Winter Classroom Decorating Ideas

Turn a classroom into a winter wonderland with products that give good value for your time and money.

A Frosty Change of Scenery
You can instantly change the look and feel of the classroom by covering walls with winter background materials. We emphasize wall decorations because we know that floor space is often precious — plus you can enjoy plenty of options in this category.

Background illustrations transport the imagination to snowy city or country settings. You can get them on cardboard, mural paper or vinyl, and there are sizing choices, too.

Room Setters give you 4’ tall wintry repeating pattern on a 48’ roll, kind of like wallpaper except the light plastic material is much, much easier to cut and hang. Winter Wonderland, shown above right, is a Room Setter that portrays a snowy forest scene. Arrange and attach Snowmen Scene Setter add-ons and students’ cut paper snowflakes to Winter Wonderland.

Floral sheeting, long a staple material of parade floats, has now become a background material of choice for sophisticated displays. Use iridescent, white or light blue floral sheeting as a backdrop for bulletin board displays, classroom plays and photography projects.

A Variety of Let-it-Snow Options
Play out winter themes on doors, windows and elsewhere in the classroom.

Winter banners, such as the vertical Snowman banner at left, combine an illustration with your own cheerful message on a tough vinyl that you can reuse for years. Hang one on the door to greet the children.

Cut snow blanket to fit bulletin boards, window sills and the tops of book cases as foundations for winter displays.

Visit winter hanging decorations for a veritable blizzard of snowflake decorations for walls, windows and ceilings.

A Setting for Whimsical Winter Student Displays
Attach the above-mentioned floral sheeting (perhaps this time in green) to different sizes of Styrofoam cones to create an instant forest of pine trees. Use them to “plant” a tree line along the back edge of a piece of snow blanket trimmed to fit the top of a table or shelf and place students’ craft creations at the front of the display.

Our party crafts supplies include craft sets as well as basic materials such as bells and beads. Populate the winter forest display with students’ foam snowmen or pipe cleaner rabbits and deer.

Hot Winter Party Scenery

Before the winter chill sets in, start planning your winter event theme now! Whether you are setting the scene for a winter party, a winter play, a winter dance, or a winter photo shoot, there are numerous hot winter party scenery options to choose from to make your event come to life!

Winter Scene Setters
The winter wonderland room setter appears to take you through a white picket fence, down a snow covered path through the forest lined with snow covered trees. The top of the scene setter has the appearance of a banner with the words Winter Wonderland framed out by a snow flake on either side. This 65 inch wide by 59 inch high scene setter comes in two pieces and it is printed on thick plastic material.

The winter wonderland scene setter is a picturesque snowy winter backdrop with snow covered trees. This scene setter is made of a plastic material measuring 48 inches high by 40 feet long and can be easily hung up with double-sided tape.

Winter Party Backdrops
Customize your wintry scene with a party backdrop designed specially by you. You select the backdrop size to meet your event space requirements, and you choose the material: vinyl, cardboard, or mural paper. If you desire custom text on the backdrop, personalize it by adding wording in your choice of font, font color, and text placement.

  • The little cabin in the woods background illustration is an animated, cozy scene with two quaint cabins, set in a snowy scene with mountains and trees in the background.
  • The candy house background illustration features a vibrant gingerbread house decked out with delicious candy and snow covered ground with a pretty design on all four corners of the backdrop.
  • The gold tree backdrop features a small village of homes all in blue with snow covered rooftops. The sky is various shading of blue with snow flakes falling all around. Then in the right hand corner is a brilliant gold tree with gold decorations, which radiantly stands out against the blue and white background.
  • The Santa’s sleigh background illustration features a white, snow covered foreground with shades of blue hills and mountains added toward the background. Pretty white trees peek out from behind the hills and mountains. A blue starry Christmas tree appears in the right-hand corner of the backdrop. A bright, full moon is pictured just to the left of center with a silhouette of Santa swiftly driving his sleigh of reindeer through the night sky.
  • The winter background illustration is a photo quality backdrop which directs the eye down a charming main street after a heavy new fallen snow has blanketed the town. The lights from the shops, streetlights, and decorations brightly twinkle against the brisk winter evening scene.

Amazing Winter Theater Backgrounds & Props

Winter Sets & Backgrounds:
Let’s put on a show! Shindigz saves your production extra time and money with amazing winter sets and props. Transform an empty stage into a winter playground with a snowflake fantasy kit or present a western holiday twist. Hitch a stylized winter sleigh kit to a desert sunset.

Kids Christmas Show Props:
The children are jumping up and down with excitement to put on a Christmas show for guests. Good for them! Help them address custom party invitations with details about the event. Order a Christmas scene setter kit or other Christmas decorations to professionalize the fine acting at the show. If they are retelling a fairytale or nativity story, consider ordering a fairytale decorating kit as the backdrop to a large, Christmas event full of big dreams and gifts. 
Community Theater Ideas & Backgrounds:
Rent out the local theater, community center, or house of worship to host an event or lecture. No theater should be dark at night. Cross advertise between organizations. Sell refreshments at intermission. Hang something simple that’s reusable and virtually indestructible. A simple, black, fringe curtain can be used for concerts, readings, or mystery dinner shows.
Shindigz’ simple set pieces are easy on your budget and time. After you pick a play, create a list of set pieces and winter props you’ll need for the show.

With so many theme party decorations to choose from, maybe you’d like to put on 50’s play or a western for diversion.  Buy inexpensive backgrounds made of solid or patterned decorating fabrics and flat paper.  Whether you’re hosting a large benefit or a simple, nativity scene these props will help you create a background set at your theater.


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