Decorate for a Sweet 16 Candy Land Themed Party

Does your daughter want to show just how sweet she is at her Sweet 16? Host a Candy Land Themed Birthday Party and let your sweet theme treat her to a special day.

The Land of Candy

Imagine the joy on the faces of your daughter’s guests when they enter your Candyland! Have them follow the sweet lollipop walkway to the double-dipped chocolate door. They’ll have to pass the gumdrop standees and cupcake standee candy standees first. Their mouth will water when they fantasize of all the sweet surprises they’ll find at the end of their lollipop hop down the lollipop path with a sweet lollipop set. But don’t end their magical journey just yet. Show them the way to the castle with the gumball path. When they arrive at the castle, nothing could be a better way to finish off their fantasy of fun than with a candy buffet filled with dessert lollipops, chunky chocolate bars, jelly belly beans, and gooey gummies. Embellish your colorful candy buffet with a hot pink plastic table cover filled with sweet cupcake napkins, colorful cupcake plates, gumdrop dot cups, and favor boxes. Your Candy Land party will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and of course, your sweet daughter!

Princess Ideas for Her Girls Birthday Party

She’ll Always Be Your Princess!

“Yes, my Lady, your company eagerly awaits you and desires your presence!” Age matters not, because girls love to be treated like princesses. Whether they are gallantly riding horses in open meadows and fields, dancing merrily while hoping to meet prince charming or dining elegantly in serene surroundings, a princess party is the ultimate foundation for dozens of girl’s birthday party ideas.

Planning the Perfect Princess Party

Princesses have their own personalities, preferences and desires. Before anything else can be accomplished, the perfect theme, one that will please her grace beyond measure, should be determined, so that all party decoration supplies coordinate together.

Personalized invitations, menus, table decorations, activities, birthday party games and matching party favors will each add a touch of style and flair to the grand and wonderful celebration. Every detail should be considered including lighting decorations, balloons and even gift wrap supplies.

Decorating for a Princess Party

Begin by layering sheer, shimmering gossamer fabric all over the room, designing special photo corners, tying bows around chairs, covering unsightly areas and creating a soft and welcoming ambience for your majesty.

Determine the menu and how to present your offerings. Buffet style banquets are excellent for more casual and social events, while barbecues work well for outside gatherings. Princess parties needn’t always be formal. However, the elegance of hosting a sit-down meal should be happily considered as well. Consider the classic girl’s tea party, for example.

Use garland, balloons and ribbon freely, hanging it from light fixtures, draping it over curtains and swaying it in archways and doorways. Separate party events like eating, dancing and games, allowing guests the courtesy of enjoying whatever they are doing, at any given time.

Hosting the Ultimate Girl’s Birthday Party

It’s the little things that make all the difference, when planning a girl’s birthday party. Choosing the right colors, selecting her favorite foods, presenting the “to die for” cake and playing the perfect music all contribute to the overall success of hosting a girl’s birthday party every princess will love. Girls have a way of lighting up the room when they look and feel like princesses, which is why every girl deserves to be treated like royalty on her birthday.

Need a few more girls princess party ideas?  Check out these tips:

Whoa Baby! A Zebra Party?

Looking for a wild, fun, unique party theme for a young girl, a teenager turning sweet 16, a long over due girls’ night out party, or even a bachelorette party?  A zebra party is just the wild theme to bring out the fun loving party girl divas, whether young, old, or somewhere in between!  The black and white random striped pattern is playful and coordinates well with any accent color, although hot pink is the hot accent color right now.

These invitations say F-U-N from the get-go!  For a birthday party send out either of these zebra print invitations: animal prints zebra invitation or the super stylish invitations with a zebra print design and a pink center.  For a funky sweet sixteen party, send out the super stylish sweet sixteen invitations.  Girl’s night out invitations feature a pink background with a woman in a zebra print dress holding a martini, or opt for the martini vertical invitations or the high heels vertical invitations.  So many different ways to put together a sensational party atmosphere!

Deck out the party space with zebra print decorations!  Start with draping zebra stripes print gossamer or zebra patterned flat paper on the walls of your party space.  Hang zebra print paper lanterns from the ceiling at different heights to create dimension and interest, or choose solid white and solid black paper lanterns.  Balloons are great, inexpensive fillers, so use a ton of zebra print latex balloons.  For a birthday party, add a few super stylish mylar balloons to a balloon bouquet.  There is even a special super stylish sweet 16 mylar balloon for a spectacular sweet 16 party.  The super stylish hanging cutout is a perfect cool decoration for a birthday party.  For girl’s night out or bachelorette party decorations, use the black high heel standee, the pink high heel standee, or the martini and cosmos standees. A zebra print banner will highlight your event with style and pizazz!

The wild zebra print tablecover goes great with solid color plates and napkins, or switch it around and use a solid color tablecover with funky zebra print tableware.  The super stylish sweet 16 kit-n-kaboodle is a complete party tableware set for 8!  There are a few tableware items for girls night out occasions, including a martini and high heel centerpiece.  Another cool centerpiece for any event is the sparkling dot centerpiece.

Party Favors
We have tons of amazing zebra print party favors to thrill your guests!   Surprise your guests with personalized candy bars, chocolate lollipops, lip gloss, soap favors, notepads, drink mixes, travel mugs, candy jars, and more!

Don’t hold out on expressing your wild side, break free with these fantastic zebra theme party supplies!

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Celebrate with a Colorful Rainbow Party

All over the world, rainbows symbolize dreams, faith, good fortune and optimism. Double rainbows are considered an omen of a double helping of blessings and of transformation. Beauty and positive symbolism make the rainbow a perfect party theme for many occasions.

  • A rainbow party is a wonderful theme for a birthday party, particularly a milestone birthday that of itself symbolizes transformation; e.g., Quinceañera or Sweet 16.

  • The rainbow’s reputation as a harbinger of good fortune makes it a natural for baby showers, graduation, retirement celebrations and bon voyage parties.

  • Rainbow colors are associated with parts of the 60s and 70s so many a retro party makes use of these colors.

  • Dreams of the Future and Dreams Come True make a rainbow theme a perennial candidate for prom and graduation events.

  • Of course, the rainbow is nearly indispensable to a St. Patrick’s Day or other Irish party!
  • Instead of trying to decorate with 5 or 6 colors, we recommend in most cases sticking with 3 or fewer and then bringing in the full spectrum strategically. St. Patrick’s Day might involve 2 shades of green or green with gold; if your party has a guest of honor, use his or her favorite color(s) for most of the wall, ceiling and table decorations. Save space for one or two large decorating pieces that bring home the theme, such as a customized rainbow banner, mural or arch. Finally, add table accents in the form of rainbow mylar balloons and rainbow-and-gold mint tins.

    Dreams really can come true! Turn your party dreams into reality with Rainbow party supplies.


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