Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Beat the Heat

Pinata's are fun for all ages!

Pinata’s are fun for all ages!

Use water balloons as balls in a fun game of dodgeball.  Not only is it a classic group game it will help cool off your guests as they enjoy themselves.  Water balloons can also be turned into piñatas that surprise the player with a shower of water when they break the balloon.  Or add a regular piñata as another game to play.

Make the Decorations a Game

Place small favors in balloons that way each child is able to break a balloon and earn a favor.  Any small favor in a balloon can turn a regular balloon into an individual piñata for each of your guests.  If you would rather not pick up the pieces of broken balloons then hanging gliders would be another option.  Before the activities the gliders make fun decoration.  During the activities it is quite simple to have a glider flying contest.  Simply take them down and see who can throw theirs the furthest.

Angry Birds

If you want to integrate some bird slinging and pig popping fun into your party an Angry Birds party would be right on target.  With decorations and tableware to fit this theme you can make sure only the birds are angry at your party.  You can create your own levels for your guests to defeat.  Set up blocks in fun configurations and fling your bean bag birds try and knock them all down.

Hawaiian Party

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Break out the leis and grass skirts and have a luau this summer.  Invite your guests to participate by donning Hawaiian print shirts, grass skirts, and as many leis as they want.  With a few surfboard and palm tree standees any space can look like an island paradise.  To add to the fun have a limbo or hula hoop contest to see who has the most island spirit.

Even the pickiest tweens will find themselves having fun at your party this summer.

School’s Out! Refreshing, Summer Party Games

Summer, Pool Party Games

Pool Party Supplies - Fun for All!

Splishin’ and a splashin’ with friends in a cool pool is a fantastic way to spend a summer afternoon – what could be better? The main activity, of course, will be swimming, but here are some other summer water and party games that are fun for any age!

* Have a “sunken treasure” contest where you toss items in the pool and all at once the guests dive to find the surprises.

*Hold a hula hoop under or above the water on each side of the pool for guests to dive thru.  Host individual or team competitions.

* Party hosts, get in the Hawaiian spirit by dressing in grass skirts and decorating with luau party supplies!

* Have a rubber ducky race. Each player gets their own duck and has to swim behind it and push it along using only their nose!!

* Dump in several buckets of ice cubes into the water all at once. Have a contest to see who can retrieve the most cubes onto dry land. The catch here is that they can only use their toes! The laughter that is produced is half the fun!

* Play tried-and-true pool games like Marco Polo, Tug of War, water volleyball, and water basketball.

If you don’t have the luxury of a swimming pool at your disposal, don’t fret – you can still create a lot of splash by some of the following water activities:

* Set up your sprinklers and play “Musical Sprinkler”. You must have a few helpers that can turn the water off and on to make this work. Have your guests run around in the back yard jumping from sprinkler to sprinkler. Randomly turn off the water to one hose and whoever was dancing in that mist is out of the game. The last one in wins a water toy!

* Play volleyball using two sheets and water balloons. Each team member holds a side of a large sheet. Each team tries to lob the water balloon over the net to the other side. The other team tries to catch the balloon using their sheet and without getting wet! This game is great for older kids and teens!

* Have a major squirt-gun war. These inevitably turn into an all-out bucket water fights!

* Wet sponge football is always a really ‘cool’ time!

The following activities may not create a soak, but they are sure to provide a flood of smiles and summer fun!

* Lay a sheet of poly vinyl out in your lawn. Bring in a truckload of inexpensive sand and have beach toys ready for a sand castle building contest.

* Garden-hose limbo, a hula hoop contest, or beach blanket bingo are activities that have provided laughs for decades and are still great ideas for this theme party!

* Set up a rowdy badminton tournament!

* After dark, settle the crowd down with a bonfire and a sing-along.

What are some of your favorite summer, party games and activities?

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Amazing Summer Birthday Themes

Summer is a great time to have a birthday—especially if you’re a kid! All of the messes can be left outside & be hosed off easily. Try these fun summer birthday themes for your next birthday bash under the sun.

Pool Party
What says summer better than a pool party? Not much, in my opinion. Guests can bring their swim suits & towels for all kinds of water games and activities:
• Use duck pond floaters with stickers on the bottom for guests to fish out of a small pool. The kind of sticker that they get results in different prizes!
• Hold relays with water balloons, a relay egg game, and field cones.
• End the fun with a beach ball piñata and let everyone take the candy home as their party favors.
Whether you have a large pool, use a kiddie pool, or sprinkler, the pool themed fun will go on and on!

Luau Party
You will have your guests “limboing” their way over to the best party of the summer when you throw a luau party for your birthday!
• Hand out leis to guests as they enter your party.
• Keep everyone cool with water bottles complete with luau bottle labels placed in an inflatable palm tree cooler that keeps your theme going.
• Entertain your guests with a limbo kit while playing a luau island party music CD.

Garden Party
Nature lovers can go elegant with a garden party for birthdays! Your guests will love your outdoor space when you transform it using garden party supplies.
• Pass out cute retro mini flower fans that will keep guests cool.
• Add flowers to your garden for even more lushness using silk roses and tulips.
• Decorate your tables with lighted English ivy twig garland, twig garland, and cuckoo trees.

Backyard/Cookout Party
For a less formal birthday bash, hang out with your friends and family at a good old fashioned backyard party or barbeque.
• Invite guests to your birthday with cookout party invitations.
• Try BBQ party table decorations for no fuss decorating or be unique with fun backyard grillin’ dinner plates for your guests to put those hot wings and ribs upon.
• Buy printed stadium cups as reusable party favors for each of your guests to remember your party by.

Adults and children of all ages will appreciate your summer birthday party when you plan it with Shindigz’ help. From start to finish, invitations to favors, Shindigz has you covered!

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E! Hosts a Poolside Party to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Pool Party Decorations

Pool Party Decorations

The entertainment channel E! recently celebrated its 20th year on the air, and threw itself a lavish poolside party in Hollywood, reports the Huffington Post. Scores of stars gathered to the rooftoop of The London in West Hollywood for the bash, but first they posed for cameras while strutting down the red carpet in the lobby.

The entire Kardashian family was at the event, along with Ryan Seacrest, Lil Jon, Stephanie Pratt, and Sophia Bush. The celebs lounged by the pool with drinks from nearby cabanas. Kelly Rowland performed on a stage that overlooked the pool, guests and Sunset Strip beyond.

Now that summertime is here, it’s time to bust out the bathing suits and throw your own pool party. If you want to party like the stars, why not purchase your own tiki hut to act as your own personal cabana?

Put up some inflatable palm trees and your guests will feel like they’ve stepped onto the strip in Hollywood! You’ll definitely want to have some lei’s on hand to give your pals as they enter and get ready to relax by the water.

Make a Splash with a Festive Pool Party!

Time to decorate for a Pool Party

Time to decorate for a Pool Party

Summer’s nearing, which means it’s time to head out to the backyard and start soaking in the sun, poolside! Those who are lucky enough to have a pool should let their friends join in the fun and throw a pool party for the whole neighborhood. Get out the sun block and party, but make sure you have all the best decorations, first.

There are a lot of creative invitations that will let the world know that you are throwing the biggest pool party of this summer. Send out the details on an invite shaped like a mermaid or hula girl, or even send an invitation attached to a lei. For a beach-themed pool party, send out a personalized message in a bottle to each of your friends!

Decorate your pool patio with lots of fun summer motifs. Sea shells are a great and natural way to bring the beach to your back yard. Cardboard palm trees and a blow-up tiki hut will definitely get your guests ready to swim and sunbathe. Party balloons are also a great way to be festive. You can find mylar balloons in the shapes of anchors, parrots, flowers and sharks to hang up all over the yard.

Beat the heat this summer with a rockin’ pool party!


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