Great Group Games to Play During VBS or Mission Trips

Group Games for VBS or Mission TripsVacation-Bible-School-11

As the summer heats up, it’s time to think about summer activities for kids.  Whether you’re hosting a vacation Bible school program in your neighborhood or an outreach for kids on a mission trip, group games will make this summer even more memorable.

Team Games

 We all want to encourage children to get along with other kids, so why not gear all the games for that?  You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional team games like baseball or basketball.  Any game can be a good team building game.  Instead of planning individual races for the kids, make them relay races.  With the simple addition of  relay sticks, any race can become a team effort.

Even the old favorite of tag can encourage kids to work together by making it a game of blob tag.  Each child who is tagged becomes part of the blob and has to work with the rest of the blob to expand it.  Encourage critical thinking as well as teamwork by setting up a treasure hunt with clues about what the kids have been learning.  It is always exciting to figure out clues and to find the treasure at the end of the hunt.  You can even hand out small favors or pieces of candy with each new clue to keep children interested in the hunt.

Crafts to build a group

When it comes to arts and crafts why not paint boxes to hold the child’s prizes.  Not only will this give the children places to keep their prizes it will allow them to show their artistic talents.  These same boxes can also be used for holding encouraging notes from anyone who wants to encourage a child.  Set aside some time each day for the kids to write these notes and place them in each other’s boxes.  Then at the end of each day the children can read their favorite one out loud.  Once the summer is over the kids will still have these notes as a reminder of a great summer they had.

New Themes for Vacation Bible School

A summer staple for many American children is attending Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS usually involves music, crafts, games, snacks, Bible stories and an exciting theme that keeps children coming back each day for more! Some churches literally transform their sanctuaries and hallways into great representations of their VBS theme. New themes for Vacation Bible School are fun for all ages.

Athens Holy Land13szksathn

Create a “Journey to Athens” VBS in your church! Athens was loaded with beauty and mystery, and will make for an exciting VBS theme. Get kids and parents excited about the week of Bible School by sending out invitations. When they arrive, they will be mesmerized by the Greek archways and directional signs. Play some Greek music as people arrive and between activities. On the final day of VBS, send kids home with a treat that will remind them on the Athens theme, like a lollipop or candy jar.

Hay Day Farm

Christians believe that God cares about all living creatures, even farm animals! Have your VBS kids spend a week at Hay Day Farm where they can learn about how God loves even the cows and pigs. On the final day of VBS, this theme is a real blast if you conclude with a Barnyard Bash. Have snacks and music, and even photo opportunities for VBS kids and their parents.

Kingdom Rock Medieval Castle

The Bible says Christians are to put on the Armor of God, so a Medieval Castle theme is perfect for VBS! For the skits you will create, make sure the background is that of a castle with door and window props. On one of the first days of VBS, have kids make their own shields in the arts & crafts portion of the day. Hang the shields up in the hallways for a personalized decoration that kids and parents will love to look at, especially against a cobblestone background. The more you can personalize the better. So make sure signs and banners are made specifically for your Kingdom Rock Medieval Castle VBS.

13szksrudsWestern Roundup

Even the cowboys of the Wild West read their Bibles. Turn your church into a place for cowboys and cowgirls with a Western Roundup VBS theme. Go all out with your decorations like the Western Ranch kit, which includes a stable, fence, and cornstalks. Bring in some real bales of hay to make things seem more realistic.  Use Western Roundup Directional Signs to help kids find their way around the church! A Western Roundup theme is one of the easiest and most exciting themes to have for VBS. Go all out with your decorations and costumes.

VBS themes should make kids feel like they’re someplace special. Even a holy place, like a church, can become something totally different for the week of Vacation Bible School. Take advantage of some of these great themes and get started on your exciting plans for this summer’s VBS!

New Vacation Bible School Theme Decorations for Summer

New VBS Theme- Nazareth Village

VBS Decorations

Picking a theme for Vacation Bible School and choosing decorations are big, yet exciting tasks. Make sure the theme goes with the activities and crafts you have planned for your VBS. If your camp, choir, or church prefers to write the lessons and songs, Shindigz has mighty suggestions for VBS theme decorations.

Treasure Cove Theme Decorations

For a treasure vacation bible school theme, these nautical lantern centerpieces brighten your scene and bring new meaning to “this little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine.” Adding parrot mylar balloons and palm tree mylar balloons set the island mood. Hang fishnet and decorate it with shells and a captain’s wheel. Take pictures in a redeemed, pirate ship. This 3′ h x 6′ w x 3′ d ship includes flags, a mast, an anchor, steering wheel, and water gossamer.

After a long day at sea pirates can get hungry. Feast on Goldfish crackers, submarine sandwiches, fruits on sword skewers, and ocean, Jelly Belly freezer pops.

Aaaaargh, place gold coins in your cardboard treasure chest, or to trade with the other pirates at VBS. A spyglass is a great favor for those seafaring pirates in search of land!

Design the looks of your own treasure chest craft kit or play the pirate treasure map game where the kids, wearing a pirate blindfold, try to find the treasure. Fill a treasure chest piñata with candy and trinkets for the children to enjoy!

Take the Plunge Theme Decorations

Host a luau revival and Take the Plunge! Decorate Vacation Bible School with palm trees, tropical lights, and other beach decorations to set your scene. Hang luau cutouts and hibiscus flowers on the wall for decoration. Place some tropical leis, shells, palm tree confetti, or tissue bubble fish on the tables to spice up the table décor. Our surf board standees will be a hit at your VBS. Island waterfall, tropical hibiscus, and aloha signs are also available for purchase.
Serve pineapple, grapes, dirt pudding, J-ello jigglers in the shape of sea creatures, blue punch, ocean jelly pops, or shark gummy candy at your VBS and the kids will love it. For an added touch serve the dirt pudding in a beach pail set and garnish it with gummy worms!

Our pool party sunglasses, straw beachcomber hats, and tropical leis also make for fun favors!

Kids love to make things. Try making our flip flop and sunglasses magnets, they’re easy to make and the kids will love it! You could also fill a sand box or plastic pool with sand and hide small trinkets or toys inside for the kids to dig up! Filling a palm tree piñata with candy and toys is another activity your kids are sure to enjoy.

Set Sail Vacation Bible School Theme

Use life preserver arches, mini sea creatures, beach room roll, and ship in a bottle standee to create the perfect scene. Cut some construction paper in the shape of life preservers or pelicans and write welcome messages on them for great wall décor. You could also spread sea shells on the table to create the perfect setting for a Set Sail Vacation Bible School theme.

Feed your hungry little sailors snacks fit for the open sea. They will love submarine sandwiches, gummy worms, gummy fish, Goldfish, ocean Jelly Belly freezer pops, or fruit served in watermelon boats. Shark gummy candy, sailor hats, and shell necklaces make fantastic gifts for your little sailors. Our beach pail and shovel also made great gifts for when they made it to shore!

Kids will love making magnets with our great flip flop and sunglasses craft kit. Fill a whale pinata with candy and trinket for your kids to enjoy. You could also try one of our photo stand ins for a game of bean bag toss. Simply get the bean bag through the face hole!

Safari Fun Vacation Bible School Theme

Use our jungle animal standees and Jungle Allure kit to create the perfect setting. Hanging animal print gossamer and setting up palm trees will make a great accent. Place potted palm tree centerpieces on the tables for an added touch. Hang a candy filled palm tree piñata from the ceiling for children to enjoy. Our safari snake pit entrance will add some excitement to your VBS. Snake standees, tree frog standee, and other safari animal cutouts are also available for purchase.

During break, serve lemon-lime punch, gummy worms, animal crackers, peanut butter, trail mix, chips, monster cookies, and jelly sandwiches.

Kids will love making monkey face crafts at Safari Fun VBS 2011. Once the glue is dry they can pretend they are in the jungle! You can also pass out jungle bounce balls. They will be a hit with your kids! Try one of our fun jungle standees. They are great for pictures and can double for use with a game of bean bag toss.

Check out these additional decorations and sensational, Vacation Bible School themes!

Vacation Bible School Sets and Decorations

Vacation Bible School:  ah, the memories! Singing “Deep and Wide,” eating generic sandwich cookies, and of course enjoying the fun sets and decorations. If you’re planning a Vacation Bible School program for this summer, take advantage of Shindigz Party’s huge selection of products to create a memorable setting.

Noah’s Ark Standee

If you have a Noah’s Ark or Bible Heroes theme, a 4′ high by 5′ wide Noah’s Ark Standee is a natural decoration choice. Kids from toddlers up to tweens will enjoy this brightly colored, easy to set up decoration.

Vacation Bible School Banners

vacation bible school bannerHow about decorating your Vacation Bible School with colorful, personalized banners? Shindigz Party offers a wide variety of banners in sizes ranging from 18″ x 54″ to 72″ x 202″. You can choose from weather-resistant vinyl banners or Attach n’ Go adhesive banners.

Cross Balloons

Need a quick and inexpensive way to decorate? Try joyous cross mylar balloons. Measuring a large 28″, these would look wonderful lining a wall, hallway, or aisle.

Bible Standee

No matter what your theme, this 5′ Bible Standee will be just the right touch to welcome kids as they arrive for Bible School. The standee is easy to assemble and can be personalized with your church’s name and dates.

Vacation Bible School Themes

Many Vacation Bible Schools are based around themes. Shindigz Party is the place to go for planning events based on a wide variety of themes. Whether your Bible School has a rainbow theme, a western theme, an under-the-sea theme, or a circus theme, check out their wide selection of theme supplies for a Vacation Bible School Set your students will long remember.

Discover the Treasure of the Bible with a Treasure Cove VBS

Treasure-Cove-VBSChildren can discover the treasures of the scriptures with a Treasure Cove themed Vacation Bible School. This theme has the fun and adventure of pirates without all the swashbuckling and mischief, so it’ll be a hit with kids and their parents. ShindigZ has tons of Treasure Cove themed VBS supplies, from banners and theme kits to tableware and favors. Check out our huge selection and our vacation Bible school tips for tons of ideas on how to create a fun and effective VBS.

Advertising for your vacation Bible school using our Multicolor VBS Personalized Banner. Add your custom wording, including the theme, date, time and registration deadline, and hang the banner around your church or on the side of the building. This vibrant banner is sure to get the attention of parents and kids. Welcome students to the Treasure Cove using a Personalized Ahoy Banner. The cool anchor and underwater design is a nice touch to the entrance of your event. Each of our banners is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl with metal grommets for hanging, so you can use the banner indoors or out. Plus, we print your custom wording on the banner for that perfect touch. Banners are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, starting at 18×54.

Create a backdrop for your event using our photo murals and some water patterned gossamer. We have stunning photo murals in Sea Life Photo Background and Deserted Island Photo Mural (9’x12’8”) that are simply stunning and set the tone for your entire event in a snap. Add some water patterned gossamer to the bottom of your mural for a seamless look that carries out the impression of a beach getaway.

If you want to make a huge impact with your Treasure Bay VBS decorations, try our Treasure Bay Theme Kit. The theme kit includes decorations such as a Treasure Bay Ship, Ship Masts, Columns, Lantern Pilings, Wire Palm Trees, Treasure Chests, and Nautical Lamps. The Kit is perfect for creating an adventurous focal point to your VBS that will make kids want to come back day after day.

Accent your Treasure Bay theme decorations with nautical items such as a Giant Anchor Decoration or a Captain’s Wheel. These items make great props for kids to take photos with and they really stand tall and stand out. Add some fishnet draped over them, as well as your tables, doors, and railings. Fishnet is simple to use, but really effective and affordable.

Also affordable are our Inflatable Palm Trees. Each tree stands 6 feet tall and makes a fun, vibrant accent to your other decorations. Kids will love them!

Add some décor to your walls by hanging our Pirate’s Map and Porthole Wall Graphics. They easily add a realistic effect to your classrooms.

If you’re feeding students meals or snacks, you’ll want to decorate your tables as well. Cover tables with blue plastic tablecovers and use coordinating blue plastic tableware and cutlery or one of our pirate themed tableware ensembles for a more festive look. Use our pirate’s map napkins as an extra special touch and scatter some seashells around each placesetting.

In the center of your tables, pool water patterned gossamer or fishnet and place a treasure chest decoration full of plastic gold coins or seashells. Set captain’s hats full of pretzels or peanuts along the length of the tables.

Stock up on favors and prizes for your VBS students. Hand out Gob and Captain’s Hats as door prizes. Students will love to add to their Treasure Cove look using shell necklaces or shark tooth necklaces. They can even make their own favors with our Lei Activity Bucket.

We also have religious items such as “Smile, Jesus Loves You” bracelets, religious pencil assortments, religious stamps, cross keychains, Jesus Fish keytags, and religious slide puzzles.


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