Oriental Trading Company For Sale, Again

Oriental Trading is For Sale, Again

Oriental Trading is For Sale, Again

It is with great interest that I see another one of our competitors—Oriental Trading Company—has put itself up for sale… again. Apparently, after emerging from bankruptcy and being sold to a group of financial institutions, it is time to cash in again and flip the company to enrich the banks, private equity firms and top management. This comes on the heels of another competitor—Party City—also selling itself again from one private equity group including Goldman Sachs to another private equity company in Boston. Now, I am all for the free market and for companies being able to buy and sell as they please. But, I worry for our industry and for our customers getting lost in the shuffle.

It seems that these firms spend more time in financial gyrations and sales than in the reason we exist—to serve our customers. Maybe it is an old fashioned, American ideal of the family business that I embrace. Our company has been in business for 86 years. It has been in our family for 38 years and Wendy and I have owned Shindigz for the past 22 years. Our company has grown and it has changed dramatically in that time. But our focus has been on serving the customer and creating unique and fun products to change the way the world celebrates and “to make life more fun.”  We just keep innovating.  They seem to spend more time on initial public offerings, bankruptcies, private placements and financial engineering than on what the customer wants. That’s a doggone shame.

I suppose all companies are sold at some point. But selling your business every few years seems to have the equation a bit backward.  But it sure seems nice to have a business that you can count on – one that employs American workers producing American products each and every day. It makes me proud to be a part of a company that is focused on our customer and their needs and not Wall Street investment bankers. I love the challenges of competition and of our free market system that lets the customer decide winners and losers each and every day. I just wish that our industry was more customer focused and less focused on quick sales to private equity firms. It’s about great products at great values. That’s lasting impact.

That’s my two cents…

Shep Moyle, Shindigz Owner/CEO

A Glowing New Spin On A Graduation Tradition

Glow in the dark sticks and braceletsAt North Central High School’s graduation in Indianapolis, Indiana Wednesday, May 23rd, graduates revealed a new spin on the old cap-toss tradition.

Traditionally, graduates toss their mortar-board caps at the end of the Commencement Ceremony, celebrating their graduation. At North Central, however, the ceremony ended with the lights being turned off as graduates pulled glow sticks and necklaces from beneath their gowns and waved them in the air.

This new technique could also be applied to candlelit friendship circles or memorial ceremonies as a fire-free, safe alternative.

Check out all the glow-in-the-dark accessories your school’s graduates need for their own glowing commencement traditions, including glow sticks and lanyards, glow twirlers, glow bracelets and popular glow mouthpieces. There’s even have glow-in-the-dark paint to reveal a special, hidden message to the graduates!

All the best! Shep

Luau and Graduation Parties in Full Swing

Graduation Party SuppliesSpring has finally arrived and so we are very happy to be enjoying nice weather for a change. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Greensburg, Kansas where the tornado did such horrible damage. Since our company is also based in a small town, it gives me pause to think about the impact of such a disaster on a close knit community like ours and where that town will go from here.

We are in the midst of finishing our prom season where we are busy supplying most of the high schools in the country with their prom supplies, decorations and favors. It is always an exciting time as we are working round the clock and sending orders all over the world for this very special event. The event of prom continues to grow ever larger with pre proms, morps (prom spelled backwards), the grand march, prom, after proms and the prom breakfast. The average couple now spends over 1,000 dollars on prom. Wow!

Our summer Shindigz catalog and website have just gone live and it is so fun to see all of the luau and graduation events planned for this time of year. My nephew Michael is graduating from high school this month and we look forward to his day in just a few weeks. And then he is off to college in Chicago as an art student. He is quite talented and we look forward to watching him develop his portfolio in school.

We want to thank all of you who send us such nice comments about our party hosts. It means the world to them to hear from you. Keep it coming. We love delighting our customers.

American Idol remains a big deal at our house for family viewing and our favorite is Jordin Sparks. I was thinking last night about inviting over about 50 friends to our call center next week and letting them keep calling in for her. I suppose that might be a bit over the top?!

Wendy and I have a party this weekend—a costume event no less—where ShindigZ is supplying the décor and favors—of course. The theme—the wild wild west. So, out come the cowboy boots and hat and let the roundup begin. We’ll let you know of any creative happenings.

Be well.


Duke Not Part of the Party

Basketball Party SuppliesOh, it’s a sad day in the Moyle household this morning. As rabid Duke basketball fans, their early exit from the NCAA tournament last night at the hands of Virginia Commonwealth University was a tough one to take. The good news is that the Duke women are ranked number one—hope springs eternal and the Indiana Hoosiers were victorious and now we can switch allegiances quickly for March Madness.

We will be having a Final Four event this year and using  basketball décor and banners to dress up the house for the party. I am hopeful that the weather will cooperate by then and the kids can be outside playing hoops at long last. We are ready for nice weather!

The kids have their middle school musical starting tonight and we are all excited to see Madison in her lead role as a kangaroo and Chase as an elephant in Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So”. So cast parties and sleepovers abound. Of course, the Rock Star and Hollywood party items will be coming out.

And, lets not forget a touch of the Irish on the 17th. Today, we are serving baked potatoes to all of our Party Host team members to celebrate and there are lots of St. Pat’s décor everywhere. It seems everyone has a bit of the Irish in them. Wendy and I really do so we are looking forward to toasting our heritage tomorrow.

So, big weekend of parties ahead and we hope yours are fantastic.

All the best! Shep

Super Bowl Party Fever in Indiana

Wow. The Colts and the Bears in the Super Bowl. We have to be fair and fully disclose that our family is rooting for our home state Colts to pull through a victory. We hope Peyton will finally get his chance and win the big game. We had 10 twelve-year-olds over for our son’s 12th birthday to watch the game. Total chaos but it was so much fun to see the group having fun together and cheering for the Colts. One of the benefits of being in the party business is that we had all the requirements for a football party right at hand—but the real hit was the banner we did not only wishing him a happy birthday but saying “Go Colts”. Sometimes it’s the simple things!

I had the opportunity today to give a reference for someone who worked for us some 7 years ago and has a shot at a fantastic job. It’s a great feeling to watch people who have worked so hard for the company move on and achieve their dreams as well. I really enjoyed the opportunity to do that. Good luck Pete!

This is a busy time of year at ShindigZ and we add over 200 team members to help us with our seasonal needs. We are so excited to see all of these eager and dedicated faces. Most of our full time people started as part timers and worked their way to full time jobs. We really work hard to try and accommodate part time schedules and be flexible in our scheduling. It helps us and it helps the team members. All of the conversation here is about the Colts right now.

We continue to look for new ideas for themes that our guests would like to see. If you have any ideas please let us know.

Be well.

Shep and Wendy


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