Shindigz Honors Military Service with 20% Discount

With this weekend being the unofficial but customary start of summer, there will be an increase in attention to our service men and women starting with Memorial Day followed by D-Day and Flag Day in June and Independence Day observances on July 4th.  These holidays along with a full summer season of parades and festivals will be filled with times to remember and thank those who are serving our country.

As a reminder, we want to make sure you are aware that Shindigz, offers a discount to U.S. Military personnel as a way of thanking you for your service to America.

This token of appreciation is offered to our men and women serving unselfishly in our military. Shindigz salutes the sacrifices our military take including time spent away from family.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

Shindigz thanks each of our women and men serving our country.

The Shindgiz military discount program saves military personnel and their families 20% their total purchase at Those wishing to participate must have a military ID to receive the discount.

We hope the savings will help military family make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether a birthday, wedding, welcome home party or anniversary, Shindigz wants to do all we can to help our service men, women, and veterans celebrate.

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

Welcome Them Home with a Surprise

You’ve already said a tear-filled goodbye to your soldier, so what better way to welcome them home than with a surprise welcome home party?  Your soldier has probably seen enough camouflage to last him or her awhile, so switch to a patriotic theme.  Rather than an all-out stars-and-stripes pattern for every part of your welcome home party, gather red place settings, white place settings, and blue place settings.  Decorate your tables with white table covers and red and blue table runners.  Add a sparkly centerpiece or even some confetti as an eye-catcher that everyone at the welcome home party will love.

All-American Backyard Barbecue

If you sent your soldier off to a foreign country, why not welcome your American hero home with a longstanding American tradition—a cookout?  Sure, serve the standard burgers and hot dogs that everyone loves, but then treat your returning hero to something special, something just for them, like a huge steak.  To the side of the welcome home party space, create a photo corner.  All it takes are a few props—one or two columns for your photographer to position his picture subjects near.  Add some flags, streamers, and a welcome home banner for a little more flare.  Then, as favors for all your guests, why not send them customized coasters commemorating the welcome home party?

A Classier Welcome Home Party

Sometimes welcome home parties are better kept inside.  Also, it’s a good idea to have a backup for your backyard barbecue in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.  So if you choose to have the welcome home party indoors, you have a few more options as far as decorations.  If your party is indoors, you could add a balloon arch or other balloon decorations that could get destroyed outdoors.  You could also add other centerpieces, make each table different.  Vary the table decorations, too.  Alternate main colors versus runners:

  • A red table cover with white and blue table runners
  • A blue table cover with red and white table runners
  • A white table cover with blue and red table runners

One more difference between a backyard barbecue versus an indoor welcome home party is the type of dessert that is served.  While it’s still a good idea to use paper or plastic plates, you could create a dessert station with patriotic-patterned tableware.

Ideas for Your Awards Night Party Theme

Celebrate with a Red Carpet Party Theme

You’re already planning for your college mixer, school prom, adult cocktail party, corporate event, or kids birthday. We’re here to open the brainstorm with a few themes and supplies to get those creative juices flowing.

Awards Party Themes Take Center Stage

Note these dates on your social calendar and build your next theme party around a Bollywood party or Hollywood theme party.

Movie Theme Parties

Pop popcorn and snuggle in with the fam for movie night or dream big and snuggle up to a Marilyn Monroe party.

Film Festival Theme Party Decorations

Whisk your intellectual crowd into a sophisticated night of wine, International party supplies, and the sultry, Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin or organize France party supplies throughout the banquet facility of your Cannes Film Festival event.

Country Music Party Theme

Celebrate country music in our cowboy party store. Show them city slickers that your tableware party supplies don’t have to be fancy because a Dirt Road Anthem surrounded by NASCAR party supplies is the party theme to remember. Invite military families to your event and open the welcome home theme party with We Take Care of Our Own.

City Theme Party Decorations

Go downtown and dance away at a sweaty, city theme party. Continuously play music videos and movies on wide screen TVs. Promote fresh, theme party faces like pop’s Asher Monroe,

soul’s Adele,

or Bollywood’s Vidya Balan.

Political Theme Party Supplies

Want to shake it up? Times are changing. Make a statement with your theme party supplies and political rally decorations. Anjulie will turn heads and so will Occupy party supplies or national debt party supplies peppered throughout your theme party decorations.

College Theme Parties

There’s time to coordinate a frat party, toga party, or birthday with the MTV awards night. Just add a few props, cocktail accessories, and rock star party supplies to go.

Corporate Theme Parties

Let music loosen up the execs. Invite Taylor Swift to your private concert or just watch her perform at the Grammys along with Coldplay.

Give guests a few elephant hats and decorate with baby elephant standees, safari decorations, and other mascot costumes to get in the spirit of Coldplay’s Paradise video. Paul McCartney will be honored at this year’s Grammys. Celebrate the successes of yesterday, while your company presses ahead into 2012. These retro theme party supply or Wizard of Oz party stores can help you emphasize both achievements and goals.

Funny Theme Parties

Laugh it up with clips of Billy Crystal going Off the Grid for the Academy.

Dress up as your favorite nominee. Send party invitations and decorate with party favors, party tableware, and party decorations (such as Money Ball baseball party supplies) that revolve around your picks. Give awards night male statuettes or awards night female statuettes to the most creative or funny, theme party costumes.

Awards party themes spice up winter dull drums and celebrate successes. Host your own Academy, Grammy, MTV, Bollywood, or Hollywood theme party!

Honor Americans That Served With A Patriotic Party

Lighted Patriotic Celestial Arch

Lighted Patriotic Celestial Arch

If you love the land of the free and the home of the brave, then show your patriotism to those that have defended our land with a red, white and blue bash this summer! Whether you’re celebrating Flag Day, the Fourth of July, a soldier returning home, or just getting into the spirit of America, there are a lot of decorations and novelties you can use to throw a truly patriotic party.

Choosing colors for your party decorations is easy! Hang up patriotic streamers – red, white and blue streamers and balloons. For extra decor, put up a banner with the American national bird, the bald eagle. Garlands in the colors of Old Glory will look great strung along your front porch or stoop.

If you’re celebrating the fourth of July, get your kids ready for your local parade by decorating their bikes or wagons with patriotic symbols. You can also write slogans like “Proud to be an American” or “God Bless the U.S.” on your automobile with car chalk!

During the parade, give your guests some fun American wearables to help them show off their pride. Red, white, and blue leis, hats, pompoms and temporary tattoos will really get your friends up and on their feet!


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