Great Group Games to Play During VBS or Mission Trips

Group Games for VBS or Mission TripsVacation-Bible-School-11

As the summer heats up, it’s time to think about summer activities for kids.  Whether you’re hosting a vacation Bible school program in your neighborhood or an outreach for kids on a mission trip, group games will make this summer even more memorable.

Team Games

 We all want to encourage children to get along with other kids, so why not gear all the games for that?  You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional team games like baseball or basketball.  Any game can be a good team building game.  Instead of planning individual races for the kids, make them relay races.  With the simple addition of  relay sticks, any race can become a team effort.

Even the old favorite of tag can encourage kids to work together by making it a game of blob tag.  Each child who is tagged becomes part of the blob and has to work with the rest of the blob to expand it.  Encourage critical thinking as well as teamwork by setting up a treasure hunt with clues about what the kids have been learning.  It is always exciting to figure out clues and to find the treasure at the end of the hunt.  You can even hand out small favors or pieces of candy with each new clue to keep children interested in the hunt.

Crafts to build a group

When it comes to arts and crafts why not paint boxes to hold the child’s prizes.  Not only will this give the children places to keep their prizes it will allow them to show their artistic talents.  These same boxes can also be used for holding encouraging notes from anyone who wants to encourage a child.  Set aside some time each day for the kids to write these notes and place them in each other’s boxes.  Then at the end of each day the children can read their favorite one out loud.  Once the summer is over the kids will still have these notes as a reminder of a great summer they had.

3 Ways to Inspire Employees this Summer

Now that summer is “officially” here, are your coworkers gazing out the window and wishing they were outside instead of at their desks?  It’s a common theme this time of year. This week we included three fun events to our workplace to battle those summer longings during work hours.

Coney Dogs at Shindigz!

Coney Dogs at Shindigz!

1st we had our version of a summer cookout during Tuesday’s lunch hour.

Shindigz Party Host Jason with his Prize for winning!

Shindigz Party Host Jason with his Prize for winning!

Wednesday, we also took a break and went outside for our version of cornhole.

Instead of morning coffee...

Instead of morning coffee…

On Friday we kicked off summer with a nice cool frozen treat.

At Shindigz, our mission is to Make Life More Fun for Everyone.  That includes our customers (Party Guests) and coworkers (Party Hosts).

What are you doing to keep your team motivated this summer?

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Summer Party for Tweens

Beat the Heat

Pinata's are fun for all ages!

Pinata’s are fun for all ages!

Use water balloons as balls in a fun game of dodgeball.  Not only is it a classic group game it will help cool off your guests as they enjoy themselves.  Water balloons can also be turned into piñatas that surprise the player with a shower of water when they break the balloon.  Or add a regular piñata as another game to play.

Make the Decorations a Game

Place small favors in balloons that way each child is able to break a balloon and earn a favor.  Any small favor in a balloon can turn a regular balloon into an individual piñata for each of your guests.  If you would rather not pick up the pieces of broken balloons then hanging gliders would be another option.  Before the activities the gliders make fun decoration.  During the activities it is quite simple to have a glider flying contest.  Simply take them down and see who can throw theirs the furthest.

Angry Birds

If you want to integrate some bird slinging and pig popping fun into your party an Angry Birds party would be right on target.  With decorations and tableware to fit this theme you can make sure only the birds are angry at your party.  You can create your own levels for your guests to defeat.  Set up blocks in fun configurations and fling your bean bag birds try and knock them all down.

Hawaiian Party

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Personalized Surfboards from Shindigz!

Break out the leis and grass skirts and have a luau this summer.  Invite your guests to participate by donning Hawaiian print shirts, grass skirts, and as many leis as they want.  With a few surfboard and palm tree standees any space can look like an island paradise.  To add to the fun have a limbo or hula hoop contest to see who has the most island spirit.

Even the pickiest tweens will find themselves having fun at your party this summer.

Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone Closing Ceremony

The Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone celebrated two and a half weeks of fun, do-it-yourself games today with the closing ceremonies. Party Hosts attended the Shindigz Company Meeting without knowing you had won the last event, the Agility Obstacle Course. With a remarkable time of 49:50, the Party Pooches won the last event that was worth 40 points.

Agility Obstacle Course Results:
1st Place: Party Pooches
2nd Place: Hot Dawgz
3rd Place: Ankle Biters

Game Ambassador, Jo Carter, announced the overall winners of the Summer Games. There were Golden Dog Bones for 1st place. silver dog paw for 2nd place and bronze fire hydrant for third place.

Final 2012 Race to the Golden Dog Bone  Results:
1st Place: Party Pooches
2nd Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
3rd Place: Hot Dawgz
4th Place: Taj Mutt-hals
5th Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
6th Place: Ankle Biters

Party Hosts really enjoyed the 1st annual summer games and hope to have another competition to celebrate the winter games in 2014.

Miss some of the fun? Check out our other blog posts for fun party games and events you can do at home.

Shindigz Summer Games: Agility Obstacle Course

The final event for the Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone took place earlier this morning. Shindigz Party Hosts participated in an Agility Obstacle Course. The obstacle course was full of Shindigz products! First, participants had to weave between colorful field cones, and then they had to dive into a tube and army crawl through it. Party Hosts then ran through a tire drill but instead of tires, the circles were made with glow necklaces. This was followed by hop scotch and a straight line drawn in sidewalk chalk that was walked like a tight rope. Party Hosts raced over to a limbo game and had to be careful not to knock the stick off. The most challenging obstacle was kicking an inflatable soccer ball into an inflatable goal. Finally, the obstacle course ended with five jumping jacks and running through the finish line. Each team was timed and the results will be announced at the closing ceremony tomorrow at the Shindigz Company Meeting. These results will also help determine the first ever Race to the Golden Dog Bone Champion.

This obstacle course is just one example of do-it-yourself games and events you can create at home. Check back tomorrow for the final results and to see which of the six teams will be crowned as champions.


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