Amass Fans at Your Rock Star Party

So you wanna be a rock star?!  Rev up your crowd.  It’s easy to be the star of your party when you plan and decorate properly.

Dress Like A Rock Star 

Start with red foil wigs to create your band’s mullets or wear a Mohawk wig and let the good times begin!  Be sure to have some extra wigs available for any guests who would like to get into character.  The more people wearing rock star hair and clothing the more fun everyone will have.  Wear clothing from rock stars from different eras- from Elvis to the 80’s.  Stay alive in a  disco dolly costume or head bang with grunge leggings.  Slip on an adult size silver sequin glove and beat it or hip hop in tattoo sleeves.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas!

Decorate like a Rock Star

As people enter your party, wow them with your amazing rock star scene setter. The backdrop in this rock star scene setter kit is easy to hang.    Drape rock star danglers  and instrument rock band danglers  from the ceiling  That sets the mood and lets everyone know that the party has begun.

Party like a Rock Star

Serving food and drinks with guitar decorated rock star cups and rock star dessert plates allows everyone to enjoy the theme.  Consider including a cake made in the shape of a guitar or music notes. Handing guests inflatable microphones upon entry cues them to prepare for singing.

Rock Star Party Favors & Activities

In addition to air guitar, guests always enjoy a rock guitar pinata! Present a rock star inflatable guitar and microphone to a group of people.  Have the onlookers perform an air band song while each guest takes turns whacking the pinata.  Whether you choose candy bars or pinata fillers, your friends will have plenty of treats and memories to bring home.

Slogans and Invitations for a Rock N Roll Birthday Party

A Rock N’ Roll themed party is a great idea for grown ups and kids who love music or the 50s. This is also a great party theme for a 50th birthday party or a 50th wedding anniversary.

Once you’ve chosen this theme for your birthday bash, decide on a slogan to use in invitations and on personalized favors and custom banners. Here are some ideas:
•    Rock Around the Clock for Gina’s Birthday!
•    Sam’s Birthday Party will Really Rock!
•    Rock On! Rick’s turning 50!

After selecting a slogan, create invitations to send out to your guests. The Rock N’ Roll Party Kit features a matching invitation card you can write your party details on and send in the mail to guests. Add some Rock N’ Roll confetti for extra style.

If you can hand deliver invitations, attach them to a small favor such as a pair of fifties greaser sunglasses. Encourage guests to wear the glasses to the party to really get them in the jivin’ mood.

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Decorating Ideas for a Rock N’ Roll Birthday Party

Decorations for your Rock N’ Roll party should be fun and hip. These tips and party supplies will get your party rocking and rolling.

Start your decorating with the Rock N’ Roll Party Kit. The kit includes Rock N’ Roll tableware, 16 oz cups, thank you notes, black star confetti, cutlery, bright pink balloons, black balloons, black curling ribbon, and a bright  pink plastic table cover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10” x 30” personalized banner, musical note mylar balloon, fuchsia streamers and black streamers. Coordinate all your decorations to the kit for a rockin’ look.

Welcome guests to your party with a Rockin’ Personalized Vinyl Banner. The banner is printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in seven different sizes. You can use the banner indoors or out and it makes a great keepsake.

Create a fantastic backdrop with Fabulous Fifties Patterned Gossamer. Gossamer material is wonderful for making swags, drapes and curtains. Use it to make runners on your tables or chair bows. You can hang it in your doorway to make the entrances more festive. Check out our gossamer tips for lots more ideas.

Hang plastic record accents on your walls for a fantastic accent. The records can also be hung with curling ribbon from the ceiling.

Accent doorways with a Rock N’ Roll string decoration. The hanging records make a great entrance or addition to your decor elsewhere around the room.

Use balloon bunches to fill up your party space. Create balloon bunches of odd numbers (3, 5, 7…) using pink and black or rock n’ roll print balloons. Tie the balloons with curling ribbon to the back of chairs or balloon weights. Fifties float candles make awesome balloon weights. If you don’t have access to a helium tank, blow balloons up and scatter them around the room or hang them from the ceiling with various lengths of curling ribbon.

Table Decorations:

A well decorated table is a great way to bring your decorations all together. Decorate your tables with the Rock N’ Roll Party Kit for a cool look.

Start by covering tables with a bright pink tablecover or a Rock N’ Roll tablecover. Over the top, sprinkle Rock N’ Roll confetti and place a Rock N’ Roll Centerpiece in the middle.

Next, set each placesetting with Rock N’ Roll Tableware. Create cutlery bundles using Rock N’ Roll napkins or personalized napkins and curling ribbon.

Use party favors to decorate your table. Fifties Float Candles will look fabulous at each place setting and guests will love taking them home at the end of the party. Slip a pair of greaser sunglasses into each cutlery bundle for a rockin’ accent.

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Favors for a Rock N’ Roll Birthday Bash

Party favors are a hip way to thank guests for attending your party. Favors for your Rock N’ Roll party can be music or 50s themed. We have plenty of fun party favors for your guests to enjoy!

For example, create a mixed CD for each guest to enjoy after the party.

The Flashback CD Holder can be personalized with your guest’s favorite photo from the party and holds 12 CDs. Plus, it has a fun 50’s print.

Fifties Float Candles
are unique favors that make great table decorations or balloon weights during your party.

Other great favors include Fifties greaser sunglasses, beaded necklaces and personalized picture frames.

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Activities for a Rock N’ Roll Birthday Bash

There are plenty of activities you can have at your 50’s party to keep guests having a great time. Here are some of our favorite 50’s party activities:

The most obvious activity for your Rock N’ Roll party is dancing! Hire a DJ or just get your stero system cranked up. Play the classics of rock and roll along with dance and party music that’s popular with your guests.

You can even have a dance contest. Have judges pick the best of the night in several categories such as Best Stunt, Best Couple, Most Comedic or Best Overall. It’ll add some extra fun to the dance floor.

Have an Air Jam contest. Guests can get together in small groups and prepare lip sync routines to their favorite rock songs.

If you’re going for a 1950’s Rock N’ Roll theme, guests can make their own poodle skirts. Stock up on large pieces of felt and accessories like sequins, rick rack and beads. This fun activity is a good alternative to dancing.

Guests can take hilarious commemorative photos with the 50’s Couple Photo Stand-In. Have a digital camera or Polaroid on hand to capture the funny pics.

A piñata is a classic party activity. Our Diva Guitar Pinata is just the thing for a Rock N’ Roll party. Guests of all ages will love taking a crack at it trying to break loose the candy filler.

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