You’re So Sweet Mr. Snowman! Edible Snowman Favors

Edible Marshmallow Snowmen Favors

Edible Marshmallow Snowmen Favors

There’s nothing like a delicious homemade favor to give your party a warm and cozy feel! These cute edible snowman favors also make great projects for school winter parties and all types of gatherings whether your guests are young, old, or in-between. Just follow the directions below to make this yummy sweet treat:

Edible Marshmallow Snowmen Favors:
• Create the sparkly look by wetting 3 large marshmallows with water and rolling them in course sugar. Let dry.
• Once dry, insert a lollipop stick into the center of all 3 marshmallows. The lollipop stick should only be inserted about 75% through the top marshmallow so that it is not sticking out the top.
• Using white cake piping gel (or frosting) as your “glue”, add cake dots or large sprinkles for eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons.
• Add a scarf by using thin red licorice strings.
• A mini Oreo cookie and Rolo create the hats- use piping gel or frosting as “glue.”
• Toothpicks and mini marshmallows complete the arms.

Edible Snowman Favor Ideas:
• To complement your edible snowmen favors, warm up your guests by giving them a winter mug filled with a few snowflakes hot cocoa mix packets inside.
• Entertain your guests with a melted snowman in their drink, sitting right next to their marshmallow snowman favor. Use clear cups, and then add defrosty snowman ice cubes to each beverage.
• Cover your food table(s) with the Nordic flakes plastic tablecover. It features a fun snowflake pattern with the look of a runner down the center of the table cover.
• Add bright color to your party tables with the snowman carols basic kit-n-kaboodle for your tableware. These happy snowmen will look perfect with the snowmen favors.

Amazing Winter Theater Backgrounds & Props

Winter Sets & Backgrounds:
Let’s put on a show! Shindigz saves your production extra time and money with amazing winter sets and props. Transform an empty stage into a winter playground with a snowflake fantasy kit or present a western holiday twist. Hitch a stylized winter sleigh kit to a desert sunset.

Kids Christmas Show Props:
The children are jumping up and down with excitement to put on a Christmas show for guests. Good for them! Help them address custom party invitations with details about the event. Order a Christmas scene setter kit or other Christmas decorations to professionalize the fine acting at the show. If they are retelling a fairytale or nativity story, consider ordering a fairytale decorating kit as the backdrop to a large, Christmas event full of big dreams and gifts. 
Community Theater Ideas & Backgrounds:
Rent out the local theater, community center, or house of worship to host an event or lecture. No theater should be dark at night. Cross advertise between organizations. Sell refreshments at intermission. Hang something simple that’s reusable and virtually indestructible. A simple, black, fringe curtain can be used for concerts, readings, or mystery dinner shows.
Shindigz’ simple set pieces are easy on your budget and time. After you pick a play, create a list of set pieces and winter props you’ll need for the show.

With so many theme party decorations to choose from, maybe you’d like to put on 50’s play or a western for diversion.  Buy inexpensive backgrounds made of solid or patterned decorating fabrics and flat paper.  Whether you’re hosting a large benefit or a simple, nativity scene these props will help you create a background set at your theater.

Invitation Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Party

The invitation you choose for your Winter Wonderland party depends upon your personal taste, the level of formality of your party, and whether the event is specifically a Christmas event or more generally a seasonally wintry one.

For a Christmas open house and other holiday events with this theme that lean toward the casual, we recommend the Christmas Enchanted invitation, shown at right. This attractive design will mesh with popular Christmas color schemes and can be customized with your event details.

The Let It Snow exclusive invitation from the Let It Snow Tableware ensemble is the choice for wintry, blue and white color schemes.

For a more formal Winter Wonderland event, we suggest classic invitations. Select a shiny foil brite in silver with dark blue imprint, or one of our new, elegant white party invitations such as white party square or white party scroll invitation.

Embellish any invitation for a Winter Wonderland party with a pinch or slight dusting of snowflake mix confetti, silver glitter powder or iridescent snow for that frosty finishing touch!

Let it Snow Party Decorations

A Let It Snow or Winter Wonderland theme is a wonderful theme for holiday open houses, winter formal dances and mid-winter charity fundraisers.

Browse our Winter Party Decorations pages to find impressive snowflake arches, fir trees, and wintry big backdrops as well as accents such as iridescent snow.

Outdoor Decorations:
• Create a spectacular entryway with a balloon column or Let It Snow Arch just inside the doorway. Place lengths of snowflake gossamer or snow blankets around the bases.
• Greet your guests outside before they even enter the party site with an impressive Corex 3D Lighted Snowflake. It is 4′ high and illuminates the sidewalk or patio perfectly!
• Make sure there is no question where the party is with a personalized banner hung over the door.

Indoor Decorations:
• Place evergreen trees covered with iridescent snow just in front of a winter-themed mural or blue stars background for dimensionality.
• Hang shimmering snowflakes around the room from the ceiling to create some winter magic. Stagger heights of the flakes for the best look.
• Suspend a few white Moravian star lights amid the snowflakes, a little lower and over tables if you can.
• Invite some snowmen to the party. Our stand-ups are perfect for a photo backdrop or for a friendly invite to the buffet line or dance floor!
• Use solid white or snowflake patterned gossamer, or a combination of the two, for drapes and bows on railings.
• Don’t forget the balloons! Create clusters and bouquets in silver, white, and light blue. We also carry a glitter snowflake latex balloon that can also be used to top arches, pillars and more. Our mylar star balloons have an iridescent glow that adds shimmer to a group of latex balloons.

Table Decorations:
• Cover tables in blue paper tablecovers and add our beautiful light blue gossamer over it for a magically elegant touch. Swag some white gossamer streamers around the edges of your tables for added drama.
• If you are using a buffet table, highlight it by hanging our lighted icicles lights under the gossamer around the perimeter of the table.
• Add placecard holders beside each dish on the buffet line with a label letting your guest know what they are about to indulge in! Have an ice sculpture made in your company’s logo and place it in the center of the buffet table and surround it with our Candles for an elegant glow.
• Create a snowy look down the center of your tables with polyester batting spread in soft piles among your candles and a touch of iridescent snow decoration.
• Try our silver-banded white premium tableware with this theme.

Activities for a Let It Snow Party

Many parties begin with a cocktail hour that helps guests get acquainted with others they haven’t had the privilege of meeting before. During this time, it is appropriate to play background music and serve light appetizers. The cocktail hour can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Whether a meal is to be served depends upon the starting time of your party and your budget. Dinner parties usually start before 7 or 8 p.m. The decision of a sit-down dinner vs. buffet depends upon number of guests along with the size, characteristics and logistics of the party space. Be sure to check out our catering supplies page for dinner party essentials.

After the appetites have been satisfied one way or another, here are a few ideas for activities:

• If you have more snow in your area than you need, hire an ice sculptor for a demo of his/her art.

• Hire a band or small group of musicians to entertain a formal dinner and dance.

• Indoor parties with this theme are naturals for games of trivia. Roll up various trivia quizzes and tie with ribbon to match your theme colors. Put them at place settings for a sit-down dinner, or into a decorative basket if at a buffet. Try for a range of topics and a range of difficulty levels within each quiz. Here are a few ideas:

1. Sports – who holds what record in what sport, or match famous sports figures with the correct sport. Ask a sports fanatic to help you pull this together!

2. Inventors and Explorers – Provide a list, and have guests try to match inventors and explorers with their invention or discovery. Much more difficult than you might think!

3. Music – Either have guests try to match artists with song titles, match song titles with the year the song was a hit, or match songs with the decade they were from. Spend 45 minutes at a music store with a pad of paper, looking at the backs of compilation and “best of” CDs, and you’ll have enough music trivia to fill the whole year!

4. Movie Stars/Movies – Provide a list, and have guests match as many actors/actresses with the films they starred in, or have them try to match movie titles with the year the movie was released. Another fun Hollywood trivia game is to see who can name the most films that have won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

5. Make a list of the 5-10 most influential/important people of the year…many periodicals such as Time™ Magazine will be featuring such articles between now and December 31st. Ask guests to decide what significant contribution each made in order to make the list. The prize goes to the person who has all 5-10 or closest to it!

A great prize to award the winner of any of these trivia games would be Trivial Pursuit™, a subscription to a news periodical, or a coffee table book chronicling the past year. Browse Favors for other prize ideas.

Tell us your party activity ideas!


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