Cool and Trendy Homecoming Theme Ideas

Homecoming is all about the students, so shouldn’t the party be all about the students’ interests? We think so! Make this year’s homecoming something everyone will be talking about for a long time by using the latest trends as the theme!

Up, Up, and Away!


Superheroes are very popular right now. There has almost always been a superhero movie in theaters or coming to theaters in the past few years. Superheroes allow us to imagine a world where people can obtain extraordinary abilities and be a beacon of hope to all of humanity against the forces of evil. Create that feeling at this year’s homecoming! A very popular superhero movie that just came out is the Avengers. Why not make this year “Avengers”-themed? There are many other superheroes to use as themes, as well, but if you’re looking for a more general superhero party, no worries! Make the event about superheroism in general. You could even use the theme of “Everyone’s a Supehero,” where the guests can be superheroes for the night.

Fantasy: The Unrestrained Imagination

What are your fantasies? Medieval adventure? Magical encounters? Travels in space? Let imaginations run free at this year’s homecoming with a fantasy theme. Guests can be a great king or queen, a mighty knight, a cunning mage, or even an adventurous astronaut! Why not all of the above? Create a land of many fantasies all combined into one big adventure. To escape to a world where your biggest and most glorious ideas come to life is a possibility that you give your guests for the night.

The Sky Is Falling!

Doomsday theories are very popular right now, especially with the Mayan 2012 Doomsday theory. Make this homecoming an End of the World theme! There are all kinds of theories out there, which makes for many possible apocalyptic settings. Scare the guests with a zombie apocalypse or turn out the lights with a blackout apocalypse. Set up a desolate city where your guests are the only survivors. Any one you choose, the apocalyptic feeling will be present and enjoyed by all!

Whether you’re feeling super, imaginative, or apocalyptic, these themes will make this homecoming the best yet. Stay creative and exciting!

Princess Party Quinceañera Ideas

An Occasion Fit for a Princess

A Sweet Sixteenth birthday is a special occasion to almost every girl in America.  For young ladies in the Hispanic culture, a Quinceañera is a similar (but more formal) occasion.  The birthday girl gets to dress up in a beautiful ball gown and has a court of girls and boys, as well as an escort, to attend her.  There’s a fancy dinner, a dance (occasionally a rehearsed dance performed by the guest of honor, her escort, and the court), and, of course, a cake.  Those are only a few of the main components, though.  Don’t forget about the decorations!

Princess Party Quinceañera Decorations

For an elegant Quinceañera celebration, elegant decorations are the key to a memorable party.  Elegant tableware, as well as elegant draperies, will set the initial tone.  However, no Quince party (no matter how elegant) is complete without balloons.  You have a few options.  You could get Quince-specific balloons and display them around the room.  Then again, you could find colors that fit with the color of your birthday girl’s dress and a few other colors that match it and place clusters of the matching colors throughout the room.

Once you have balloons and a few other decorations chosen, you need to look into tableware.  If you want an elegant, polished look for your event, try silver-banded dinner plates and clear utensils and glasses.  Choose a solid-colored table cover and look into monogrammed napkins.  Also, for a final, finishing touch on your tables, select an elegant centerpiece.  For a princess Quinceañera party, you have a few options.  You could choose a centerpiece modeled after a pumpkin-shaped carriage or you could look for a small candelabra centerpiece.

Princess Party Quinceañera Gift Ideas

Traditionally, the parents of the birthday girl are the ones to put together the party.  However, a small gift is usually expected, also.  What better gift can parents give their princess but a tiara?  There are a wide variety of tiaras to choose from no matter where you go to find one, so you’ll definitely be able to find one to fit your birthday girl perfectly.  Whatever other gifts you choose to give your birthday girl should be much more personal, but the princess Quinceañera party of her dreams and a beautiful tiara to wear at her party will remind her of how special she really is to you and will make her very thankful.

Princess Ideas for Her Girls Birthday Party

She’ll Always Be Your Princess!

“Yes, my Lady, your company eagerly awaits you and desires your presence!” Age matters not, because girls love to be treated like princesses. Whether they are gallantly riding horses in open meadows and fields, dancing merrily while hoping to meet prince charming or dining elegantly in serene surroundings, a princess party is the ultimate foundation for dozens of girl’s birthday party ideas.

Planning the Perfect Princess Party

Princesses have their own personalities, preferences and desires. Before anything else can be accomplished, the perfect theme, one that will please her grace beyond measure, should be determined, so that all party decoration supplies coordinate together.

Personalized invitations, menus, table decorations, activities, birthday party games and matching party favors will each add a touch of style and flair to the grand and wonderful celebration. Every detail should be considered including lighting decorations, balloons and even gift wrap supplies.

Decorating for a Princess Party

Begin by layering sheer, shimmering gossamer fabric all over the room, designing special photo corners, tying bows around chairs, covering unsightly areas and creating a soft and welcoming ambience for your majesty.

Determine the menu and how to present your offerings. Buffet style banquets are excellent for more casual and social events, while barbecues work well for outside gatherings. Princess parties needn’t always be formal. However, the elegance of hosting a sit-down meal should be happily considered as well. Consider the classic girl’s tea party, for example.

Use garland, balloons and ribbon freely, hanging it from light fixtures, draping it over curtains and swaying it in archways and doorways. Separate party events like eating, dancing and games, allowing guests the courtesy of enjoying whatever they are doing, at any given time.

Hosting the Ultimate Girl’s Birthday Party

It’s the little things that make all the difference, when planning a girl’s birthday party. Choosing the right colors, selecting her favorite foods, presenting the “to die for” cake and playing the perfect music all contribute to the overall success of hosting a girl’s birthday party every princess will love. Girls have a way of lighting up the room when they look and feel like princesses, which is why every girl deserves to be treated like royalty on her birthday.

Need a few more girls princess party ideas?  Check out these tips:

He’s My Valentine! Plan a Daddy-Daughter Dance

Create Valentines MemoriesPlan a Daddy Daughter Dance

February is the perfect time to celebrate that special bond between dads and daughters of all ages. After all, what better occasion is there to host a grand and glorious, He’s My Valentine! Daddy-Daughter Dance, than for a Valentine’s Party? Making preparations for such an event is easy and fun, especially when you use Shindigz Valentine’s Day Party Supplies.

Set the Valentines Party Scene

Move the furniture out of the largest room in the house. Create an atmosphere and theme of your choice, choosing from a large selection of lighting, party decorations and confetti sprinkled all over the floor. Drape gossamer fabric as a focal point in one corner, accented by a “Daddy’s Little Girl” personalized banner, and prepare to set the scene for one of 2012’s happiest Valentine’s Day Party events of the year.

  • Display a scrumptious arrangement of appetizers and easy to eat finger foods on a large, and very crowded buffet table, in an adjacent room that has matching table decorations, background materials and party favors, to give your guests a celebration that will be remembered and talked about for years.Plan Party Games!
  • Engage guests and promote interactive conversation with a fun variety of party activities. Include all-time favorite dance games, as well as things like silent auctions, guessing jars, darts, ping pong and billiards, enabling dads and daughters to dance and play at their leisure.
  • Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like Cupid and archery. Favorite treats might include a chocolate dipping fountain, complete with heart-shaped cookies, cakes and fruit pieces nearby. Dipping chocolate need not be reserved for the fountain, however. Chocolate fondue is not only easy to prepare, but sure to be a crowd pleaser too. Guests can even be sent home with their very own personalized chocolate bar party favors.

Dads and their daughters will be able to relax in a Valentine haven, created just for them. Photos will be plentiful of this amazing Daddy Daughter Dance. Watch out, Facebook! Timelines are about to go on overdrive!

Throw A Royal Wedding Reception Party of Your Own

Dream Horse and Carriage Standee

Your Royal Wedding Decorations are Complete with a Dream Horse and Carriage Standee

When you gather with friends to join over 1 billion around the world to watch the Royal Wedding, throw a little royal wedding reception party of your own!

Around the television, create and inviting royal wedding reception party space. As a royal wedding reception backdrop, use a dream horse and carriage standee fit to carry a new prince or princess (or king and queen)! Float a few Wedding Bells latex balloons across your party skyline to match the bells that will toll across London as the vows are completed. Pink, white and silver party streamers and tablecovers will add to the magical moment.

As Prince William and Princess Kate exit the cathedral, toss fairytale castle confetti with your guests.

For royal wedding reception beverages, start with a traditional cup of tea seved in a wedding elegance paper cup. These can be used for hot or cold beverages. Then, sip a celebratory glass of bubbly from plastic Champagne glasses. At the center of your royal wedding reception party food table, place a glitter castle centerpiece.

If you have little ones watching attending your royal wedding reception event, have a princess gumball machine on hand to silence their mouths so you don’t miss a vow!

Send your guests home with a glass slipper of their own which they can bring to the next royal wedding they attend. It may just be their own!


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