Host a 4th of July Party- Seven Firecracker Ideas for the Neighborhood

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When you begin planning this year’s 4th of July block party, start by doing some research—look at pictures from last year, chat with your friends, try to figure out just what you could do better this time. You could even see if your neighbors want to team up and host the block party together. By putting a few heads together, you may be able to come up with some ideas to plan the best block party ever!

As your neighbors and you begin the task of making this year’s 4th of July block party bigger and better than last year’s, try splitting up the workload. For example, if you and your neighbors are a team of three: put one person in charge of planning the food, one person in charge of decorations, and one person in charge of activities (whether just for the kids or for everyone at the party).

Fourth of July Party Ideas

There are a few great ideas that can quickly and easily help you and your neighbors plan the block party of the year. Here are seven suggestions to get started:

  1. Why not take care of two things at once? When you’re planning the activities for the block party, plan a cook-off! Whether it’s chili, burgers, or whatever else you can think of—this way, you’ll not only have a great activity planned to kick off your block party, but you’ll have quite a bit of food planned.
  2. Don’t forget all the supplies you’ll need when organizing the food—trays, tongs, spoons… To make your block party planning easier from year to year, buy these catering supplies in bulk (that way, neighbors won’t be mad if you lose their property, either).
  3. Depending on how large your block party is, you’ll want to place a few signs around the area—most likely in the yards at either end of the street (and on both sides of the street) so the partygoers have a good idea of how far the party goes on.
  4. When you’re planning the decorations, don’t go overboard! If your party has access to a few front porches to relax on, hang red, white, and blue bunting from the porch rails. This will aid the guests in determining what areas they are allowed in.
  5. When you’re planning activities, make sure they are kid-friendly! If you plan a cook-off, let the kids be the judges. Many potential activities are very kid-friendly, such as a fun block party parade or chalk art.
  6. USA cakeMake sure to create a few photo ops for your guests! Use a USA cake prop for families to gather around or a Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam couple stand-in to snap pictures with.
  7. Aside from the cook-off, why not try festival-themed treats? Popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy, you could ever serve root beer floats in old-fashioned soda shop glasses!

By planning the event with your neighbors, you’ll be able to pull off a well-organized and perfectly planned 4th of July block party for everyone to enjoy! Use these ideas as a starting point—if you start now, you’ll be able to plan the best block this year.

Shindigz Honors Military Service with 20% Discount

With this weekend being the unofficial but customary start of summer, there will be an increase in attention to our service men and women starting with Memorial Day followed by D-Day and Flag Day in June and Independence Day observances on July 4th.  These holidays along with a full summer season of parades and festivals will be filled with times to remember and thank those who are serving our country.

As a reminder, we want to make sure you are aware that Shindigz, offers a discount to U.S. Military personnel as a way of thanking you for your service to America.

This token of appreciation is offered to our men and women serving unselfishly in our military. Shindigz salutes the sacrifices our military take including time spent away from family.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

The Shindgiz military discount program saves military personnel and their families 20% their total purchase at Those wishing to participate must have a military ID to receive the discount.

We hope the savings will help military family make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether a birthday, wedding, welcome home party or anniversary, Shindigz wants to do all we can to help our service men, women, and veterans celebrate.

The Top 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes for 2013

A Luau Themed Summer Party

A Luau Themed Summer Party

You’ve got one big advantage when planning a summer birthday party, compared to wintertime.

Warm summer weather which means you can include outside activities.  With a little planning and perhaps reserving a spot at a local park, your birthday party options have multiplied.

To help you narrow down the possibilities, here are the Top 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes for 2013:

  1. Buzz.  As in Buzz like a bee.
  2. Stars. Summertime is the best season for star gazing and a popular party theme.
  3. Patriotic.  With Memorial Day in May, Flag Day June 14th and Independence Day July 4th, there will be plenty of flags flying.
  4. Hollywood.  Walk the Red Carpet.
  5. Luau. The perfect outdoor party theme for all ages.

Explore in more detail each of these summer birthday party themes at our Birthday Decorations website.

Sure-Fire Generation Y Party Themes

Generation Y is an individualistic, independent, and proud generation.  A big focus has been put not only on individuality, but also on returning to a greener way of living.  Many members of Generation Y either have served or are currently serving in the military.  Knowing those details about Generation Y are going to be the catalysts to throwing a perfect party for your Generation Y friends.

Tattoo Party Shows Individualism

Many members of Generation Y have at least one tattoo.  Recently, tattoos have been carefully designed, chosen, and created with care, as more often than not, they become symbols of an important event or important part of someone’s life.  Many times, they’re more than simply body art; they’re representation of something important to the person with the tattoo.  This has recently become a fun party theme because the art of tattoos is so entirely unique and interesting to look at.

Throw a tattoo party for your friend to celebrate your individuality as well as your creativity!  With a variety of backdrops and standees, you’ll find quite a few things that will make your party stand out in your friends’ memories.  You can give out temporary tattoos or tattoo sleeves to your friends for a fun party favor, too!

A Green Party for a Green Generation

Members of Generation Y have been the environmentally conscious citizens for many years.  They grew up recycling and watching as their parks and forests get destroyed to make room for more houses and various other buildings.  Because of that, they’ve been a part of the huge “going green” movement in recent years.  Stick true to your generation’s ideals and throw a green party with eco-friendly tableware!  Gather your friends together and plan a picnic so you can all return to your childhood and enjoy a park or enjoy the shade of a big group trees one more time.

Patriotism Runs Through Generation Y

Because so many member of Generation Y have served or are serving in the military, patriotism is something that runs strong through their veins.  Because so many members of the generation have risked their lives and given their all to protect the country, what better way to thank your friends than with a patriotic party?  Throw a barbecue in your backyard, have your civilian friends bring a dish each, and give a big thank-you to those in your group of friends who serve or have served in the military.  If you make it spontaneous, your military friends won’t be expecting it and your civilian friends will love the idea.  As a final touch, bake an American Flag cake to bring out at the end of the party.

Generation Y represents much more than tattooed, green, ecologically-friendly patriots.  However, those are three ideals important to the generation.  Even if you’re not a member of Generation Y, throwing a Gen-Y party is a sure-fire way to get to know the next generation.

Kick Off Your Shoes with a Labor Day Party!

Have a Relaxing Labor Day Cookout

The classic Labor Day party is, of course, a cookout.  It’s such an anticipated tradition that you almost can’t go a year without having a cookout within days of Labor Day.  However, just because the cookout theme is a tradition doesn’t mean you can’t change it up and go all-out with decorations.  It’s time to put your decorating skills to the test!

Patriotic Party Decorations

Even if you don’t fly a flag in your yard on a daily basis, a Labor Day cookout is the perfect excuse to show off your patriotism!  What better way could there be to celebrate the hard-working American people?  Whether you have the party outdoors or indoors, there’s a wide variety of ways to show your patriotism through decorations.  You can hang bunting along your porch to give the front of your house a slightly dressed-up flair.  You can also place bunches of balloons at the corners of your porch, as well as throughout your house and even backyard, to give your Labor Day cookout that fun party feel.

Red, White, and Blue Tableware

When it comes to dressing up your tables for your Labor Day cookout, you have a few tableware options.  You could choose a patriotic star table cover or you could go with the traditional red gingham table cover.  Next, have some fun with the plates and napkins.  Try a cute picnic-themed dinner plate and matching picnic basket napkins.  If you use the red gingham table cover, the blue gingham on the plates and napkins will give you a cute contrast. Don’t forget about cups and silverware to get your tables all set for the big cookout!  You can also add a centerpiece to give your tables that final touch.

Labor Day is not only a day celebrating the hard-working American people, but it’s also a day for those hard workers to relax.  A cookout is the perfect way to celebrate with your hard-working friends and family.  Don’t stress about the planning of the cookout, just have some fun with the decorations and know that it’s more about relaxing than anything else.  Your friends and family will be impressed with the cute, relaxed cookout you put together to help them celebrate.


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