Basketball, Bunnies and Little Green Men – Reasons to Party in March

Put away the hearts and lace. Take down the colorful beads. February is out, March is here, and you should be very, very excited about all the opportunities to party! There’s basketball, bunnies, and little green men all waiting to be celebrated in March. Grab your calendar and start planning. There are so many reasons to party in March!

Basketball Blowout

If this season of college basketball so far is any indication of what March will be like, it’s going to be even crazier than the usual 12szdngbkb“madness.” While the official national tournament starts on March 19, there are conference tournaments to watch before that. Your options for a date for your basketball-themed party in March are many!

The most important part of your party is clearly going to be the television. If you don’t have a large screen, hook up a projector and shine the games on a blank wall. Your guests are there to watch the games, make sure they will be able to see it!

Besides the viewing of the game, the other important aspect of your party is the food. Remember that big football party you threw at the beginning of February? Think of what people ate up the quickest. Finger foods are best like chicken strips, chip and dips, cupcakes, nachos, and other foods people can eat without utensils. If most of your guests will be cheering for the same team, purchase some tableware in your team colors, or if you have a mixed crowd of fans of different teams, stick to some neutral basketball themed tableware.

Think of what will make your basketball party stand out from all the rest. If it’s not the game itself, if it’s not the food, it could be the decorations! Take your party to the next level by transforming your guests into a world of basketball! Decorate the ceiling with dangling basketball decorations, or get out all of your team memorabilia and put it around the room and on the spread with all the food. Just make sure none of the decorations block the most important view in the house- the television!

Easter Entertainment

Whether your children’s Sunday School class is coming over or your entire extended family, preparing for an Easter Party is a lot of fun! Easter Sunday comes early this year on March 31.

12szk2dnetwIf your party is predominately for children, go with a bunny and egg theme. You can purchase an entire Easter kit that will save you the headache of having to pick up all the different items you’ll need like plates, napkins, cups, decorations and more. It even comes with a personalized banner! Decorate the place with lots and lots of eggs. Hang some from the ceiling, put them on the walls, and of course, hide a bunch of plastic eggs filled with candy for the children to find!

An adult crowd, or a mix of ages, can still enjoy an elegant Easter party with the right decorations and tableware. Since you’ll clearly be too busy looking for eggs after snacks and/or dinner, you won’t want to be stuck doing the dishes. Get some tasteful paper plates, napkins and cups that can be easily cleaned up after eating. An older crowd might also better appreciate some religious-themed decorations and tableware. For decorations, hang some colorful tissue balls from the ceiling in colors that match your tableware. If it’s family you’ve got coming over, pull out some old photographs from Easters years ago. Use them in frames as centerpieces on the table, or just spread them around the center of the table.

St. Patty’s Celebration

March 17 is not only one of the biggest party nights of the month, but the year as well! St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a party.

Make your party stand out right off the bat with a personalized banner. It could be the “Smith Family St. Patrick’s Day Party” or 11szfvrspd“Carrie’s St. Patty’s Day Bash!” Your party guests will know that this party is different the moment they see your personalized welcome banner. Hang some decorations from the ceiling, walls and tables, and make sure that everyone is seeing green! While it should be obvious, make sure your party guests know they have to wear green to attend. Warn them that if they don’t, they will probably get pinched!

Don’t forget green tableware for your party. You’ll need festive plates for all your St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes and finger foods, as well as good cups for the green drinks you plan to serve!  And don’t send your guests home empty-handed. Great favors are ones they can use when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around next year, or ones that specifically commemorate your party like a personalized chocolate lollipop.

There’s no excuse not to throw a party in March. Between basketball, Easter and St. Patrick’s day, you should be partying the entire month!

St. Patrick’s Day Party & Kids Craft Ideas

Get Creative with St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

For most, St. Patrick’s Day parties mean a day of fun.   From a young age, children learn that St. Patrick’s Day is about the color green—wearing it, eating green-colored food, and coloring pictures of shamrocks.  Why not have more fun than creating the traditional shamrock picture?

Create a fun, festive St. Patrick’s Day party for the kids in your life and come up with some crafts for the kids to take part in.  Use cute decorations to catch attention and make the kids smile.  Start by decorating the entryway to your St. Patrick’s Day party with a rainbow balloon arch for your kids to walk under.  Line the walkway with a gold or yellow plastic tablecloth and have the kids follow the yellow road.  Then, when they walk under the balloon arch, toss some shamrock-shaped confetti into the air to surprise them.  Give the kids green, gold, and white beads as quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day party favors.  Keep their attention with a leprechaun standee that they can take pictures in!

Crafts & Favors Make St. Patrick’s Day Parties Fun

Rather than simply having your kids color a picture of a shamrock or a picture of a rainbow, make a shamrock-shaped cake and have the kids break into groups to decorate them.  Remember when you plan the party, have the kids ask their parents for old shirts that they can use to protect their St. Patrick’s Day party clothes.

Favors at your St. Patrick’s Day party can range from lollipops to personalized cookie tins to gold coins.  Send your kids home with adorable St. Patrick’s Day favor boxes filled with these goodies and more.  You can also include personalized lip glosses for the girls and personalized gum for the boys.

Include your kids this holiday.  Have fun, be safe, and let them enjoy a party for a reason other than a birthday.

St. Patrick’s Day Last Minute Planning

St. Paddy’s Day will soon be upon us, but there is still time to put together a fun party that will have your guests feeling the luck o’ the Irish!  Don’t delay, start planning now and get your party supplies with these helpful St. Patrick’s Day party ideas!

Send your fellow “Irish” guests the Irish pub signs invitations. These St. Patrick’s Day invitations have a green argyle pattern with a lucky Irish hat on the front and the description “time for a wee bit o’ fun”.

Turn your party space into an Irish pub with the personalized Irish pub entrance! Add your own wording for the sign above the swinging pub door entrance. Decorate your walls, ceiling, and table with the St. Patrick’s Day 10 piece decorating kit. This inclusive kit contains a shamrock garland, 2 green balls, a happy St. Patrick’s Day cutout sign, 2 happy St. Patrick’s Day shamrock cutouts, 2 green glitter shamrock cutouts, and a shamrock centerpiece. Let your guests be the entertainment with the leprechaun photo op. This funny leprechaun is standing in front of a pot of gold with a rainbow in the background. The standee can be personalized with up to 2 lines of your own wording.

Keep the drinks cold with the inflatable beer mug cooler, which holds about 90 cans! The four leaf clover ice luge will give your party a boost of Irish spirit. The ice luge is an ice mold that you can pour your favorite green beverage in after it is frozen. Use it as your centerpiece, it will definitely be a conversation piece and a crowd pleaser! The Irish pub signs kit-n-kaboodle makes your life easy because it comes with everything you will need to set your Irish pub table(s).

Take advantage of the discounts at the grocery store and get your corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and rye bread or Irish soda bread on sale!

Celebrate with a Colorful Rainbow Party

All over the world, rainbows symbolize dreams, faith, good fortune and optimism. Double rainbows are considered an omen of a double helping of blessings and of transformation. Beauty and positive symbolism make the rainbow a perfect party theme for many occasions.

  • A rainbow party is a wonderful theme for a birthday party, particularly a milestone birthday that of itself symbolizes transformation; e.g., Quinceañera or Sweet 16.

  • The rainbow’s reputation as a harbinger of good fortune makes it a natural for baby showers, graduation, retirement celebrations and bon voyage parties.

  • Rainbow colors are associated with parts of the 60s and 70s so many a retro party makes use of these colors.

  • Dreams of the Future and Dreams Come True make a rainbow theme a perennial candidate for prom and graduation events.

  • Of course, the rainbow is nearly indispensable to a St. Patrick’s Day or other Irish party!
  • Instead of trying to decorate with 5 or 6 colors, we recommend in most cases sticking with 3 or fewer and then bringing in the full spectrum strategically. St. Patrick’s Day might involve 2 shades of green or green with gold; if your party has a guest of honor, use his or her favorite color(s) for most of the wall, ceiling and table decorations. Save space for one or two large decorating pieces that bring home the theme, such as a customized rainbow banner, mural or arch. Finally, add table accents in the form of rainbow mylar balloons and rainbow-and-gold mint tins.

    Dreams really can come true! Turn your party dreams into reality with Rainbow party supplies.

    St. Patrick’s Day Pub Party Decorations

    Irish-Pub-Signs-Kit-N-KaboodleIf you’re hosting an Irish Pub Party for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll want plenty of fun decorations for creating the right atmosphere for your event. Here are our tips and party supplies for creating an Irish Pub Party that will be the talk of the town.

    Welcome guests to your pub party with a Leprechaun Hat Personalized Banner. The banner is custom printed with your party details on it and makes a great keepsake from your party when you have guests sign it. Our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in several different sizes to suit your party needs.

    A Lucky Leprechaun Standee personalized with your own wording or party details makes a fantastic focal point for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Scatter some gold balloons around the standee for a festive accent. The standee stands 46 inches tall and 72 inches wide and is made out of corrugated cardboard.

    Luminescent Pedestal Columns
    are a fantastic way to create extra table space in your pub setting. The pedestal columns are elegant and will look festive too when you accent them with green milky way garland. Use the pedestal columns for setting out extra drinks and food or for tables for guests to stand and talk at.

    Use green flat paper to cover countertops and to create borders covering the bottom half of your walls. This will help create the look of a pub in your own kitchen or dining room.

    Use green gossamer to create swags, drapes, and curtains. Gossamer decorating material is versatile and easy to work with. Check out our Gossamer Tips for ideas and how-tos on how to use it. Create chair bows to accent your tables with some festive Irish flair!

    Premium metallic curtains also make a dazzling decoration for your pub party. Use green or gold metallic curtains to create festive doorways or to block off areas of the house or venue that you don’t want to use for the party.

    For a pub party you’ll definitely want to have plenty of tables decorated for St. Patrick’s Day. Our Irish Pub Signs Kit-N-Kaboodle has all the tableware and some coordinating decorations for creating festive tables.

    Cover tables with green plastic table covers with our glistening gold fabric down the center as a tablerunner. Edge the table with green or gold plastic table skirting with some die-cut shamrocks attached.

    Near each table place an Inflatable Cooler Beer Mug. This festive decoration is tons of fun and holds drinks to keep them cool too!

    Set each place with the tableware from the Irish Pub Signs Kit-N-Kaboodle. Create cutlery bundles with green plastic cutlery wrapped in custom imprinted napkins. Secure the bundle with Shot O’Luck Beads for a fun and functional favor.

    Check out all of our St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies for more ideas!


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