Slogan and Invitation Ideas for a Fresh Popcorn Party

A Fresh Popcorn birthday party is a fantastic theme for adult and kids birthdays. You can keep this theme about your favorite snack or coordinate it with a Hollywood theme party for another great twist.  Once you’ve chosen this theme for your party, decide on a slogan to use in invitations, on personalized favors and custom banners. Here are some ideas:
•    Pop on over to celebrate Charley’s birthday!
•    Susan’s Fresh Popcorn Party will be Delicious!
•    Come out to the movies for Mary’s birthday bash!

After selecting a slogan, create invitations to send out to you guests.

The Fresh Popcorn Party Kit features an invitation card you can write your party details on and send in the mail. Add a pinch of confetti to the envelopes for a nice touch.

If you can hand out invitations in person, make them on the computer and roll them up. Tie them with curling ribbon and place them in plastic popcorn boxes. Encourage guests to bring the boxes to the party to eat popcorn out of.

Check out the rest of our Fresh Popcorn Party TipZ for more ideas on how to have a sizzling popcorn party.

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