Grandma’s Halloween Storybook Decorating Tips

From the lessons of the Little Green Witch to Berenstain Bears® adventures, Halloween storybooks tend to contain many of the same key elements. Here are some tips for Grandmas (and others!) in using Halloween party supplies for storybook style home or party decorating no matter the plot.

Go For an “Illustrated” Look
Seek Halloween decorations that look like something that’s just jumped out of a storybook. The Haunted Mansion background illustration, shown at right, is a wonderful example of what we mean: richly colored and stylized, with an overall lighthearted feel. The Halloween Night backdrop is another terrific choice in this vein.

If you have a haunted castle or mansion to re-create, start with a brick or stone patterned flat paper or poly vinyl rolls on the walls.

Add a cast of fun characters to a Halloween storybook setting with mylar Halloween balloons in comical cat, bat and spider shapes. Cutout assortments such as Ghost felt cutouts or the funny Gruesome Group glitter cutouts strike the right mood and adorn walls, windows and tables affordably.

Select Universal Symbols of the Holiday
Besides haunted buildings, many Halloween storybooks contain a spooky tree or haunted forest. Plant 6- or 8-foot 3D Spooky Tree standees or a big ol’ Spooky Balloon Tree in the middle of the party room and get ready for the screams – of delight! These stand-alone pieces are real showstoppers and perfect for children old enough to appreciate them to look at but not to climb.

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns rule the day, er, night in a storybook land. The personalized Pumpkin yard sign, Jack-o-Lantern lighted corex standee and Scary Silhouettes party pack are just a few of your Halloween decoration pumpkin options.

To recreate Five Pesky Pumpkins or other storybook jack-o-lantern characters, just use a permanent marker to draw and color in the same faces and expressions from the book illustrations onto inflated orange latex balloons.

Make plenty to use as storybook Halloween decorations and extras for balloon games. Add our Radiant LED balloon lights to the decorative balloon faces for added interest.

For decorations and other products with owls on them, take a look at our Creepy Owl or more unconventional Hippie Chick Owl designs.

Think Hands-On
Halloween-themed piñatas, ball-toss games, fun photo stand-ins and similar items will serve you well as items for storybook décor as well as child’s play. Find these products and more in Halloween Activities.

Help Me, It’s Halloween! Decorations that Win

Capture Halloween decorations that can help you put together a prize-winning display or secure your position as host with the most.

Wow ‘Em with Ominous Outdoor Displays
Your first step is to choose between cute-scary and scary-scary. Take into account the makeup of the family and the neighborhood; for example, do you have a block full of teenagers or lots of small fries? For a competition, it’s usually best to choose outdoor Halloween decorations with the widest range of appeal, which usually means a “G” rating.

For this reason, consider the Halloween Outdoor decorating kit for house-decorating contests. This decorating kit contains a banner, bunting, door decoration, window decorations and eight smiling, kid-friendly ghosts to hang.

Complete your display with Halloween yard decorations such as Halloween warning tape, silver skull fencing or your own funny personalized tombstone creations.

Score with Sinister Effects
We all know the wow-factor of a special Halloween decoration, and the addition of a special effect to a unique piece or display can magnify that power.

Take an 8’ spooky 3D tree, an arrangement of Spooktacular Cemetery decorations or a life-sized piece from our new Boo-tique collection and add fog or special lighting to it. We have black light fixtures – including a model that can be used outdoors – fog machines and bubble foggers.

Perhaps a decoration that already includes a visual or other effect appeals to you. No problem! A 5’ standing witch with red lighted eyes and blood-curdling screams, an adorable lighted spiderweb, a quivering cocoon or a tabletop misting cauldron are just a few of the options with special effects. Shop Outdoor Halloween Decorations and Halloween Lights for the full selection.

Earn Props for Terrifying Tables
Speaking of tabletops, this is one area you don’t want to neglect no matter the Halloween event. Yes, yummy treats count for a lot, but Halloween party tables also offer excellent opportunities to show off witchin’ new centerpiece arrangements, a boo-riffic tableware ensemble or personalized Halloween bottle labels you’ve customized yourself.

Imagine one of our impressively tall tabletop skull or spiderweb candle holders sitting on a table cover of our Spider Web patterned gossamer and embellished with decorative cobwebs. For a truly macabre touch, stuff candle holders with black or white flickering LED “bloody” candlesticks and pour red punch into clear Halloween goblets.

If you need something for a big crowd, check out the Halloween Ultimate Table Decorating Kit. This is a cheerful combination of decorations that are perfect when you need instant ambience (with emphasis on “instant”). It also coordinates beautifully with our Boo Bash and Chills and Thrills tableware designs as well as several solid tableware colors.

Achieve More Halloween Fun
We’ve offered just a taste of the possibilities for bloody good Halloween fun. Browse all our Halloween party supplies for a Halloween party, contest or other venue fit for special Halloween decorations.

New for Halloween 2010: Door Topper Curtains

ShindigZ Party introduces 3 new door topper curtain designs for Halloween 2010. Each curtain is 10 feet long and 40” wide, and the top can be personalized with a line of text. The curtain itself is a wavy black metallic fringe.

  • The Beware Door Topper depicts a full moon and a raven overlooking a silhouetted cemetery in the distance.
  • The Tombstone Door Topper Curtain features a simple row of gothic-looking tombstones.
  • The Spiders Topper is a black background contrasted with neon spiders and webs. This design allows for 2 lines of personalized text.
  • A Halloween Door Topper Curtain is an affordable way to greet guests with your own message and add festivity and a bit of mystery to what lies beyond. Try coordinating a door topper with some of your other dance or party area materials such as black wavy metallic table skirts or our new Black Wavy Curtains, which can be used as background material for a stage or photo backdrop or function as a partial room divider.

    Our new designs join the awesome Spider Web Entrance and other fabulous Halloween Entrances such as arches and door accents. Be sure to check out what we have for door, and other Halloween décor in our online catalogs.

    Haunting Halloween Decorations: Harvest Moon & Spooky 3D Tree Standees

    If we were to pick out what we consider to be Halloween decorating “staples,” two of them would be the Harvest Moon and our Spooky 3D Tree Standees because they’re highly adaptable to many Halloween themes.

    Of course, a harvest or full moon can carry you through fall festivals, homecoming and barn dances all the way to the Halloween events. Choose a moon according to the size of your party space. The moon available with the Spooktacular Cemetery is a generous 44” but for really large venues and to scale with other very large decorations, select our 8’ Harvest Moon Decoration.

    “Moon” your flying witches, werewolf- or zombie-infested woods, haunted cemeteries and any sort of ghost, monster or bat themes. Let it “glow” orange-ly on its own, or allow it to peek out from behind one of our Haunted House Cardboard Cutouts or the Graveyard Silhouette.

    This is where the Spooky 3D Tree Standees come in! Place these freestanding cardboard trees in front of your moon for an eerie forest effect, on either side of your haunted mansion or scattered throughout the cemetery. Available in wonderfully big 6’ and 8’ sizes, they will add great ambience and dimensionality to your decorating scheme whether used as is or embellished in a deliciously wicked way of your choosing.

    We hope you’ll find your own perfect way to incorporate a Harvest Moon and Spooky 3D Tree Standees into your Halloween decorating scheme. If so, we’d love to see a photo here, or on our Halloween Party Supplies pages!

    Set the Scene with Halloween Insta-Theme Decorations

    Transform an ordinary room or garage into a haunted locale with ShindigZ Party’s Halloween Insta-Theme large wall decorations, seen at right. It’s a great way to cover large areas affordably and flexibly for parties or for trick-or-treat.

    In three shakes of a newt’s tail you can attach a not-overly-scary Graveyard Backdrop, Spooky Sky Backdrop, or Creepy Fence Border – or any combination of the 3! Each is a wall mural printed on plastic that can be attached to walls with pins or a removable adhesive. The Graveyard and Spooky Sky are each 4’ high and 30’ long. The fence is 24” tall and 30’ long, and printed on a clear plastic so you can view whatever lies behind it.

    Insta-Theme also offers props you can attach to the backdrop(s). Customize the setting with a haunted house, gothic witch, skeletons, ghosts and other Peel ‘N Place extras.

    Check out each individual backdrop and prop set by clicking on the Party View 360 icon next to each item listing on the Insta-Theme catalog page.

    Once the Halloween Insta-Theme pieces are in place, we’d suggest festooning the ceiling with deep purple and black streamers along with skull or ghost tissue garland, lighting up your best Jack ‘O Lanterns with battery-operated flickering LED tealights, and filling the Inflatable Witch’s Cauldron Cooler with treats. Got other ideas? Let us know. We love to hear from you!


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