Transform your Great Room into New Years in France


You could be just like everyone else to ring in the New Year. But why settle for the usual? Transform your great room into New Years in France! Wow your friends and neighbors by throwing anything but an ordinary New Year’s party to ring in 2013.

Prepare for Paris

One of the best ways to transform a place is using gossamer. Use black gossamer to disguise your great room. Wrap around walls and furniture you won’t be using to make your room look a little less like a great room and more like Paris at night.  Decide what your guests will be doing for the majority of the evening- will they be dancing? Playing games? Watching television? This will have an impact on how you will arrange your room. Be sure to plan ahead of time so you know how things should be arranged.

Eiffel Tower Envy

The most recognizable symbol from France is the towering, gorgeous Eiffel Tower. This is a 2s026bmust-have for your party. One option is an Eiffel Tower Wall Graphic. The removable wall graphic is seven-feet tall and is perfect for a great room. If you don’t want something on the walls and are looking for a three-dimensional Eiffel Tower, check out the Lighted Eiffel Tower. This decoration is a towering 12-feet tall and is surrounded in twinkle lights! It will be the perfect focal point of the great room at your party.

Don’t stop at one, eye-catching Eiffel Tower. Use mini towers all over the room. The Eiffel Tower Tea Light Holder will add a romantic touch to your party. Place on the coffee table or book case for a nice, dim glow. If you like, print out some of your favorite online photos of the Eiffel Tower and scatter them around the room. They will make for a great conversation piece.

The City of Light

If Paris is the City of Light, lighting is going to be an important part of transforming your great room. At the very least, you should line the room with small white lights. Another great idea is to use the La Tour Mini Lamp Posts to light the room and/or walkway to the room. These stunning lights are 2-1/2 feet high and if your room is dimly lit, will help party goers see where they are walking.

Magical Music

While you’ll surely have the television on for the big Times Square ball drop, something else will have to fill the space before and after. Play some French music to set the mood. If it’s not something you want to pay for, check your local library for CDs with French music. Also, many television packages include music channels. Check and see if yours offers a French channel.

Do your internet research for other ways you can transform your great room into New Years in France. It might not be as exciting as the real thing, but with the right decorations and atmosphere, you can create a spectacular night in France in your very own home.

It’s Cuba Night! Host a Havana Party

Shake out the winter blahs with a hot Havana party that’s full of tropical warmth and Cuba’s unique Caribbean flair.

Havana Party Settings
Consider a Havana theme for cigar parties, winter fundraisers and New Years’ celebrations. Lots of color and music with distinctively Cuban rhythms are key.

In warmer climates, apply your Havana theme for a party around the pool or at the marina with nautical party supplies and palm tree décor. Colder locales can shut out the snow and cold by bringing the party indoors and re-creating the Tropicana.

What About the Tropicana?
In the era of lavish hotels and casinos (1930s-1950s) the Tropicana was the center of the nightclub universe.

The Tropicana originally consisted of a casino, an indoor dining room and stage and an outdoor dining room and stage. It is the outdoor venue, set among the royal palms, beset with voluptuous, scantily clad showgirls, that is pictured when imagining Havana’s exotic nightlife.

The legendary Tropicana is still in Havana – minus the casino – and the outdoor stage is a lovely setting to re-create, even for indoor events.

Start with the Palm Horizon backdrop silhouette, with its amazing 8-foot by 32-foot dimensions, to suggest the outdoor venue, and the Havana Nightclub Bandstand, shown above right, as your showstopper piece.

Take your cue from the bandstand piece for your color palette. You’ll be able to find bright pinks, greens and yellows in solid color tableware, for example, that you can mix-and-match to your heart’s delight. Place these bright pieces against midnight blue or deep purple table covers and skirts, and tropical luau centerpieces.

Back a stage/DJ area with colorful metallic fringe curtains, and finish decorating with strategic placement of free-standing palm tree décor and theme mylar balloons in palm tree, parrot and flamingo shapes.

Havana Food & Drink
Cuban culture took the hamburger and transformed it into a frita. We recommend you find a recipe for fritas, such as this one from Three Guys in Miami, and grill them small as sliders in keeping with one of the popular trends in party food.

Along with your fritas, Cuba libres would put a fun, Caribbean twist on the burger-and-cola tradition. Build a Cuba libre in a tall glass with a squeeze or two of lime, a few ice cubes, 2 ounces of your favorite rum (we prefer a dark, molasses-y rum for this) and enough cola to finish filling the glass.

Ideas for Your Awards Night Party Theme

Celebrate with a Red Carpet Party Theme

You’re already planning for your college mixer, school prom, adult cocktail party, corporate event, or kids birthday. We’re here to open the brainstorm with a few themes and supplies to get those creative juices flowing.

Awards Party Themes Take Center Stage

Note these dates on your social calendar and build your next theme party around a Bollywood party or Hollywood theme party.

Movie Theme Parties

Pop popcorn and snuggle in with the fam for movie night or dream big and snuggle up to a Marilyn Monroe party.

Film Festival Theme Party Decorations

Whisk your intellectual crowd into a sophisticated night of wine, International party supplies, and the sultry, Abhi Mujhe Mein Kahin or organize France party supplies throughout the banquet facility of your Cannes Film Festival event.

Country Music Party Theme

Celebrate country music in our cowboy party store. Show them city slickers that your tableware party supplies don’t have to be fancy because a Dirt Road Anthem surrounded by NASCAR party supplies is the party theme to remember. Invite military families to your event and open the welcome home theme party with We Take Care of Our Own.

City Theme Party Decorations

Go downtown and dance away at a sweaty, city theme party. Continuously play music videos and movies on wide screen TVs. Promote fresh, theme party faces like pop’s Asher Monroe,

soul’s Adele,

or Bollywood’s Vidya Balan.

Political Theme Party Supplies

Want to shake it up? Times are changing. Make a statement with your theme party supplies and political rally decorations. Anjulie will turn heads and so will Occupy party supplies or national debt party supplies peppered throughout your theme party decorations.

College Theme Parties

There’s time to coordinate a frat party, toga party, or birthday with the MTV awards night. Just add a few props, cocktail accessories, and rock star party supplies to go.

Corporate Theme Parties

Let music loosen up the execs. Invite Taylor Swift to your private concert or just watch her perform at the Grammys along with Coldplay.

Give guests a few elephant hats and decorate with baby elephant standees, safari decorations, and other mascot costumes to get in the spirit of Coldplay’s Paradise video. Paul McCartney will be honored at this year’s Grammys. Celebrate the successes of yesterday, while your company presses ahead into 2012. These retro theme party supply or Wizard of Oz party stores can help you emphasize both achievements and goals.

Funny Theme Parties

Laugh it up with clips of Billy Crystal going Off the Grid for the Academy.

Dress up as your favorite nominee. Send party invitations and decorate with party favors, party tableware, and party decorations (such as Money Ball baseball party supplies) that revolve around your picks. Give awards night male statuettes or awards night female statuettes to the most creative or funny, theme party costumes.

Awards party themes spice up winter dull drums and celebrate successes. Host your own Academy, Grammy, MTV, Bollywood, or Hollywood theme party!

Hot Winter Party Scenery

Before the winter chill sets in, start planning your winter event theme now! Whether you are setting the scene for a winter party, a winter play, a winter dance, or a winter photo shoot, there are numerous hot winter party scenery options to choose from to make your event come to life!

Winter Scene Setters
The winter wonderland room setter appears to take you through a white picket fence, down a snow covered path through the forest lined with snow covered trees. The top of the scene setter has the appearance of a banner with the words Winter Wonderland framed out by a snow flake on either side. This 65 inch wide by 59 inch high scene setter comes in two pieces and it is printed on thick plastic material.

The winter wonderland scene setter is a picturesque snowy winter backdrop with snow covered trees. This scene setter is made of a plastic material measuring 48 inches high by 40 feet long and can be easily hung up with double-sided tape.

Winter Party Backdrops
Customize your wintry scene with a party backdrop designed specially by you. You select the backdrop size to meet your event space requirements, and you choose the material: vinyl, cardboard, or mural paper. If you desire custom text on the backdrop, personalize it by adding wording in your choice of font, font color, and text placement.

  • The little cabin in the woods background illustration is an animated, cozy scene with two quaint cabins, set in a snowy scene with mountains and trees in the background.
  • The candy house background illustration features a vibrant gingerbread house decked out with delicious candy and snow covered ground with a pretty design on all four corners of the backdrop.
  • The gold tree backdrop features a small village of homes all in blue with snow covered rooftops. The sky is various shading of blue with snow flakes falling all around. Then in the right hand corner is a brilliant gold tree with gold decorations, which radiantly stands out against the blue and white background.
  • The Santa’s sleigh background illustration features a white, snow covered foreground with shades of blue hills and mountains added toward the background. Pretty white trees peek out from behind the hills and mountains. A blue starry Christmas tree appears in the right-hand corner of the backdrop. A bright, full moon is pictured just to the left of center with a silhouette of Santa swiftly driving his sleigh of reindeer through the night sky.
  • The winter background illustration is a photo quality backdrop which directs the eye down a charming main street after a heavy new fallen snow has blanketed the town. The lights from the shops, streetlights, and decorations brightly twinkle against the brisk winter evening scene.

You’re So Sweet Mr. Snowman! Edible Snowman Favors

Edible Marshmallow Snowmen Favors

Edible Marshmallow Snowmen Favors

There’s nothing like a delicious homemade favor to give your party a warm and cozy feel! These cute edible snowman favors also make great projects for school winter parties and all types of gatherings whether your guests are young, old, or in-between. Just follow the directions below to make this yummy sweet treat:

Edible Marshmallow Snowmen Favors:
• Create the sparkly look by wetting 3 large marshmallows with water and rolling them in course sugar. Let dry.
• Once dry, insert a lollipop stick into the center of all 3 marshmallows. The lollipop stick should only be inserted about 75% through the top marshmallow so that it is not sticking out the top.
• Using white cake piping gel (or frosting) as your “glue”, add cake dots or large sprinkles for eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons.
• Add a scarf by using thin red licorice strings.
• A mini Oreo cookie and Rolo create the hats- use piping gel or frosting as “glue.”
• Toothpicks and mini marshmallows complete the arms.

Edible Snowman Favor Ideas:
• To complement your edible snowmen favors, warm up your guests by giving them a winter mug filled with a few snowflakes hot cocoa mix packets inside.
• Entertain your guests with a melted snowman in their drink, sitting right next to their marshmallow snowman favor. Use clear cups, and then add defrosty snowman ice cubes to each beverage.
• Cover your food table(s) with the Nordic flakes plastic tablecover. It features a fun snowflake pattern with the look of a runner down the center of the table cover.
• Add bright color to your party tables with the snowman carols basic kit-n-kaboodle for your tableware. These happy snowmen will look perfect with the snowmen favors.


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