Cocktails and Pirates – How to Make Ship-Wrecking Fun

9web0361Island parties and all-American cookouts were the norm all summer, but how about trying something different? Create some ship-wrecking fun with a “Cocktails and Pirates” party! This party will be so unique and fun that friends and family might make you their official party planner for all their upcoming events.

Make your invitations the old-fashioned way with some yellowed, vintage-looking paper. Burn the edges and then write the invites with a quill pen. To get your guests really excited, make the invites look like a treasure map, with the treasure being marked with an “X” at your residence. That way, the paper doubles as an invitation and a map to your cocktail party. It’ll be a great way to get people talking about your upcoming Cocktails and Pirates party!

Your pirate decorations will make or break the party. Pirate decorations are all about the skull and crossbones. Hang some pirate danglers from the ceiling and Jolly Roger pennant banners around the party venue. Use black and white pirate balloons with other colored latex balloons for some pops of color.

There are many creative, Pirate’s Cove decorations out there. Don’t forget pirate staples like buried treasure, palm trees, and of course, a ship. Use a personalized pirate photo stand-in as a decoration and an activity for guests. Take pictures of people with the stand-in and post them to a social media site the next day and people can relive the fun they had at your pirate cocktail party!

Can’t have a Cocktails and Pirates party without the cocktails. Get creative with your cocktail names. It might be a pina colada, but you can call it a Pirate’s Pina Colada. Other ideas: 12szinftrcTreasure Tequila Sunrise, Skull Screwdriver, High Seas Hairy Navel, Walk the Plank Gin & Tonic, and Booty Bloody Mary. Make a list of the drinks and what’s in them so your guests will know what to expect. Serve your delicious cocktails in pirate cups or pirate goblets.

Your cocktail party will probably also include some canned or bottled beverages. Keep them cold inside an inflatable treasure chest cooler. Be sure to also have non-alcoholic beverages available for people who will be driving home.

Many of your guests will probably just enjoy socializing, but it’s a good idea to have some games for people to play. Board games and card games are always popular party ideas. If your guests are really into games, have a “treasure hunt” that is set up like a scavenger hunt. Send the winners home with pirate mini pails filled with candy or baked goods.

Besides games, you might want to have a pirate movie playing on the television like Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island.

Parting Gifts
Don’t send your party guests home empty-handed. Fill some Pirate Favor Bags with some “booty” like candy or popcorn for the ride home. And, of course, if they have been enjoying cocktails, make sure your guests have a designated driver.

How to Plan th’ Best Ever scurvy Pirate Parrrty

Shindigz introduces a brand new Pirate Theme for your next Pirate Party for your kids.  And to set the mood, let’s slip into Pirate Speak:

You'll be the Best Mom with this Shindigz Pirate Party!

Ye’ll be th’ Best Mom wit’ ’tis Shindigz scurvy pirate parrrty!

Ahoy, Matey! Lookin’ fer a unique parrrty to throw fer ye son or girly offsprin’? Have ye child invite all ‘o his or her pals over fer a scurvy pirate theme bash!

Start wit’ personalized invitation.

Pirate Photo Invitations

Pirate Photo Invitations

Welcome them wit’ a custom yard sign ‘n banner, ‘n then as they board th’ ship, deck them out wit’ an tattered eye patch, gold tooth, hat, scarf ‘n  hook!

Dress 'em up Pirate Style!

Dress ‘em up Pirate Style!

We’ve got plenty more scurvy pirate parrrty ideas at our scurvy pirate store, but first, take a couple ‘o minutes ‘n spy wit’ ye eye how parrrty Plannin’ Pro Wendy ‘n her sidekick Mary prepare fer a scurvy pirate parrrty:

Shindigz also found a collection ‘o scurvy pirate parrrty grub ideas to feed ye crew!

June Party Ideas

June could be the month when you allow a little plundering, or ace Father’s Day in a different way. Let’s look at the possibilities.

School’s Out: Mutiny Averted
Often, the last day of school feels like a “just in time” moment all around; so it’s not unusual for parents and just-released young school-agers to travel to a park or someone’s home for a celebratory lunch and outdoor play. If this sounds like you, think about taking one additional step to throw a theme party – and in this case, we recommend a pirate theme.

A pirate theme is easy to incorporate into this type of gathering. A regular grilled hamburger magically becomes a “bilge burger” ‘cause you said so; a peanut butter sandwich turns into a skull with a quick application of the proper cookie cutter. A treasure chest cooler from inflatable coolers holds water or juice (AKA grog). Bury gold coins in a sandbox, float toy boats in a wading pool, and hand out eye patches and bandannas and nautical theme custom bubbles.

Of particular utility to a young children’s pirate party held outdoors is inflatable décor. Crocodiles, swords, palm trees and parrots inspire play, tend to survive less-than-perfect weather and make terrific favors (just be sure with very young children that the take-home items are the same for all).

Flag Week: Yes, Week
Most everyone knows that June 14 is Flag Day, but not as many are aware that the week of June 14 is, just as officially, Flag Week. This means you can throw a weekend barbecue with Flag Day decorations and a Flag Week theme and all remains right with the world.

Break out the bunting, pinwheels and patriotic tableware. Put up the outdoor patriotic decorating kit and think about leaving it up through the 4th of July. It is flag season, after all!

A Sporting Dad’s Day
Sure, the theme for Fathers’ Day could be “Fathers’ Day,” or you could kick things up a notch by paying homage to Dad and his favorite sport on his special day by shopping in sports party supplies.

For golf, baseball and many other sports, start with an appropriate wall mural or background, such as the Golf Course photo backdrop. Cover tables with grass print tablecovers and a cake (or cupcakes) done up with cake supplies that are cute or witty and in your chosen sports theme.

Place a life-sized sports standee in a prominent place at the party for laughs and photo ops, and scatter small sports-related items on tables (e.g. mini baseballs or whistles). Finish the decorating with clusters of themed mylar ball-shaped balloons mixed with coordinating colors of latex balloons.

The Month of the Rose
June is Rose Month, which is perfect for garden wedding themes, June birthday themes and garden-related events such as garden show receptions and fundraisers.

Choose from Rose Garden, Red Rose or White Party flower designs for banners, and decorate using boxwood or ivy garland and balls of grapevine or moss. On tables, alternate the balls with sand-filled, beribboned terra cotta pots “planted” with lollipop favors in your chosen design. The aforementioned grass print tablecovers might be of use here, too!

Top Five Summer Party Ideas

School’s out!  Party on!  The best part of summer is relaxation in the warm weather, so why not create a few fun summer parties for all your friends to enjoy?  Take advantage of the warm weather and plan a few outdoor parties!  The easiest way to do so is by picking a theme and simply altering your party just enough for the theme to work outdoors rather than indoors.  Here are a few ideas:

1.) Luau Summer Pool Party:   Break out the bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, leis, and grass skirts!  What better way to ring in summer than with a pool party?  Provide all your guests with a coconut cup filled with a tropical punch-flavored slushy drink and at least one lei to throw around their neck.   In addition to those fun luau favors, give your female guests grass skirts and flowers to put in their hair!  Scatter a few palm tree coolers around your yard to give guests a place to find more cold beverages once their slushy drink is gone.  What are your options if you don’t have a pool?  Use a sprinkler and your garden hose!

2.) Backyard Summer Barbecue:  While, yes, it seems to go hand-in-hand with the luau pool party, it’s just different enough to be a second great summer party.  Plan a menu first: pulled pork sandwiches (barbecue or not), corn (on or off the cob), and fruit would make a great, summery combination.  Decorate your tables with a classic barbecue red gingham table cover and provide fun plates, napkins, and utensils.  Then, as your guests sit at their tables to enjoy their food, serve another cool summer treat: a sherbet float in a goblet with a fun squiggle straw!  Just pour lemon-lime soda over two or three scoops of rainbow sherbet ice cream.  It’s a fun, fruity twist on a classic summer favorite, the root beer float.

3.) Fifties Drive-in Summer Picnic:  This is where the classic root beer floats and black cows (a cola poured over vanilla ice cream) from the fifties come into play!  Decorate your tables with a float candle and serve your guests both yummy ice cream beverage in classic soda shop glass that your guests can take home as a fun summer favor.  A few other great favor ideas are plush dice that your guests can hang from their rearview mirrors (especially if they have fun, old-fashioned cars that they’ve worked to restore), classic black sunglasses for the men, and diamond cat sunglasses for the women.

4.) Carnival Summer Party:  Summertime equals festivals, parades, theme parks, and carnivals!  Every teenager looks forward to a summer trip to a theme park to ride roller coasters and eat the amazing junk food that appears at every theme park across America.  Why not bring a fun, carnival-like junk food alley to your backyard?  When your guests arrive at your party, greet them at the entrance and place a sparkly wrist band on them so they can feel like it’s a private carnival rather than simply a summer carnival party.  Also, give each guest a carnival favor box that they can decorate to hold their candy as they play games.  Plan a wide variety of carnival games for every guest to participate in.  When it comes to thinking of prizes for the games, hand out candy at each game booth.  Keep a concession stand open for your guest to come find food and snacks, such as banana splits in dessert servers and popcorn in popcorn bags.

5.)  Pirate Summer Party: This will give your guests a bit of a twist on a classic summer beach party.  When you send out party invitations, include a note that requests your guests to attend in a pirate costume—this is a great way to have a costume party in the summertime!  Invite your guests to participate in a treasure hunt, with rewards along the way.  Then, give them pirate pouches to keep those rewards (or their pirate booty) in.  At the end, when your guests get to the treasure chest, they can arrive to find it filled with yummy ice cream treats and popsicles!  A word to the wise: wait as long as possible to hide this.  Send your guests on a wild goose chase to the front of the house, thinking you hid the treasure there. Then, when they get back to the central party area and see the chest, they’ll be shocked!

There are many other ways to ring in summer and many other fun summer party ideas to plan.  Just remember the keys of summer and your planning will go easier: fun games, warm weather, and cool frozen treats will make your friends and guests love every summer party that you host.

If Ye Be Hostin’ a Pirate Party for Grownup Buccaneers

The 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out in a few months… International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19…Somebody’s birthday is coming up…You have relatives in Pittsburgh…Halloween will be here before you know it! Whew! If you need an excuse to throw a pirate-themed party, you won’t have far to look!

Need more reasons? lists about 100 communities in the US and Canada that host annual pirate festivals and faires. Pirates are hot, and ShindigZ Party offers a full line of Pirate Party Supplies for partying on boat deck, backyard deck and elsewhere.

We’ve posted a-plenty on children’s pirate parties, but now offer some ideas for the adult buccaneer.

Pirate Party Decorations

Point your spyglass toward the Treasure Bay or Pirates Cove collections for large pirate decoration pieces such as ships and palm trees. Dig up a treasure chest prop and plenty of fishnet, raffia and colorful tissue parrots. Use a skull-and-crossbones flag to mark the party spot, or one of our pirate banners that you can personalize with event information.

For evening functions, we are loving the lighting effects of our safe Table Torch Decoration and Hanging Flaming Torch!

Pirate Party Activities

Haul in affordable scarves, vests and other pirate wearables in adult sizes at ShindigZ Party. With everyone so garbed, send guests into town on a scavenger treasure hunt.

For additional grownup activities, we recommend visiting websites such, where you can generate hilarious pirate names and personas for all of your guests, pick up new recipes for grog, and learn a sea chantey or two.

Aaarghh! Best get ye to collectin’ yer booty for the big bash, Matey! ;-)


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