Add Fun to Fall Functions with Photo Props & Stand-Ins

From the first of the harvest festivals to Oktoberfest and beyond, you can add both to décor and to event activities with a fun fall Photo Stand In from ShindigZ Party.

Here’s the scoop on our photo stand-ins. Colorful and theme-perfect, they have cutouts for attendees to place their faces for hilarious photo keepsakes. Some are right-sized for setting up on a table, counter or bar, while others are tall enough to sit on the floor near the entrance or other center of the party action. The tall stand-ins can be personalized with two lines of event information or seasonal message or greeting. All are free-standing cardboard pieces that are reusable if handled and stored with care.

  • For any sort of fall theme, pick out a fall harvest standup large or small. These photo ops feature scarecrows and harvest fruits and colors from down on the farm.

  • Greet Oktoberfest guests with a large, personalized Oktoberfest Photo Stand-In along with other pieces from our full line of Oktoberfest Party Decorations.

  • Looking for something a little more haunting? Our selection of Halloween photo cutouts gives you choices of classic Halloween characters and cut-out faces for one or two people at a time.

  • Photo props and stand-ins are sure to add an unexpected, extra punch of decorating flair as well as a favored activity to your fall events. Visit our Photo Stand In pages to match a photo prop to your event!

    Oktoberfest 2009 Decorations and Favors

    Beer-Mug-Standee-OktoberfestOktoberfest is a great fall party theme for family parties or bigger events. Hosting an Oktoberfest party with great food, games, and music is fun for all ages and ShindigZ has some great new decorations to get your party going!

    Custom Oktoberfest banners are awesome for welcoming guests to your Oktoberfest party. Our personalized banners are each printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and feature your custom wording. Plus, they’re available in several sizes to suit your decorating needs. Our Oktoberfest Oval Personalized Banner is an interesting banner choice which includes vibrant Oktobrefest colors and your personalized text.

    For another fun entrance piece, try one of our Oktoberfest standees, such as our Tavern Girl Standee, Personalized Oktoberfest Standee, or Beer Stein Standee. Guests can pose for pictures with the standee, which will add a great touch to your event. Try using our Personalized Beer Mug Standee (pictured at right) for a focal point to your Oktoberfest party.

    Our Oktoberfest Arch is another wonderful Oktoberfest decoration. The arch stands 8’6” tall and 10’5” wide and makes a fun focal point or entrance to your party.

    Add some silly shine to your Oktoberfest party with our Beer Lights. The lighted beer mugs are strung on a 16 1/2’ long cord and are a hilarious accent to your Oktoberfest celebration.

    Our Oktoberfest Party Canopy makes a fantastic accent to your party space or buffet table. The inexpensive party canopy covers about a 20” x 20” area and features awesome Oktoberfest accents too.

    Set your party able with our Oktoberfest Tableware. The tableware features a blue and white checkerboard with a pretzel and beer stein logo. Choose an assortment of 9” plates, 9 oz cups, and napkins. The tableware coordinates with our Oktoberfest tablecover and Oktoberfest centerpieces too!

    For an Oktoberfest party favor guests will love using for years to come, have one of our Oktoberfest Steins custom printed with your party details. You can incorporate the steins into your table decorations and then send them home with guests!

    Check out all of our Oktoberfest Decorations and tell us about your Oktoberfest party!

    New Oktoberfest Decorations for 2008

    Oktoberfest is a fun reason to celebrate in the autumn months! Host an Oktoberfest party at your home, neighborhood, office or church. They make great get-togethers for friends and family or fundraisers. Keep your party ahead of the curve with these new Oktoberfest decorations for 2008!

    Make a big first impression for your party with a Beer Stein Standee. The stein stands 6’5” tall and can be customized with your party details! It’s fantastic for commemorative photos and an awesome decorating focal point.

    Create a fun entrance to your event with an Oktoberfest Arch. The sturdy cardboard arch stands 8’6” high and over 10’ wide. Personalize it with your party details for a great finish. Take group pictures under the arch for memories that will last.

    Add a funny accent to your Oktoberfest balloon bunches with a beer mug mylar balloon. The festive mylar balloon is 23”x20” and looks great in clusters of solid balloons (like orange, yellow and red or the traditional blue and white).

    Our new Oktoberfest table decorations are just the thing to set the scene for all that eating and drinking. Oktoberfest is all about food and fun, so a well-decorated table is a party must.

    Start by covering your table with an Oktoberfest tablecover. The blue and white checkered plastic tablecover coordinates well with the rest of your table decorations.

    Set the table with Oktoberfest tableware. The Oktoberfest Ensemble includes 9″ plates, 9 oz. hot/cold cups and beverage napkins. The fun print features a blue and white checkered pattern, beer steins and pretzels, plus a festive “Ein Prosit!” slogan.

    At the center of your table place personalized beer steins, beer mug candles or the Oktoberfest centerpiece which coordinates with the ensemble and is shaped like a beer stein with a tinsel spout coming out the top. Above the table hang the matching Oktoberfest shimmering garland.

    Add some favors to your table decorations as well. The flashing Ein Prosit button is a great option. Guests can wear the buttons around the party and take them home with them too!

    Check out all of our Oktoberfest Party TipZ for more ideas and tell us about your Oktoberfest event!

    Reasons to Celebrate in October

    Chili Pepper BeadsThere are plenty of reasons to celebrate this October other than Halloween. Here are some great reasons to celebrate this month and be sure to check out our Party Calendar for reasons to party every month.

    October is National Chili Month. Celebrate with a chili potluck dinner. Each guest can bring their own favorite chili recipe. You could even turn it into a competition! A chili party makes a great family get-together, block party or church event.

    Decorate for your chili party with our awesome fiesta decorations. A chili pepper garland will look awesome around your tables or the edge of the party room. Add chili pepper mylar balloons to red and green balloon bouquets for a really festive look. An inflatable chili pepper makes a fun accent too. Top off your tables with chili pepper confetti.

    Sturdy crockery is a great option for serving the food at this type of party, but for appetizers and other snacks we have a cool Fiesta Tableware Ensemble, perfect for matching your chili theme.

    We have great favors for a chili party too! Pass out blinking chili pepper pins, chili pepper bracelets or chili pepper beads to guests!

    Here’s our favorite chili recipe. It’s great served over Frito’s corn chips!


    1 lb Lean Ground Beef
    ½ lb Whole Hog Sausage
    2 cans Tomato Sauce
    1 small can Tomato Paste
    1 large Onion
    1 large Green Bell Pepper
    2 tsp Chili Powder
    1 tsp Black Pepper
    1 tsp Salt
    1 tsp Sugar
    2 cans Red Kidney Beans

    Brown meats in skillet until well done. Drain grease. Mince onions and peppers (may use food processor).

    Mix all ingredients and cook. Mixture will cook fast (about 15 minutes) or you can cook in a crock-pot in 4-12 hours.

    Makes 8 servings.

    Note: If milder chili is preferred, cut chili powder and black pepper in half.

    All during October, people enjoy hosting their own spin-offs of the original Oktoberfest in Germany. Check out our Oktoberfest Tips for tons of ideas to host your Oktoberfest party. If you have German heritage, this is an especially great idea!

    A personalized Oktoberfest standee makes a great entrance piece to any Oktoberfest celebration. Add some beer stein cutouts and Oktoberfest whirls to the walls and ceiling for a 3D effect.

    Beer mug candles make great favors!

    October 20, 22007 is Sweetest Day, a day to celebrate anyone in your life who is sweet! Sweetest Day is celebrated similarly to Valentine’s Day but without the romantic overtones. Take the day as an opportunity to thank and pamper someone special in your life or host a party to celebrate your best friends, family or coworkers!

    Surprise your sweet with a bouquet of flowers, Valentine’s balloons or candy hearts candles. Decorate for a party with lots of die-cut hearts, silk rose petals and a great personalized banner letting everyone know just how much you care.

    There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this October! Let us know why you’re hosting parties!

    More reasons to celebrate:
    National Roller Skating Month * Columbus Day *1- World Vegetarian Day * 2- Ghandi’s Birthday * 4- National Golf Day * 4- National Taco Day * 6- German-American Day (Oktoberfest!) * 6- Mad Hatter Day * 8- Native Americans’ Day * 8- Great Chicago Fire Day * 11- It’s My Party Day * 13- Take your Teddy Bear to Work Day * 14- National Dessert Day * 16- National Boss Day * 20- Sweetest Day * 21- Sunday School Appreciation Day * 22- United Nations Day * 23- National Nut Day * 29- Bring your Jack-o-Lantern to Work Day * 30- National Candy Corn Day * 31- Halloween * 31- National Magic Day *

    Ein Prosit! Oktoberfest Invitations

    Paper Stein CenterpieceOktoberfest is a popular German tradition that has become an increasingly more popular fall party theme all over the world. The real Oktoberfest is held each year in the beginning of October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It lasts for two weeks and hosts around six million people each year.

    You can host your own Oktoberfest party, whether it’s a small family get-together, a block party, or a huge festival. ShindigZ has tons of Oktoberfest tips to get you started.

    Once you’ve decided to host an Oktoberfest party, decide on your guest list and send out invitations. Be sure to encourage guests to come dressed in traditional German costumes or fun party clothes.

    Get creative with your invitations! Make invitations in the shape of beer steins, fall leaves, yodeler hats, or German flags. The possibilities are limitless.

    Our favorite invitation idea is to write your party information on a small or medium roll piece of paper. Roll it up and place it in paper stein centerpieces. Hand deliver your invitations to each guest for a personal touch and a favor that will help them anticipate the party!

    Check out all of our Oktoberfest tips and let us know about your Oktoberfest party ideas!


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