Clever Party Themes for Retirement Roasts

Retirement roasts are typically over the top. To set the right tone for roast party planning, you’ll need to start with a theme that’s chock full of cheeky goodness.

Looking Back
To best utilize this party planning strategy, choose an era that the guest of honor looks back on with the most nostalgia, such as the 1960s or the Mesozoic.

Yes, we are possibly suggesting a dinosaur theme, and if you decide to take the plunge into the Cretaceous you will not be disappointed with the dinosaur party supplies available.

For an adult dinosaur-themed party, we suggest backing the guest of honor’s seat with palm tree and dinosaur standees, hanging a couple of inflatable pteranodons overhead, and finishing with dark green and gold streamers and tableware.

Take the sting out of telling the retiree that she’s a million years old and almost extinct by using a groaner of a slogan as a distraction, something like:

“Charlene: Here since time began but still Tricera-Tops with us!”

Looking Forward
This roast strategy depends on the retiree’s having a passionate hobby or interest and turning it against him.

Let’s use the example of golf being the passion, because you probably already know much of the drill. There’s the selection of colors and patterns you can use for a golf party (green, argyle or loud plaid), other decorations (tissue grass, life-sized golfer standee), wearables (visors), table confetti (golf tees), and some golf stories and jokes for the entertainment (insert here).

The same formula can be used for any avocation, aspiration or destination. If the retiree is moving to a coast, “beach party” could be the theme, with “beach bum” in the slogan. If he or she is hoping for more quality time in retirement with one-armed bandits, it’s time for a casino night party. Colors, decorations, wearables/favors, tableware and personal stories will suggest themselves in no time.

Be sure to take special care with the guest of honor’s “hot seat.” To use the beach party example above, you could use raffia floral fringe to cover the seat back, and flank the chair with personalized surfboard standees or surf shack sign props.

Looking Fearful
By this time you know whether your soon-to-be-former colleague can take a joke, and if he or she can, and is already making comments about being over the hill or put out to pasture, why not say, “Hey, let’s go with that thought!”

You can swipe Over the Hill theme balloons, inflatable canes and coffin gift boxes for your roast, shroud the hot seat in black and add tombstone and skull decorations from Halloween party supplies.

For “out to pasture,” rustle some livestock from farm party supplies.

To soften this sort of “fear of the unknown” style of theme, check our Western theme party supplies to explore a “riding into the sunset” retirement roast. We have a couple of appropriately themed murals, either of which would serve as a beautiful starting point for reflecting a retiree’s move into a new life chapter — and leave most of the jokes about age, obsolescence and impending doom to the emcee.

The Importance of Employee Recognition

Employers and supervisors know they can improve employee morale with recognition for good work. The biggest questions are when or how to do  it? The answer to “when” is now, if you want to see an increase in productivity. For the how, here are some ideas.

  • It doesn’t hurt to be flashy.

Award a different employee each week with the flashing spirit button. Soon every worker will want one. You establish and communicate the criteria needed to receive the award.

  • Take it to the streets.

Improve employee engagement, loyalty and retention with sales spirit meetings and send salespeople out on the street with antenna balls advertising the spirit of your new sales promotion. A potential customer could see it and buy into the idea.

  • Surprise!

Surprise the staff with company picnic and transform the break room into a party paradise with customized party supplies. Fill the dollar bags with cash or prizes for the top-earners, over-achievers, and lucky winners. Find a way to include the receptionist—the first  link with your company.

  • Theme it up.

Sales meeting themes (theme meetings) are just more fun than the usual weekly meeting.  That’s why it’s important they understand how to earn them and not just expect them. If it’s a star party, they  should know why they get to be photographed on the red carpet.

  • Find a good helper.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to creating a health, productive workplace. You will have to experiment with a variety of ideas to find what works best.

The key is to find reward the hard work and effort of employees that work for you with a wide variety employee recognition items and ideas.

Have some Office Fun with ShindigZ!

Custom-Corporate-BannersShindigZ has party supplies for your office or business too! Boost company morale with fun office picnics, parties and events. Create promotional products to give out to employees in a reward system or to thank clients for their time. Use personalized items in bulk to get your name out. It makes great advertising. Here are some of our favorite ideas for Office Fun!

Stock up on supplies to have monthly birthday parties in your office. Use plastic tableware in colors that coordinate for the season, with the company logo or with employee’s favorite colors. Remember the table covers, centerpieces, and personalized napkins with your company logo also.  Create personalized vinyl banners to celebrate birthdays too.

Retirement is another time to celebrate. Have a retirement party to recognize years of good service. ShindigZ has tons of themed party supplies for creating a fun event that focuses on the unique interests of the retiree. Plus, our personalized gifts such as money clips, drinkware, photo albums or picture frames can be customized with your company logo and slogan for a wonderful retirement gift.

Have a company awards ceremony at the end of each year or financial quarter. Recognize outstanding employees with pins, award certificates and personalized company gear. This is a great way to make sure employees feel appreciated for all the work they do. Turn your award ceremony into a full-fledged banquet. Choose a theme and stock up on coordinating decorations. Plus, create an awesome podium or table for the centerpiece of the awards ceremony with a Personalized Table Runner featuring your company name.

ShindigZ doesn’t just have supplies for fun around the office. Use promotional items such as albums, clocks, mugs, and portable drinkware to reward employees or make them feel like part of the team. Employees of the month will love bringing in their morning coffee in a stainless steel travel mug personalized with your company logo and slogan.

Get the buzz out about your company using advertising products. Personalize small items such as buttons, keytags, stadium cups or pens and pencils and hand them out to clients or give them out at career fairs, set them at reception or use them along with business cards. They’ll really get your name out in a memorable way.

ShindigZ is more than just party supplies! Check out all the Office Fun and tell us your ideas!


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