Senior Basketball Night

We just celebrated Senior Night with the Canterbury basketball team this past Tuesday.  My son Chase is only a junior, but time seems to be flying by – next year it will be his big night!  Each year we honor our seniors prior to the start of the last home game.  The players and their families are individually announced and acknowledged as they walk through a giant balloon arch.  This year we had four senior players and one senior manager.  We created personalized standees and banners of each senior.   We ended up winning 58 to 49, not a huge margin, but a win’s a win – on to tournament play next week.  Canterbury teams love it when there is a “Moyle” on the team – more stuff. Good luck, Cavs!

  1. The balloon arch was created with blue and white latex 11” balloons, a roll of white curling ribbon, six balloon weights, a helium tank (provided and stored at the school) and three sets of hands.  The entire arch took about 30 minutes to complete.  Once the assembly line was established, we were flying.  We tied one end of the curling ribbon to the balloon weight and kept the remainder of the ribbon on the roll.  We couldn’t decide how big we wanted the arch.  One parent inflated the balloons, I tied the knot in the balloon (years of practice) and the third parent created an open knot/loop in the curling ribbon.  We pulled the knotted end of the balloon through the loop, pulled it tight and moved on to the next balloon.  We alternated blue and white, but any pattern could easily be established.  Because we were moving so quickly, we made a huge arch and had to add extra weights to each end.
  2. The standees were made by Shindigz with straight on, high resolution photos that we simply uploaded to when ordering.  Fast and easy.
  3. The banners took a bit longer to prepare since we needed to collect a number of images per player to make a collage.  The printing was the fast part by Shindigz.
  4. We also offered “after the game” cookies for players and parents, flowers for the moms, a senior gift and a certificate of accomplishment.

Shindigz can help make your Senior Basketball Night a success, too! Join us on Facebook for a chance to win great party give aways every weekday!

Moyle Family Enjoys a Fun Fall Homecoming

Shep-Pie-Eating-ContestThere’s nothing like a warm fall day, 3 soccer games, countless tennis matches, a handful of volleyball games and a school carnival to make Homecoming a success.  We were blessed to have a beautiful fall day.  Although we could have used a few more victories, Homecoming day was a great day to be a part of the Canterbury family.

Shep, Chase and Max all took part in the pie eating contest.  I’m not sure if Shep ate more or was wearing more.  He says it was rigged – he had a “bigger pie” – but the next contestant in age was likely 30 years younger.  I think watching was the most fun of all.

Max-Face-PaintingMax felt the need to have both his hair and his face painted!  It was a proud moment for the parents as he presented himself with a huge smile.  I’m not sure which was more enjoyable – Shep with pie all over his face, or Max in red and blue.  Toss up.

Special Kudos to the tennis team – they won all three matches.


Grandmother Mulholland’s Fudgies

Wendys TipZI’ve been making my Grandmother Mulholland’s Fudgies since I was a child. They are very easy to make and the kids love to roll them. Messy fun! Load up a plate for each of your friends.

Grandmother Mulholland’s Fudgies

    6oz dark or semi sweet chocolate
    ½ teaspoon cinnamon
    1 ½ teaspoons butter
    ½ cup sweetened condensed milk
    ½ teaspoon vanilla

Melt chocolate, butter and cinnamon in a double boiler (or microwave), then add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. Stir all ingredients until they are thoroughly blended. Pour the mixture into a shallow platter and chill (covered) for 2 hours or more. Form into small balls (about walnut size) and roll the balls in colored sugar or sprinkles. Chill until hard. Enjoy!

Try Elfing This Holiday Season

Elfing TipStart a new tradition of spreading holiday cheer to your neighbors and friends this year by Elfing. This fun activity involves leaving a special package of goodies at the front door of a few friends’ houses, with instructions for them to do the same. The joy of gift giving becomes contagious and soon everyone you know will be involved in Elfing!

As Christmas approaches, make up 3 or 4 gift bags with special Elfing goodies inside. The list below contains foods that Buddy the Elf ate in the movie Elf.

    Wendys TipZ

  • Candy
  • Candy Corn
  • Candy Canes
  • Syrup
  • The Elf DVD
  • Elf costumes (can be purchased at
  • Elfing letter (from below)

Next, print off the following letter and stick a copy in each goodie bag to explain the surprise and to make sure the fun gets spreads to all!

    Hi, it’s Buddy the Elf stopping by to say,
    “What’s your favorite color?” this holiday.
    To bring you a smile “his favorite thing”
    And warm Christmas Greetings the season brings.
    Amidst all the hustle of this Holiday Season,
    Let’s not forget the purpose and reason
    To celebrate the birth of a special baby boy
    Who brought us peace and everlasting joy.
    So take time with your family to relax and have fun,
    With Buddy the Elf, the “gynormous” one.
    Then sign this and take it and “Elf” someone new
    And spread Christmas cheer, it’s easy to do.

After dark, maybe right before bedtime, dress your kids in Elfing attire and sneak out for some crazy, quiet, sneaky fun! Here’s how it works: Put on your elf costume, creep up to your friend’s door, leave the goodie bag with the letter at the step, ring the doorbell, and RUN LIKE CRAZY! Do this to 3 or 4 neighbors in one evening. The idea is for everyone in the neighborhood to get “Elfed” and spread some holiday cheer!


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