Throw a Chinese New Year Party to Remember

The Chinese New Year is February 7th this year and you can make it a new year to remember with an awesome Chinese New Year Party. Gather friends and family for a fun night and use these Asian party supplies and tips to make your party a hit!

Invite guests to your party with a fan invitation printed with the details of your event or another custom printed Asian invitation such as the Shanghai Moon Invitation. It features metallic Chinese characters on a bright red invitation and your text.
Totally transform your party space with an Asian theme kit. Each kit is perfect for a different spin on an Asian theme. Try the Asian Dragon Kit for a classic Chinese New Year look. The Chinese Take-Out Decorations are perfect for a fun, festive party.

No matter which route you choose for your theme decorations, there’s a bunch of decorating accents to fill out your Chinese New Year décor. Use paper lanterns to add a soft glow to your party. A Chinese New Year Fan makes a great all decoration, as does the Chinese Parasol. Use Asian Patterned Gossamer to add a soft decorative touch to your walls, ceilings and tables. Gossamer is an easy decorating material to use and it looks fantastic. Add swags, drapes, curtains for chair bows with gossamer.

Decorate your tables with a Chinatown Tableskirt, paired with a red tablecover, some Chinese character confetti and a centerpiece like a lantern or Chinese Fortune Centerpiece makes for the perfect party table. Set an Asian Elegance Votive holder at each place setting. They make great decorations and party favors!

Send your guests home with festive favors to remember your party by. Paper fans are timeless favorites, but another great favor is a Chinese take-out box filled with candy, baked goods or other small favors. Kids also love Chinese yo-yos!

Tell us about your Chinese New Year traditions and check out our other Asian Party TipZ for more ideas.

Reasons to Celebrate in February

There’s more than Valentine’s Day in February. ShindigZ has tons of ideas for your Valentine’s party, but if you’re looking for a different reason to celebrate, we have you covered too.

Host a party for Elmo’s Birthday on February 3rd! This is a great party idea for schools, day cares or households that don’t have any birthdays during February. Everyone loves Elmo—adults and kids alike—and this party is sure to be tons of cuddly fun! Host an Elmo party using tableware items, decorations and a piñata. Add a new dimension to your decorations with an Elmo Airwalker Balloon, an airblown Elmo decoration or an Elmo’s World play house. Send guests home from this party with fun favors; pass out the Elmo Birthday Party Packs which can be personalized with each guests name on their own red tote bag.

President’s Day is February 18th this year and it’s another great reason to celebrate—especially if you don’t have work or school that day. This party is great for a patriotic theme. Check out our Patriotic Party TipZ for ideas on how to decorate. Entertain guests with a fun President’s Trivia Contest and award fun prizes such as flags, patriotic beads, red white and blue poms or personalized votives for the winner or the top competitor in each trivia category. Include things like funny moments in presidential history, which states presidents came from, how many terms each president had or when they were president. Because this is an election year, you can spice up your President’s Day party by adding a political twist. Check out our Super Tuesday TipZ for more ideas.

2008 is a Leap Year. Celebrate that extra day with a Leap Day Party. This party doesn’t have any natural theme, so you can pair it up with any theme you like! Just make it a day of fun with your family and friends. Rest up or play games or have a huge blow-out of a party, really it’s up to you, but for any theme or size you choose, there are tons of party supplies and Party TipZ to help you make it a Leap Day to remember.

Tell us your reasons to celebrate this February. Here are more of our ideas:

* Mardi Gras * Ash Wednesday* President’s Day* Chinese New Year* Black History Month * 2- Groundhog Day * 2- Wear Red Day * 7- Women (Girls) in Sports Day * 11- World Marriage Day * 12- Lincoln’s Birthday * 12- Man Day * 14- Valentine’s Day * 16- Do a Grouch a Favor Day * 17- Random Acts of Kindness Day * 22- Washington’s Birthday * 24- National Tortilla Chip Day * 27- International Polar Bear Day * 28- National Tooth Fairy’s Day * 29- Leap Day *

Host a Super Tuesday Party and Keep Up with the Election Buzz

Patriotic Couple Photo OpWho says you’re not supposed to talk about politics? The 2008 Presidential Election is all anyone is talking about this year. Get in on the action by hosting a Super Tuesday Party! There’s even more reason to party this year as 2008’s Super Tuesday is the biggest in history with 24 states holding their caucuses or primaries.

With record numbers turning out at the polls, your Super Tuesday party can be a really fun event to celebrate American Democracy. Focus on the patriotic element and leave the debating to the candidates to ensure a fun, tension-free evening.

Turn your living room into campaign headquarters with Patriotic Decorating Kits. The patriotic hats and USA letter set makes for a great decorations for your guests and room. As a fun alternative, guests will love taking hilarious pictures with an Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty Stand In Photo Standee. They can stick their faces through the cut-outs and pose as the patriotic couple. The U.S. Flag Memories Mural makes a great decoration that you can personalize with your own wording and re-use throughout the entire election year or for the 4th of July.

Decorating accents such as red, white and blue star balloons, flag garland, bunting, patriotic stars decorating paper, and red, white and blue streamers also make awesome touches to your party. Check out our Patriotic Party TipZ for more ideas.

Decorating for the party can be part of the party. Use solid colored flat paper and banner paints to have guests design their own campaign posters—for a favorite candidate or for themselves. Hang the posters around the room and take a secret ballot vote to determine who the best poster designer is. Use cutout stars and a giant map mural to play a trivia game or to create a Super Tuesday Pool. Have guests affix stars with the names of the candidates they think will win the primary in each state to the map or see who can label each state or state capital correctly. You’ll be surprised how hard that is!

For a wearable activity, buy plain white t-shirts and fabric paints or iron-on decals. Guests can design their own election t-shirts supporting their favorite candidates or just the voting process in general.

Check out the USA Today Candidate Match Game for another fun party activity. Guests can find out which candidate the match up with on the most issues. It’s full of surprises.

It may not be as fast-paced as the Super Bowl, but there’s plenty of action in this race. Fuel your appetites while you watch the results come in with fun food popular at Super Bowl parties. That way, you can take advantage of the Super Bowl market specials (Super Bowl Sunday is just two days before Super Tuesday).

Send guests home with patriotic party favors such as red, white and blue poms, patriotic bubbles, confetti shooters, patriotic party favor packs, flags or star-shaped bead necklaces. They’ll be able to use their favors until November!

A Super Tuesday Party is a great idea for political junkies, government classes, or college dormitories looking to rock the vote. Tell us about your Super Tuesday Party or Election Party ideas!

Swan Valley High School Freshmen Create a Wonder of a Float

The Swan Valley High School freshmen class created a stunning float based on the theme “Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.” They incorporated their school mascot, the Vikings, into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to create a beautiful float using the slogan “This is Viking Country ‘The Eighth Wonder Of The World.’”

The two-sided float measured 14 feet high and 18 feet long and included horns, footballs, helmets and a Viking poised to attack the rival Panthers amid the garden, combining the intensity of football season with the serene wonder of the Hanging Gardens.

Swan Valley High School is in Saginaw, MI. Great job team!

We love hearing about your parade floats. Thanks to float designer William Kaiser for sharing!

Swan Valley High School Front

Swan Valley High School Back

Simple, Romantic Invitations for a Valentine’s Romance Party

Silk Rose with RibbonThere is no better excuse for throwing a sweetheart dance or banquet than Valentine’s Day. The invitations you choose to send will set the stage for a romantic and fun filled evening! We have the following recommendations for an invitation that will spark the romantic fires even before the evening arrives!

• Send a single Red Silk Rose tied with ribbon and a note. This is a beautiful and elegant way to invite your guests to come to your party and celebrate their love.
• Sometimes a simple heart-shaped box of chocolates is a nice way to entice people to come celebrate this occasion with their sweetheart! Simply glue a small piece of red or pink paper on the top of the box with all of the party details!

Check out the rest of our Romantic Valentine’s Day Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!


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