Party with the Top Five,Tastiest, Store-Bought Pizzas

School’s out and the kids are already asking for sleepovers, movie nights, and pizza parties.  Enjoy the moments!

“Pizza is a great choice for party guests,” says Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing at  “To help moms and dads deliver crowd-pleasing dinners, we conducted informal taste tests to discover the top five, tastiest, store-bought pizzas.”

We asked Moms and kids to suggest their favorite contenders.  Online friends chimed in with recommendations. While not a scientific survey, this list gives a great sampling of what real people judged as their tastiest choices.

5) Jack’s

Nothing brings out opinions like asking tween girls about their favorite store-bought pizzas. Jack’s won the tween girl vote. The cheese was the key reason. While not fancy, young girls liked Jack’s pizza and moms liked the price.



4) Trader Giotto’s

Trader Joe’s private label, Margherita pizza received support as the best Italian-style pizza. It’s imported from Italy and delivers gourmet flair.




3) Newman’s Own Thin and Crispy


Even though Newman’s Own is a newcomer to the frozen pizza market, their thin crust was singled out for being very good when baked according to directions (425 degrees for 10-12 minutes). One commenter stated, “When done, it looks like the picture on the package and tastes good.”



Tie 1) DiGiorno and Freschetta


These market-leading frozen pizza makers were often named together as favorites and have earned the top spot in this casual survey. Mentions for their crusts and varied flavor combinations help set these two pizza makers apart from the crowd.


Your Favorite Store-Bought Pizza

What’s your party’s favorite store-bought pizza?  Host a Shindigz pizza party this summer.  Sample each frozen pizza from the above list and tally up the votes.  Are there brands that we missed?  Share your results below with us.

Boys Birthday Parties and Movie Themes

Boys love movie nights and those deliciously fun parties that Mom or Dad create.  Jump into an adventure and plan your guy’s next b-day bonanza.  We’ve compiled a list of top, boys birthday party ideas for 2012.

Angry Birds Birthday Party for Boys

Invite the red, blue, and white birds to collide with the pigs at your son’s Angry Birds, boys birthday party.

Just about every retail store sells these cross plush toys .  Use them as decorations and as part of a dodge ball game.  Go nuts placing solid color Kit-N-Kaboodles and streamers in red, yellow, and green on your party’s tables.  Buy extra solid color dinner plates to create bird and pig faces with craft pom pomsgoogly eyes, and crafting feathers. At another craft station, leave birthday party dough in red, yellow, blue, and green to entertain your creative clutch.  Take a picture of your angry bird with his bird friends and create a personalized banner as a forever keepsake.

Hero Boys Birthday Party

He’s all action and he loves to save the day.  Give your guy and his buds their own hero status.  Ask them to come to the party dressed as their favorite career hero.  Honor those fire fighters, police men, soldiers, and astronauts.  Watch an episode of the 1970’s Emergency movie or series.  All six seasons are now on dvd and are still a find for elementary-aged, boys sleepover parties.

Bake a cake with your son the night before his party and enjoy decorating it with fire truck cake decorations.  This fire truck craft kit could be just what Mom needs to keep the party’s early birds busy as the budding heroes arrive.  Hang a police car piñata over your dance floor.  Start and stop the music or red police light when playing the “freeze” game.  Only the boy who freezes the fastest remains on the floor.  He wins first dibs at whacking the piñata.  Dress the tables with an American hero party pack and write thank you notes to actual soldiers, policemen, fire fighters, and others.  Place military shape bands in the soldiers’ letters and your guests’ favor bags.  Take pictures of the boys by a doctor photo stand in or a personalized jet standee, a personalized spaceship standee, a personalized space shuttle standee, and/or a personalized fire truck standee.

Spy Boys Birthday Parties

Drive your older boys to see Mission Impossible (rated PG-13) and get ready for fast action.

Afterward, direct the gang to a party room with pizza, snack, and cake tables slickly decorated with spy party supplies, black paper tablecovers, and silver plastic tableware .  Include baskets of fortune cookies or Tootsie Rolls.  Pull out Clue or another solve the mystery game.  Hang spy murals or spy personalized banners with special agent birthday messages.

If your agents are too young for Mission Impossible, a Phineas and Ferb pack will delight Disney fans ready for adventure.  Hold your very own secret agent Phineas and Ferb Wii tournament!

Boys Car Birthday Party

Push it into overdrive. Younger boys are sure to love Hot Wheels or Cars 2.  Bring out the red color scheme!

Set the scene with a Disney Cars 2 party pack, car spirit items, and a field trip to a car dealership, race track, and/ or repair shop.  Your party area comes to life with race car standees for the boys to drive in one of your homemade racing games.  Fill goodie bags and stock car pinata with boys party favors.

Throw a set of real keys to your older boys- or… maybe just the key tags.  Create personalized key tags.

Barrel of Monkeys Boys Birthday Party

Your little monkies are ideal for the monkey party pack! Usher the tail swingers to your favorite playground or bouncy house to burn off that excess monkey cake energy.    Decorate any party space with the monkey arch & tree and monkey piñata.  Then, play pin the tail on the monkey.  For a quiet break, slip in a Curious George dvd or take the boys to see Chimpanzee.

For your teen age primates, pop in King Kong or Planet of the Apes.  After ringing neighborhood door bells for a treasure hunt of monkey items- bananas, combs, yellow hat, etc send the boys home with monkey favor packs.

Wimpy Kid Boys Party

Greg and Rodrick rule and so does this boy favorite series.  As guests arrive, place the name of one of the Wimpy Kid characters on each boy’s back. Encourage them to mingle by asking each other about their characters.  The scene is set for a cartoon party in black and white.  Hang black and white balloons with red streamers.  Let the boys create a Wimpy kid cartoon storyboard and homemade movie together.  Keep your computer screens on these Wimpy kid games and serve plenty of chocolate ice cream.  Watch the Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2.

Fill miniature back packs with plenty of school-themed party favors.

Underwater Boys Birthday Party

Based on a true story, Big Miracle is the ideal boy’s birthday party theme for arctic buffs, swimmers, divers, and all around water and ice lovers.

These dazzling under the sea invitations welcome your boy’s deep sea adventurers to a magical birthday party.  “Believe in the power of one” or “We accomplish together” could be the messages on your ocean murals.  Turn your basement into an under the sea party that truly takes the boys to new depths of fun.  Ocean creatures, including whales, swim in the air as helium-filled, sea balloons. Place your whale-shaped cake in the middle of Bermuda blue tableware.  Say goodbye with mini fish bowls filled with ocean favors.

War Horse Boys Birthday Party

The soldiers of World War I fought for country with a cavalry of horses.  War Horse chronicles the devotion of a boy for his steed:

Invite your son’s best buds to see War Horse (rated PG 13) and then come home to a western party or head to a rescue horse stable for a tour.  Colorize your snack bar with green plastic tableware and serve soup in an old army pot.  For the taste of France, add grapes, cheese, and crackers.  You might even add a misty woods photo backdrop here and there. Place dollar party favors in a handkerchief to give to the boys at the party’s end with a galloping brown horse balloon.

What are your favorite boys birthday party ideas and movie themes?

Spa Party TipZ: A Relaxing Birthday Party for a Teenager

Mediterranean-View-Painted-MuralSpa parties are a growing trend for teenagers and younger girls who want to feel pampered and beautiful while relaxing with their friends. There are even day spas opening up for girls as young as three! ShindigZ has party supplies, and of course Party TipZ, to help you host a spa party for the birthday girl (or boy) to unwind and celebrate.

The first step of planning your party is to set a guest list and send out invitations. You’ll want to send out invitations about a month in advance and expect about a quarter to come back regrets. If you need an accurate headcount for your party, be sure to include how people should RSVP and a date by which you’d like their response.

For invitations, write your party details on a paper tags and attach them to face masks or mini bottles of nail polish and deliver them by hand. For a slight Hollywood twist (Give them the star treatment!) create Ticket to the Stars Invitations with your party details and send them through the mail. The black ticket invitations include your custom wording printed on them in gold or silver ink. Tell guests that the invitation is their ticket for a day at the spa. Our Garden Party Ensemble also features a coordinating invitation with a pretty floral design and space for you to write your party details.

Welcome guests to your party with a Daisy Personalized Banner. The custom vinyl banner is printed with your personalized wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in several sizes to suit your needs. A custom banner makes a great entrance piece to your spa party and a great keepsake if you have each guest sign the banner before they leave.

Keep the decorations for your party simple and relaxing. Create swags, drapes, and curtains using our gossamer material in your party colors. For this party, pale pinks, pastel greens, and soft blues would work wonderfully. Of course, white is also a classic spa color. There are tons of ways you can use gossamer to cover and transform your whole party space. Check out our Gossamer TipZ for easy how-tos.

Placing balloon bunches in the corners of the party space is a way to add some softness and volume to your decorations, but you definitely won’t want to go overboard with balloons for this theme. Create bunches of balloons in odd numbers of your party colors and anchor them with coordinating curling ribbon to balloon weights. For a more feminine touch, use pearl ribbon instead of curling ribbon.

Set a gorgeous and relaxing scene for your spa party using a photo mural. We have several photo mural designs that would work well for this party, including a sunset photo mural, a desert island photo mural, and an Asian garden photo mural. The Mediterranean View Painted Mural pictured above would make your guests feel like they were at a spa on a Mediterranean terrace!

To decorate your party tables, start out by covering them with pink opalescence table covers. Add fresh flowers or a honeycomb floral centerpiece. Use contrasting gossamer material to create chair bows on each guest’s chair.

For party tableware, our Garden Party Tableware Ensemble is a lovely choice. You can also choose coordinating colors of plastic tableware. Create cutlery bundles by wrapping a custom imprinted napkin around the coordinating plastic cutlery and securing the bundle with a sequin snap bracelet or pearl balloon ribbon.

We carry tons of tableware options and catering supplies, such as cake cutters, serving trays, party cups of all sorts, and even lipstick candles for your birthday cake!

For a party favor that does double duty as a table decoration, place a Shanghai Votive Candle personalized with your party details and a logo at each place setting. These candles will create a lovely glow at the spa party and guests can use them for relaxing at home too! Besides, what’s a spa without candles.  We have other beautiful custom candle designs for you to incorporate into your other spa party decorations too! The Pacific Square Candle is another great option.

For party activities, you could actually take guests to a spa for a manicure or a facial, but a more economic option is to turn your home into a spa. Many drug stores and groceries sell face masks for $1 a pouch. Each pouch is enough for about two faces. Have girls relax for some girl talk or listening to music while their face masks go to work. Cut up cucumbers for their eyes too. English cucumbers are preferred by spas because they naturally hold more moisture due to the English climate.

Give each girl an at-home manicure and/or pedicure. While they wait, the girls can relax some more and sip water with lemon or cucumber in it or sparkling grape juice out of personalized glassware. The custom glassware also makes a great spa party favor. If you have more guests than time, the guests might also enjoy giving each other manicures. Give each girl one of our mini glitter nail polish bottles as a keepsake.

We carry a Nail Polish Piñata that would be tons of fun for the beginning of the party festivities. The girls can take a crack at the piñata to let go of tension! Don’t forget candy filler too.

Send each guest home with a bundle of spa party favors so they can continue to pamper themselves at home on stressful days. Fill our Purse with Cosmetic Set, which is trimmed in pretty pink marabou, with spa favors like nail polish, daisy swirl lip gloss, face masks, eye masks, hair clips, and a pink daisy mirror. The birthday girl might also enjoy our Sassy Sandals for wearing after she paints her nails!

Check out all of our Birthday Party TipZ and tell us about your spa party!

Invitations for a Slumber Party Birthday Blast

Every girl loves a slumber party for her birthday! Through the birthday girl the party she wants with our Slumber Party TipZ and supplies.

Once you’ve settled on a Slumber Party, choose a slogan to use in invitations, custom banners and personalized favors. Here are our suggestions:
• “Join Susan for some girl time at her slumber party!”
• “Girls Only! Join us for Megan’s Birthday Sleepover”
• “Bring a Sleeping Bag and Some Fun for Lindsay’s Birthday”

After picking a slogan, create invitations to send out to your guests. The Slumber Party Kit includes matching paper invitations. You can just write in your party details and send them in the mail. Add some slumber party confetti for an extra special touch.

If you can hand deliver invitations, make them on the computer and tie them with curling ribbon to a favor such as a marabou tiara. The favor will really get guests excited for the party and your invitations will be memorable.

Another invitation idea is to buy some inexpensive eyemasks for sleeping. Using a felt-tipped marker or fabric paint, add your party details straight onto the eyemask. These invites will be super cute!

Check out the rest of our Slumber Party TipZ!

Decorations for a Slumber Party Birthday to Remember

Decorating for your slumber party is all part of the fun. These decorating tips will have your party looking fun in no time.

Start your decorating with the Slumber Party Kit, which includes slumber party tableware, invitations, iridescent star confetti, bright pink balloons, white balloons, pink curling ribbon and a bright pink tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10” x 30” personalized banner, fuchsia crepe streamers, blue crepe streamers, silver spiral candles, and a silver circle mylar balloon. Coordinate all your decorations to the kit for a really stylish look.

Welcome guests to your party with a personalized slumber party vinyl banner. The banner is printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl. Print it with a festive birthday message and use it year after year.

Create a backdrop for your party with pink gossamer decorating material or silver tulle netting. These decorating materials will really make your decorations pop, plus they’re easy to use. Make curtains, swags and bows with gossamer to add a feminine touch to your party space. Check out our gossamer tips for more ideas.

Add some twinkle lights to the ceiling or around the parameter of the room. The twinkle lights will add a soft glow to your party long after lights out.

A Bodacious Birthday Cake makes a great focal point for your slumber party decorations. The cake is 4’ high and 2’7” in diameter. Plus, it features a battery operated candle and a sign personalized with the birthday girl’s name.

Accent your slumber party decorations with slumber party tissue garland. The garland perfectly coordinates with the Slumber Party Kit.

Table Decorations:

You’ll have lots of snacks at your slumber party so a well decorated party table will make a great focal point. Decorate your party tables with the Slumber Party Kit.

Start by covering the table with a pink tablecover. Over the top sprinkle iridescent star confetti. In the middle add the slumber party centerpiece featuring a “2 fun 2 sleep” design.

Next, set each placesetting with Slumber Party tableware. You can create cutlery bundles using Slumber Party napkins or personalized napkins and pink curling ribbon.

Party favors also make great table decorations. Use marabou slap bracelets at napkin rings or a heart note bad as a place card. Slip a pink princess pen into the cutlery bundles. There’s tons of ways you can use favors to decorate your table.

Check out the rest of our Slumber Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!


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