Time to Start Planning for Another Hollywood Awards Show

The Shindigz Party News Blast has information on the Emmy nominations! Plan now for your Emmy Party with Shindigz.

Also in the Party News blast, news about Tina Turner getting married and the Espy awards, let’s go!

How to Plan th’ Best Ever scurvy Pirate Parrrty

Shindigz introduces a brand new Pirate Theme for your next Pirate Party for your kids.  And to set the mood, let’s slip into Pirate Speak:

You'll be the Best Mom with this Shindigz Pirate Party!

Ye’ll be th’ Best Mom wit’ ’tis Shindigz scurvy pirate parrrty!

Ahoy, Matey! Lookin’ fer a unique parrrty to throw fer ye son or girly offsprin’? Have ye child invite all ‘o his or her pals over fer a scurvy pirate theme bash!

Start wit’ personalized invitation.

Pirate Photo Invitations

Pirate Photo Invitations

Welcome them wit’ a custom yard sign ‘n banner, ‘n then as they board th’ ship, deck them out wit’ an tattered eye patch, gold tooth, hat, scarf ‘n  hook!

Dress 'em up Pirate Style!

Dress ‘em up Pirate Style!

We’ve got plenty more scurvy pirate parrrty ideas at our scurvy pirate store, but first, take a couple ‘o minutes ‘n spy wit’ ye eye how parrrty Plannin’ Pro Wendy ‘n her sidekick Mary prepare fer a scurvy pirate parrrty:

Shindigz also found a collection ‘o scurvy pirate parrrty grub ideas to feed ye crew!

Party Time in San Diego this Weekend

Wedding bells for an America’s Got Talent judge, and a Huge Party in San Diego kicks off Thursday. Plus Mary reveals the paychecks of 3 of Hollywood Hunks in the Shindigz Party News Blast…

…This Just In, She Had Twins!

Hi Everybody, I’m Mary Collins and this is your Shindigz News Blast.

We finally have big baby news. No, Kate Middleton hasn’t delivered yet, but another long awaited birth or should I say births have finally occurred. This time it was for Giant Panda Lun Lun at the Atlanta Zoo. We all knew Lun Lun was pregnant but no one knew she would deliver twins, making this the first giant panda twins to be born in the U.S. since 1987.

And it’s only fair now to give you an update on Kate.
The royal baby’s future step-grandmother, Camilla, made what seems the be the clearest hint yet of when we can expect the royal baby, by saying this morning at a public gathering, “I think by the end of the week he or she will be here.”

And here’s a great brush with fame story, Emily Kraus and her boyfriend are huge Dave Matthews fans. So when it was announced Matthews was coming to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where Kraus lives, she was quick to get tixs. Saturday they were on the way to the concert when they noticed a man by the road stranded on his bike with a flat tire. That man, you guessed it, was Dave Matthews.
They turned around and rescued Matthews getting him to the concert. From then on they were treated like celebrities. Matthews sang about the incident on stage, brought them back stage, signed their tickets and they dined with the band.

Beauty Queen Contest Tips for Coordinators

When you’re planning a beauty pageant then there are many details to consider.  From organizing the location, the decorations, and the paperwork to coordinating judges and the contestants, a pageant coordinator’s schedule is a busy one.  Here are some tips to make sure that small details make your pageant amazing.

Thank the Contestants

A small gift for every contestant goes a long way towards encouraging contestants to return next year.  A small gesture of thanks, such as a personalized favor in the registration information, will make your pageant stand out.  Personalized water bottle labels are also a nice touch to the water bottles used during the pageant itself.

Even small tiarasgiven to each contestant can remind them that they are all beautiful no matter who wins.  These can also be worn as all the girls are shown to create a unified image on stage.

Thank the Judges

You have given the judges the difficult job of deciding who wins and who loses, so they deserve a gift of appreciation, as well.  Giving a personalized gift shows each judge that you appreciate his or her hard work.  Pageant favors also serve as reminders from memories made at your pageant.

To the Victor go the Spoils

The rewards for the pageant should be as spectacular as the pageant itself.  The winner’s tiara is no exception.  It should stand out from the crowd so that the entire audience can see it sparkle.  This tiara can resemble the tiaras of the other girls but it has to stand out.  To go along with the tiara the winner needs her sash.

With the right favors and rewards for the participants and judges your pageant will be as beautiful as the women on the stage.  Your event will be able to raise money for any cause of your choosing and with the help of Shindigz it just might become an annual event.


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