Show-Stopper Decorations for Summer Corporate Mixers

Begin your search for show-stopper decorations for your corporate mixer by considering party themes first. Once you do, the rest of the planning will fall into place.

Popular Summer Mixer Themes
Themes that go over well for summer and remind us of the outdoors (whether we are actually outdoors or not) also readily help achieve the usual goals of a mixer to be relaxed, casual and fun. Some of our summer favorites are Luau, Western, Safari and Picnic. Each lends itself to an easily-recognizable identity, set of activities (e.g., picnic with softball games, luau with hula or limbo contests), certain types of food and drink, and entertaining wearables. Knowing the “script” helps guests feel comfortable right away.

Show-Stopper Theme Decorations
A “show stopper” is a decoration that generates immediate conversation and enthusiasm, so it will function initially as your first ice-breaker. You can achieve this result simply with a large decoration, but most often kudos is earned not just due to size but because the decoration is unique by itself or cleverly accompanied or customized in some way.

Entrances & Arches: Start the buzz early right at the entrance to banquet room, beer garden or park shelter with an arch or other entrance decorations from your chosen theme decorations kit, such as shown at right. Most arches come with personalization options so you can customize a welcome greeting, mixer slogan and/or sponsor credit. Leave off the date/year if you intend for the mixer to become an annual event with the same theme, so that you can re-use the decorations.

If the event absolutely is outdoors with little or no shelter, adorn the entrance with a heavy-duty vinyl theme banner that meets your specific specifications as to size and customization.

Party Backgrounds: Once inside the entrance, party backgrounds and murals can draw the eye (and the rest of the guest) inward and further the theme. Use them also as backdrops for guest speakers, entertainers and group photos.

Backgrounds and backdrops can be customized by material and size, and personalized with event information just as banners can.

Free-Standing Decorations: Large free-standing themed decorations, such as cardboard cutouts or decorative trees, likewise deliver additional points of interest and add depth to wall décor. They can also be used to help break up larger spaces into more intimate settings for smaller conversation groups or to create separations between teams for structured activities.

You will find such props indispensable for photo ops for a roving photographer – imagine the attractiveness of different theme items showing up with guests in a photo album on a website or social media site afterward.

Other Advantages of Theme for a Corporate Mixer
Selecting a theme for your summer mixer presents you with an array of show-stopper decorations, but don’t stop there. Take a look at the low cost of our event printing on invitations as a standout alternative to today’s ubiquitous email invitations. Also, check out tableware in your theme for wowza centerpieces, and be sure to shop for matching gift bags or boxes ready to receive guest contact information lists and corporate spirit supplies.

Host a Kids’ Get-Acquainted Party

For many, the beginning of the school year is a Season of New. Children become new school-agers, change schools, or start after-school activities such as tumbling class or Scouts. Teachers, parent volunteers and other kids’ group leaders are likewise greeted by new faces. Sometimes there’s a little anxiety. Always, you want to start out on the right foot. The Shindigz prescription: a get-acquainted party, naturally!

Choose a Theme with Fins or Four Legs
Chances are you’ll need a theme that appeals to both boys and girls, and there’s one great big intersection of boy and girl interests called Animals. Here are a few animal-based themes we think would work especially well for this purpose:

These animal themes are easy to decorate and accessorize. Create a barnyard with a big red 3D barn, classic red gingham table covers and a herd of inflatable cows; an undersea universe of deep blue seaweed and tropical fish balloons; or a green equatorial paradise with a jungle trees backdrop and wild animal standups.

You will similarly find that it’s easy to match piñatas, crafts, party wearables and other party favors to any of these animal themes.

If possible, try to have at least part of the party outdoors, or in another setting where the children can run around.

Young “Animals” Get Acquainted at Play
Children tend to get excited about being around other children, so the best strategy is to work off excess energy with lots of active play right at the start of the party.

Games can be old or new, theme-related or not, but you will want to choose types where nobody has to wait too long for their turns, and select team games for team-building and getting acquainted. Relays such as egg races, pass-the-orange, balloon sitting, and crab walk races make for classic, dependable fun; just be sure to mix up the teams between each game. Circle games using a play canopy and foam balls or animal beanbag toys engage all the children on the same team at once and encourage coordination and cooperative play.

Food tends not to be a huge focus for younger party guests, and what there is of it can be part of an activity, too. Children can decorate their own cupcakes or whip up small sundaes. Otherwise, a few nibbles are probably sufficient. Provide peanuts in the shell to a band of elephants, oats (granola) for a herd of horses, half bananas to marauding monkeys and so forth.

They will absolutely get mighty thirsty. Create theme-related personalized water bottle labels for “jungle juice” or “sea water” and tint bottle contents accordingly with food coloring.

When the level of activity begins winding down and the end of the get-acquainted party nears, pull out the craft projects and coloring books from Everything Elementary.

Get-Acquainted Fun Continues Afterward
If you do create a herd of inflatable cows or a school of plush fish as part of the party decorations, be sure to have enough on hand for each child to take one home. Party wearables such as animal print safari hats, shark tooth necklaces and farm animal masks are emblems of fun both during and after the party, and photos taken in front of large party decorations and during games can adorn a bulletin board or the beginnings of a group scrapbook.

Adventure into the Scriptures with a Safari VBS

Safari-Theme-VBS-DecorationsTake children on a safari through the scripture with your safari themed Vacation Bible School. This VBS theme is a great way to make studying the Good Book a great adventure. ShindigZ has tons of Vacation Bible School supplies and decorations, perfect for creating a VBS that will be both fun and enriching.

Advertise details about your VBS using a personalized vinyl banner. We have a wide selection of custom vinyl banners that are perfect for adding your own wording to. Use a custom banner to let the community know when Vacation Bible School will be held, what the theme is, and when registration ends. Our Baby Zebra Personalized Banner is a great choice for your safari themed VBS. Each of our banners is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in several sizes with metal grommets to fit your event’s needs.

Create a backdrop for your safari VBS decorations using a Jungle Dreams Photo Mural. The stunning mural is printed on heavy mural paper and stands 8′ 3″ high x 13′ 8″ wide and sets the mood for your entire event. Accent the mural with dark green palm leaf patterned gossamer material by using it in a tent-like fashion to cover your ceilings. Our Gossamer TipZ have simple how-tos for doing this. Covering your ceiling with the palm leaf gossamer will create the illusion that your VBS is really in the heart of the Jungle.

Cover your floors with grass mats or tissue grass. We also have squiggle grass standees which add an awesome extra dimension to your floor coverings by creating the illusion of tall, lush savannah or jungle grass. Add some fake plants like silk ferns or plastic ivy vines too for a really full effect.

At the entrance of your event, set up our Safari Scene Standees for a fantastic piece that will make for awesome commemorative photos. The palm tree, giraffe, elephant, zebra, and safari jeep standees will get kids really excited.

Add some palm tree standees and wall graphics to your venue to add an authentic touch to your decorating. We also have an inflatable palm tree that’s great for kids’ events. Add an inflatable parrot to the palm tree for an extra special touch.

We have several safari or jungle theme kits for creating a huge impact. Use the Enchanted Amazon Kit to build a stunning waterfall decoration and ad some giant butterflies and a fun toucan to your safari scene.

We have a great assortment of animal standees that add another realist touch to your safari VBS. We have a lion standee, giraffe standee, baby alligator standee, gorilla standee, baby zebra standee, baby elephant standee, and a tiger standee.

Don’t forget balloons! Balloons are an essential decorating basic. Create balloon bunches from odd numbers of green latex balloons (we have several shades). Add an animal mylar balloon as an accent. For an alternative, make your balloon bunches out of animal print latex balloons. Secure the balloon bunches with coordinating curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or to balloon weights and station them around the room.
If you’re having snacks or a meal at your VBS, you’ll want table decorations too! Cover your tables with palm leaf patterned gossamer layered over dark green plastic tablecovers. Add palm tree centerpieces to the middle of your table or add some inflatable animals or bean bag animals for a cute accent. We have a palm tree inflatable cooler that makes a fun decoration too!

Coordinate your tableware to your table decorations. Use our heavy-duty plastic tableware in different shades of green and yellow. Create cutlery bundles by rolling the coordinating cutlery inside of custom imprinted napkins.

For activities at your safari VBS, try our Safari Mask Craft Kit or our Animal Bracelet Craft Kit. Kids will love making their own wearable favors and this is a great way to spend some time active, but still focused too.

Finally, stock up on favors for your VBS. Safari items like pith helmets, plastic canteens, and toy binoculars make great door prizes while religions items like cross necklaces or bookmarks, fish keytags, or religious stampers make great prizes for good answers or enthusiastic participation.

Check out all of our VBS Fun Supplies and tell us about your vacation Bible school!

Round up the Explorers with Jungle Invitations

Animal Print MasksA jungle theme party makes for a unique event to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just to have fun! Once you’ve decided to host a jungle party, the first step is to set a budget and a guest list.

Send out invitations about 3-4 weeks ahead of time and expect about 25% to come back as regrets. ShindigZ has tons of personalized invitations for your party. Check out theses jungle invitation tips too!

For a cool touch to your invitations, attach your invitation to a Pith Helmet with a piece of tape or tie the invitation to a pair of binoculars or an animal print mask with curling ribbon. Hand deliver the invites to guests and remind them to bring their jungle gear to the party.

Toss some Palm Tree Confetti into the envelopes to give your invitees a bright surprise.

Make your own invitations out of construction paper and markers. Animal shapes, trees, insects or jungle gear make great invitation themes. This is especially fun for a kids’ party!

Check out the rest of our jungle party tips for more ideas on how to host this wild party!

Get Wild with Jungle Theme Decorations

Enchanted Amazon KitCreate your very own jungle for a safari or jungle theme party with these awesome decorations!

There are tons of jungle theme decorating kits, great for totally transforming your party space into the heart of the jungle. A luau waterfall and lighted palm trees make great focal points for your jungle theme party.

Welcome guests to your party with a Personalized Jungle Banner. These vinyl banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in seven different sized to meet your needs. You can personalize the jungle banners with your own wording and photo!

Create a stunning entrance with a Monkey Tree Arch or Snake Pit Arch. These arches make great welcome pieces to your party or event and they double as awesome photo settings.

Create a beautiful backdrop to your event with a palm horizon backdrop. It creates a silhouette of trees for a look of a forest that goes on forever.

Accent your jungle decorations with bamboo corrugated paper or animal print and earth-tone gossamer. Animal decorations including animal print balloons and animal standees make great accents to all your decorations. Kids will especially love them!

Add Palm Leaf Thatching to your decorations for an authentic jungle accent.

Whatever combination of decorations you settle on, be sure to include plenty of green (using different shades will look especially good) to simulate the look of the jungle: green balloons, green gossamer, green streamers, the list goes on!

Decorate your tables to match the rest of your theme décor using our jungle theme tableware and table decorations.

Lion Photo StandeeCover your tables with green table covers or zebra print gossamer and accent them with die-cut vines.

Top your tables with flaming table torches or tiki lights and palm tree centerpieces.

A safari party pack includes plates, cups, and napkins in a jungle print, perfect for serving your jungle party food.

Transforming your party space into a jungle is the best way to kick-start your jungle theme party! Let us know what decorating ideas you come up with!

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