Having a butler can be of a great advantage.

Imagine if you had a Carson or a Mrs. Hughes to help you with your party planning. Things might be a bit easier! In our day, there are a variety of wonderful event planners willing to help and bring the pieces together for you. Or appoint your children to new roles in the household “staff” to help with party execution. Little Johnny can be a magnificent footman serving the guests! Just don’t forget the white gloves!

Dress SuitLesson 4. Details make the difference between success and mere accomplishment.

The Crawleys would never mix the flight of wines to be paired with dinner or use an inappropriate piece of silver in the service, so you should do the same! Be attentive to the small details from the moment of arrival to the time of departure. Have you planned for coats and galoshes? Have you planned for after dinner drinks in your drawing room? Have you thought about games and activities for the group? A lovely game of charades is always a favorite! Show your guests you have thought about the little things and you will be lavished with praise!

Lesson 3. Be welcoming to all.

One never knows who might arrive at Downton for dinner on short notice. Be prepared with extra food and drink for all events and welcome everyone who might attend. Who knows, they may bring news of newly discovered family or riches you have not yet imagined!

Lesson 2. Have friends with an accent.

It just seems so much more exotic and refined to have guests with a lilt or different language. Throw in a guest or two from the British isles or elsewhere in the Empire and your party and event will seem new and refreshed! If all else fails, put on an accent yourself for the evening and see how it goes.

Lesson 1. Garden parties rock!

Whether you have 10,000 acres or just a humble backyard, the Crawleys know that a garden party is both refined, relaxing and wonderfully proper. Guests will enjoy the outdoors, a canapé or two and a delightful strong quartet on the lawn. As spring approaches, plan your garden party with tea and crumpets.

What thoughts or lessons have you learned from the show to share with us?

Happy Birthday Monopoly – Vintage Game Nights Surge Back!

12SZKC1915The stores are lined with video games. They’re also filled with the newest card and board games on the market.

But never fear! The classics are still there! Monopoly, Candy Land, Twister… some games stand the test of time and aren’t going away anytime soon. Vintage Game Nights are surging back with not only fun game play, but with exciting and colorful decorations as well.

The first Monopoly game was sold in 1935, and since then, more than six billion green houses and red hotels have been made for the famous game. More than 275 million games have been sold, and it’s available in 111 countries in 43 languages. Needless to say, Monopoly has made its mark on the entire world!

Monopoly has become more than just a game for some. It’s actually become a theme for proms and parties! Can you imagine having friends and family over for a vintage game night and literally transforming them into a Monopoly world? The Monopoly Game Night Kit has oodles of giant Monopoly game pieces, a giant board to hang, and even an arch of Monopoly money.

12SZKC1891Perhaps making an even bigger splash on the party scene is the board game Candy Land, which has been around since 1949. We’ve  seen the game box and board change with the times, but the sweetness of it all has stayed the same. A vintage game night turned into a literal Candy Land has the potential to be unforgettable! The Candy Land Kit makes it easy for decorating. With giant lollipops, a Candy Land Game arch, lots of hot pink and purple, this kit is perfect for any event that needs to be made sweeter- whether a vintage game night or a high school dance.

Vintage game events don’t have to mean purchasing lots of board games, there are other popular games that can be played with things you can find for great prices online. Games like jacks, checkers, pick-up sticks and even jump rope are affordable vintage games that would make for a great school party for elementary kids. Set up stations around the gym for each of the games and consider maybe having a tournament of some sort. Use the event to teach kids about another time- a time when video games weren’t in everyone’s household.

Whether a vintage game night in your home or a party at school, you’ll want to keep the themes rolling in every aspect of the event. If your focus is on Monopoly, you might want to stick to the primary colors. Get plates, cups and napkins in red or blue, or a combination of the two. If you’re more focused on Candy Land, go for the pink. If your vintage game event covers a wide range of games, purchase a rainbow of colors for your tableware.

While they’ve never really gone away, it’s clear that vintage games are making a huge comeback in the forms of game nights and parties. Go all out and make sure your event has that extra something that makes guests remember it for years to come.

Happy Birthday Monopoly! You are one of many Hasbro games that continue to sweep the nation and give us yet another reason to party!

Games to Play at a Super Bowl Party

12SZNAL617It’s the biggest game of the year and you’ve got a house full of guests. You’ve got Super Bowl XLVII decorations all over and a spread of wings, pizza, dips and sweets that will assure everyone leaves with a full tummy.

But face it, not everyone at a Super Bowl party cares about the football game, and sometimes the game is just plain boring. You simply cannot have a party for the big game without playing some games of your own.

Here are some of our favorites:

Cornhole Competition

Set up some cornhole boards in the garage or outside, if the weather is nice. Party guests will love the competition. Set up a tournament and maybe even name the teams after NFL teams. If there’s an artist in the family, have someone paint the boards with the teams in the Super Bowl.

Board Game Bonanza

The stores are lined with rows and rows of board games. Grab some of your favorites and have plenty of options for your party guests. Monopoly, Sorry, or even Twister can make for great party games.

Big Game Bingo

This game can be played while watching the Super Bowl. Have guests fill out their own Bingo cards with words like:

  • touchdown
  • field goal
  • safety
  • sack
  • offsides
  • interception
  • timeout

Come up with a large list of football terms, and the first time one of them happens, players mark their Bingo cards. This is a good way to play a game and watch the game at the same time!

Guess the Game

Everyone is already in a competitive mood, test their predicting skills and have guests guess what will happen in the game. Make sure everyone has their paper filled out with their answers before the game begins.

Some ideas of what guests can predict:

  • halftime score
  • final score
  • rushing yards
  • receiving yards
  • MVP

drinkathlonDrink Up

If your crowd is 21 and older, and the drinks are one of your favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday, consider getting the Drinkathlon to see what your guests are made of. The keg-shaped tin contains eight shot glasses, four mini hockey pucks, one mini football, one die, one ping-pong ball and one super ball. Perfect for 4-20 players, your guests might get so wrapped up in these games that they forget there’s even a game on TV!

If you truly appreciate all your guests, consider sending them home with some small favors just for attending your party. That way they’ll never forget what a great time they had, and they’ll be back next year for more football, games and fun!


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