Plan Fantastic Food for a Rehearsal Dinner

Pink, Red, and Gold TableThe food that you decide to serve for your wedding rehearsal dinner is entirely up to you! If you are hosting a theme dinner, we recommend you serve food that is appropriate for the theme. For example, if you are throwing a Western rehearsal dinner, you would want to serve barbecue chicken, baked beans, etc.

If you are holding a more formal, traditional rehearsal dinner with a sit-down meal, we suggest that you choose something other than what you will serving at the wedding. If you will be serving chicken on the big day, then serve steak or pork the night before.

Some brides are choosing to bring back the Groom’s Cake these days and it is showing up at rehearsals also. The traditional Groom’s Cake is a dark chocolate cake, sometimes flavored with liqueur. It should represent something that is special to the groom, so use your imagination for a truly unique and fun cake!

No matter what food you decide to serve, have a great time decorating your tables. Check out table decorating ensembles in the hottest color combinations or mix and match centerpieces, tablecovers and confetti for your own unique look!

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