Top Party Themes for Baby Boomers

Here are some groovy theme parties to throw for Boomer birthdays, anniversaries and retirements.

1. Luau celebration. When Hawaii became a state in 1959, it sparked a tourism boom (no pun intended) that was so pronounced it – and Don Ho – promptly got absorbed by popular culture. “Gidget” went there, Elvis went there and even the Brady Bunch vacationed in the islands. Kiddos coming of age in the years following WWII were continually tempted by the allure of ocean breezes, boogie boards and poi products. The islands still rank high as vacation destinations, the luau likewise as one of the all-time popular party themes. Boomers were among the first to appreciate both.

2. Party of a Decade. Though the timespan depends on the context of the discussion, the Baby Boom by most accounts occurred about 1946 into the early 60s, so it is often helpful to think in terms of early Boomers and late Boomers. The early wave came of age in the 60s and a whole lot of them are retiring now. Those who came later finished high school in the 1970s – and in the 70s, the 50s party first became popular! That means there are at least three decades the members of this generation love to party to.

3. Zebra retro. Big, colorful florals, op art and zebra patterns were all iterations of the strong, “mod” patterns fashionable in the 1960s for clothing, accessories and even home furnishings. A zebra party is another way to go retro, and as luck would have it, it also happens to be an “in” party theme for multiple generations right now so there are plenty of decorating options to be had. The fashion plates and the Boomers who adore the excesses and exaggerations of the Austin Powers movies really dig this party, baby, in both regular and hot pink.

4. Murder mystery. Boomers grew up playing Clue (as well as other classic board games such as Candy Land and Monopoly) and many of them likewise enjoyed the first Clue-based murder mystery role-playing parties of the 1980s. Combine nostalgia, humor and lots of entertaining activity during a dinner party with a Boomer as guest of honor, starting with the coolest licensed murder-oriented props around.

5. Music. When you read above about the luau and Don Ho, does the song “Tiny Bubbles” run through your head? Background music is far more than just about movies; it is woven inextricably with our memories and therefore comprises a powerful force in our personal and shared histories. Match the party soundtrack to theme and mood, and include some of the party VIP’s selections. You can also spotlight music itself – check out the new Music Note decorations as well as established favorites Music of the Night, Disco and Jazz/1920s collections.

While there’s no substitute for knowing the tastes and interests of the Baby Boom generation co-worker, friend or relative in your life, we hope discussing popular themes has helped you work those creativity muscles! Explore even more on the Themes pages, and let us know how it goes.

The Top 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes for 2013

A Luau Themed Summer Party

A Luau Themed Summer Party

You’ve got one big advantage when planning a summer birthday party, compared to wintertime.

Warm summer weather which means you can include outside activities.  With a little planning and perhaps reserving a spot at a local park, your birthday party options have multiplied.

To help you narrow down the possibilities, here are the Top 5 Summer Birthday Party Themes for 2013:

  1. Buzz.  As in Buzz like a bee.
  2. Stars. Summertime is the best season for star gazing and a popular party theme.
  3. Patriotic.  With Memorial Day in May, Flag Day June 14th and Independence Day July 4th, there will be plenty of flags flying.
  4. Hollywood.  Walk the Red Carpet.
  5. Luau. The perfect outdoor party theme for all ages.

Explore in more detail each of these summer birthday party themes at our Birthday Decorations website.

Amazing Summer Birthday Themes

Summer is a great time to have a birthday—especially if you’re a kid! All of the messes can be left outside & be hosed off easily. Try these fun summer birthday themes for your next birthday bash under the sun.

Pool Party
What says summer better than a pool party? Not much, in my opinion. Guests can bring their swim suits & towels for all kinds of water games and activities:
• Use duck pond floaters with stickers on the bottom for guests to fish out of a small pool. The kind of sticker that they get results in different prizes!
• Hold relays with water balloons, a relay egg game, and field cones.
• End the fun with a beach ball piñata and let everyone take the candy home as their party favors.
Whether you have a large pool, use a kiddie pool, or sprinkler, the pool themed fun will go on and on!

Luau Party
You will have your guests “limboing” their way over to the best party of the summer when you throw a luau party for your birthday!
• Hand out leis to guests as they enter your party.
• Keep everyone cool with water bottles complete with luau bottle labels placed in an inflatable palm tree cooler that keeps your theme going.
• Entertain your guests with a limbo kit while playing a luau island party music CD.

Garden Party
Nature lovers can go elegant with a garden party for birthdays! Your guests will love your outdoor space when you transform it using garden party supplies.
• Pass out cute retro mini flower fans that will keep guests cool.
• Add flowers to your garden for even more lushness using silk roses and tulips.
• Decorate your tables with lighted English ivy twig garland, twig garland, and cuckoo trees.

Backyard/Cookout Party
For a less formal birthday bash, hang out with your friends and family at a good old fashioned backyard party or barbeque.
• Invite guests to your birthday with cookout party invitations.
• Try BBQ party table decorations for no fuss decorating or be unique with fun backyard grillin’ dinner plates for your guests to put those hot wings and ribs upon.
• Buy printed stadium cups as reusable party favors for each of your guests to remember your party by.

Adults and children of all ages will appreciate your summer birthday party when you plan it with Shindigz’ help. From start to finish, invitations to favors, Shindigz has you covered!

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Welcome an End of Winter Luau!

Preparing for the next wave of winter weather to blow in and send a chill down your spine?  It’s time to curb the winter chill with an end of winter luau!  Break out your Hawaiian shirts, mix up a bowl of punch, and turn up the heat for your swinging shindig.

Get your party planning started by inviting your special guests to the luau with these festive tropical sunset invitations. The gorgeous Hawaiian sunset invitation cover swivels to reveal up to 8 lines of your own wording with gold or silver imprint.

Transform your party space into a festive luau with luau scene setters. You can put up palm trees, a bamboo wall, hula dancers, and tiki wall decorations. Give your guests the look of being at the beach without the mess of sand in your house by using gold and silver mottled gossamer decorating material. If you are adventurous and don’t mind sand in your house, then designate an area with a tarp and bring in the beach (sand). Bring the outside in with these realistic looking Hawaiian hut luau decorations. The decoration choices include: a tropical palm tree with coconuts, a flamingo sporting sunglasses, and tissue grass mats. The only thing chilling at this party should be your drinks! Set up an inflatable palm tree cooler that holds up to 36 cans.

Create a fun, yet classy tropical table setting with Wendy’s luau table decor. This design uses a bermuda blue table cover, a coconut votive holder, raffia and seashell table skirt, metal palm tree candle holder, orange plastic tableware, tropical leis, and much more!

Party Favors

Hang ten and check out the fabulous luau party favors available including: sunglasses, bucket hats, ukulelles, and many more fun options.

Decorate for a Tropical Luau Party

Luau-Waves-ArchPartygoers of any age love a tropical luau. ShindigZ makes it easy to transport your guests to an exotic island with our large selection of Luau Party Supplies and tips that will transform your party site into a tropical paradise. Whether you are decorating a back yard, a school gym or a large convention hall, we have the decorations that guarantee you a day in paradise.

There are several large decorating items that make great focal points for any tropical bash. The Luau Party Decorations include palm trees, colorful umbrellas and pink flamingos reminiscent of an island paradise. The Luau Cabana is a perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy a tropical drink or to pose for photos.

Set up a Personalized Luau Waves Arch (pictured above) as an entrance to your event and for guests to take photos under. You can add your own wording to the surfboard across the top for a perfect finish.

Line your front sidewalk with tiki torches, leading the way to the tropical party. Then, greet your guests at the door with tropical leis to finish off their Hawaiian attire and give a warm welcome. A customized vinyl banner in a tropical print is perfect for hanging above your door. Add your own Hawaiian or luau greeting!

A Raffia Door Curtain is an economic way to add a South Pacific flair to a backdoor or walkway, adding a tropical flourish to your party space. For a bolder entrance, set up a hibiscus floral arch or  Tiki Club decorations at the front of your party space. They also make great photo settings.

Palm trees are the ultimate Hawaiian Luau mood setter. We recommend having as many on hand as you can afford. We carry them in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget. For maximum effect, put your palm tree into a wading pool, fill it with sand and add some plastic shells, starfish and coconuts to the base of the tree. Add some blue gossamer and clear balloon “bubbles” to die the sides of the pool.

Personalized-Tiki-StandeeBecause gossamer drapes and hangs beautifully, you can easily create a stunning tropical waterfall. We have used doorways and ladders, or your waterfall can be attached directly to a ceiling or rooftop with pins or nails.

When decorating a large indoor area, transform your room by covering walls with rolls of blue seamless paper to create a tropical paradise. Recruit some creative helpers to paint various beach scenes – waves, palm trees, the sun, beach towels, etc. Finish off the look by simply hanging some tissue bubble fish, a fish net, and tissue rainbow fish on the walls. Use our Surf Board Stand-ups for a tropical background or photo setting.

Hang a tropical bamboo curtain from a doorway and transport guests to an island paradise!

Our Personalized Tiki Standee (pictured at right) is a fun accent for your buffet table or patio and is awesome for taking pictures with! Add you own wording to the top too!

Finish off your decorating with Luau table Decorations. There is tons of luau themed tableware so you can coordinate your plates, cups, napkins and cutlery with the rest of your decorations.

Add a classic tropical look with a palm tree centerpiece. For another look, place a tea light in a coconut candle and surround it with a silk lei. Guests can take these items home with a favor.

Wrap your tables in true Hawaiian fashion with our raffia table skirting. Add a string or two of our tropical lights around the head table or buffet line for extra flair.

Choose any combination of these Luau Party Decorations or come up with your own and let us know your creative luau decorating ideas! Be sure to check out our luau party favors as well!


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