Magical Princess Party Ideas

Every little princess dreams of her perfect fairytale – her beautiful pink gown that glistens in the light of the moon, her shiny silver slippers that grace her twinkling toes, her stunning tiara that crowns her and captures the glow of her picturesque smile, and of course, her reigning moment of beauty. Each little princess envisions her royal moment in her own unique way, but one aspect is for certain, it is always one of the dreamiest moments in a little girl’s life.  Oh, the marvel of a little princess’ whimsical imagination!

Belle of the Ball

Share your plans for a fairytale birthday or princess playdate with personalized fairytale floral photo cards. They are a perfect way to spread the news far and away that your little princess will be holding a royal gala! Invite all your favorite little princesses to share in your Once Upon A Time event. Remind each princess to come dressed in their gown just in case her handsome prince appears!

Isn’t She Lovely

Since every little princess will be elegantly displaying her perfect gown it is only fitting that a shoe and tiara accompanies.

  • Purchase adorable costume slippers and let your princesses’ parade around the party in their dazzling heels.
  • Purchase assorted colorful tiaras that will be sure to sparkle in the eyes of their prince.
  • Plan time for the little princesses to have their hair and make-up done, because every princess loves to look her best. Be sure to have play/costume make-up, hair spray, brushes, bobby pins, and ribbon.
  • For something special, you can even have assorted nail polish colors and paint their pretty hands and twinkle their toes for them! And for something a little extraordinary, sprinkle some glitter on their freshly painted nails!
  • Plan to have a couple of chaperone friends around to help you with their hair, make-up, and nails.

A Royal Feast

After your little princesses have prepared for their big evening, treat them to a royal feast. Be sure to dress up your royal feast with everything that your little princess could desire. Check with her to see what items she would like since each princess dreams of her day in her own little way. Remember your lovely princess plates, napkins, and silverware. Embellish your event with streamers and ribbon. Add a centerpiece for an adding touch. If you would like to enhance your table decorations, try adding a glass slipper at each girl’s setting and fill it with princess favor mints – they can double as party favors, too!


And what is a royal gala without an enchanted dance to follow the dinner? Your princesses will love to twirl and spin as their flowing locks drape through the air like kites in the sky. Decorate a small room in your home into a dance floor. Use glittery princess balloons and streamers to section off the dance floor. Play their favorite romantic princess music with a Princess Movie Hits CD and watch them whisk away into their fairytale dreams.

A Night to Remember

Let the sounds of the gala reign on high

Since every little princess dreams of her royal moment, make her dream memorable with a picture in front of the castle wall. Turn on the royal trumpet music and roll out the red carpet. Capture the essence of the night and surprise your honorary princess with a special surprise appearance from her one and only prince, Dad. Just don’t forget to have the camera ready so you can snap an everlasting picture of their endearing affections. After the party, print off the pictures and send each princess a picture of their night to remember in a thank you card. They will always remember the day you made their dreams come true!

Favors for a Time to Party Adult Birthday Party

Party favors are a fun way to thank guests for attending your party. Your favors can be personalized to your guest list. If you’re having a simple, fun gathering, go with favors such as Pool Party Sunglasses, which coordinate with the Time to Party Kit, poly leis, toss beads and personalized stadium cups are other great options.

If you’re looking for a great keepsake that guests will hang onto for years to come, try the Visor CD Holder with photo frame. It can be personalized with your party slogan and logo and makes both a practical and a memorable favor.

Another fun option is to create personalized photo albums such as the Aristocratic Photo Album. Add your party details to the cover and guests can add their favorite photos from your party.

ShindigZ has a wide range of personalized favors and simple favor items great for loading up favor boxes and tote bags. Tell us your ideas!

Activities for a Time to Party Adult Birthday Party

Simple activities and games at your party help keep guests occupied or fill in those gaps when conversation or dancing lull. At a grown-up birthday party, activities don’t have to be anything elaborate. Here’s some of our favorites:

Name That Tune
You’ll need a CD player and some compact discs with compilations of songs related to your theme (Luau, 50’s, retro) or just some good favorites of an era appropriate for your party guests. Play the first few bars, and see which guest can name that tune the fastest. Keep track of points and award the winner a music CD. If your group is large, play a variation on this game. Using famous songs, list song titles on one side of a page, and the original Artists or songwriters on the other side. Make enough copies for all guests. Challenge guests to match as many as possible. A challenging but fun adventure!

Name Game
Provide each guest with 5 small pieces of paper, and a pencil. Ask them to write down the names of 5 famous people…leaders, movie stars, authors, sports figures, politicians, artists, inventors, scientists, etc. Fold the papers, and put them into a hat. Seat guests in a large circle. Each round is limited to 30 seconds, so have a watch with a second hand available. The first player pulls out a name, and tries to get the person beside them to guess the name. After the name is guessed, the clue giver can continue pulling names out of the hat for the full 30 seconds. Here are the rules: They can talk, but can’t point to items. They can’t spell out the name, but can say the letter the name starts with. They can reference just about anything, but the person’s name. As an example, if the name is “Sammy Sosa”, the clue giver might say…”The guy who had almost as many homeruns as Mark McGuire in the 1998 baseball season.” “He plays for the Chicago Cubs”, etc. Both the clue “giver” and the clue “guesser” get points for as many names as they guess in the 30-second time frame. Have each participant track his/her own points. The turn then passes to the guesser, who now becomes the clue giver, and his/her neighbor becomes the new guesser. This game is a blast to play, and really is not as difficult as these instructions would make it seem! Give it a try!

Pass the Package

Use two props related to your party theme, or wrap two boxes to look like beautiful gifts (approximately shoe box size). Divide guests into two teams and have them form two lines. At the signal to “go”, the prop is to be passed from person to person. The catch is that guests can use any part of their bodies except their hands. If the gift touches the ground at any time, it must go back to the beginning of the line again. Whichever team manages to get the prop to the end of the line first wins the game. You may want to fill each box with little prizes or candy (enough for all), so that both teams can open the gift and be rewarded for their efforts. We have several very inexpensive prizes in our Party Favor Store. Giggling good grown-up fun!

As an alternative, provide one plastic spoon for each player. Divide guests into two teams, and have them form two lines. Have each player put the spoon handle into his/her mouth. To begin the game, put one piece of candy into the spoon of the first person in each line. Players have to pass the candy down the line – without using their hands! If the candy falls, it goes back to the start of the line. The team that gets the candy to the end of the line first wins!

Birthday Trivia

Create a trivia challenge to see how well guests know the guest of honor. Format the game like a game show in which guests compete as individuals or on teams, or make up trivia quizzes for which the guest with the most right answers wins. Questions can include things such as where the guest of honor went to high school, what their favorite sport, food or beverage is, their mother’s maiden name, etc.

To Speak or Not to Speak?
Give each player a bag or goodie box with 10 small treasures in it (candy, chocolates, little favors). Have bags labeled with players’ names, so they don’t get mixed up. Let players know at the start of the game exactly when the game will be ending—this game can be played throughout an entire party if you so choose. The object of the game is to catch fellow players saying one of the forbidden words or phrases:

Choose 5 or 6 words or phrases related to the theme of your party.
For example, for a New Year’s party, you might select: MILLENNIUM, NEW YEAR, TWELVE, CENTURY, TIMES SQUARE
For a luau, you might select: PALM TREE, LEI, COCONUT, BEACH, TROPICAL
For a Retro Party, you might select: GROOVY, DISCO, FAR OUT, SMILEY FACE, PEACE, YEAH BABY
For a Wedding Shower, you might select: BRIDE, GROOM, GIFTS, HONEYMOON, RECEPTION
(Select words or phrases that would be natural for guests to say considering the occasion.)

To help players, post the words prominently on a board where they can be seen often. If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, that person has to give up a treasure from their stash. The player with the biggest haul of goodies at the end of the game is the winner! Lots of fun!

Decorating Ideas for a Time to Party Birthday Party

Decorating for an adult birthday party such as a Time to Party birthday bash can be a lot of fun. Just focus on the details and coordinating to your theme and your birthday party will look fantastic in a flash.

For a Time to Party birthday party, start decorating with the Time to Party Kit. It includes tableware, thank you notes, silver star confetti, Caribbean blue cutlery, lime balloons, bright blue balloons, silver curling ribbon and a white table cover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10”x30” personalized vinyl banner, a round mylar balloon, orange crepe streamers, blue crepe streamers, and a yellow and red striped candle. Coordinate the rest of your decorations to the Kit for a sleek, pulled-together look.

Create backdrops using black or red bright tone gossamer material. Use the gossamer to create swags, drapes, and wall coverings. It’s versatile, easy to use, and it creates a background that really makes the rest of your decorations pop.

Another great backdrop option is a metallic curtain in a color to coordinate with your Time to Party. Metallic curtains are great for dividing up areas, hanging from doorways or covering walls with a light-catching backdrop.

Personalize your party with a custom memories mural. The murals are large enough to create an awesome focal point at your party and you can customize them with your own photo and wording.

Don’t underestimate the decorating power of balloons. Create balloon bunches in lime and bright blue using an odd number of balloons (3, 5, 7). Secure the balloons to a balloon weight using silver curling ribbon. Add a round mylar balloon to some of the balloon bunches for an accent.

Finish off your decorations with streamers and lights. Add twinkle lights to the edges of tables, around banisters, or on the ceiling to add a festive glow to all your decorating.

Table Decorations:

Your table can really bring the whole theme together and make the whole room look ready for birthday festivities. The Time to Party Kit-N-Kaboodle has items perfect for making your tables look festive.

Start off by covering your tables with a white tablecover or Rave Balloon tablecover. Over the top sprinkle red star confetti. Next, add a centerpiece such as the Timeless Clock Centerpiece. You can also create your own centerpieces using acrylic picture frames and photos of the guest of honor at milestones in his or her life. Personalized Tabletop Standees are another cool centerpiece option.

Next, set each placesetting with the Time to Party tableware (Remember, there are also Time to Party ensembles for 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th milestone birthday parties.) Create cutlery bundles with Time to Party napkins and silver curling ribbon.

A great way to personalize your party tables is to use personalized napkins. You can have napkins imprinted with your party details and a logo. They add that extra something special to your tables and make wonderful keepsakes.

Check out the rest of our Time to Party TipZ and tell us about your grown-up birthday parties!

Time to Party Adult Birthday Party Invitations

The Time to Party birthday theme is great for grown up birthdays. The bright colors are perfect for celebrating while the pattern and design is still fit for a grown-ups birthday party. Plus, the Time to Party Kit is available in designs for 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th milestone birthday parties too!

Once you’ve selected this theme for your party, settle on a slogan that you can use in invitations, on custom banners and to personalize party favors. Our suggestions include:
• “It’s Time to Party for Laurie’s 21st Birthday!”
• “He’s Never Too Old to Party! Happy 60th John!”
• “Celebrate 40 Great Years on Mike’s Birthday!”

Next. Select invitations for your party and send them out to your guests. The Time to Party Invitation is a perfect match to the Time to Party Kit. Simply write in your party details and stick them in the mail. Add a pinch of Happy Birthday confetti for an extra something special.

If you’d prefer personalized invitations, the As Time Goes By Clock Invitation is a great choice. Your custom wording is printed inside and the hands on the clock can be adjusted to whatever time you choose!

Be sure to check out the rest of our Time to Party Birthday TipZ and tell us about your grown-up birthday party ideas.


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