Valentines – Random Act of Kindness Ideas

1v001aFor centuries, February 14 has been filled with love and romance. Valentine’s Day has become a holiday of the colors red and pink, hearts, cupid, roses and chocolates. While no one knows for sure the story behind the holiday (there are a couple possible stories), countries across the globe have embraced it as a holiday of love.

Just because you don’t have a husband or wife, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day is of no use to you. If Valentine’s Day is about love, there are lots of ways to spread love to others in a non-romantic way.

Here are some random acts of kindness you can do on Valentine’s Day to spread love to those around you:

Pick up the Tab

When you’re in the drive-thru of your favorite coffee shop or fast food restaurant, pay for the person in the vehicle behind you. Can you imagine how much it would make your day to pull up to the drive-thru window and find out your latte was already paid for? It might even feel better to know you made someone’s day!

Collect the Carts

Valentine’s Day is in February, and in most places it’s going to be cold. The workers gathering shopping carts in the parking lot of grocery stores don’t like being in the freezing cold anymore than you do. Grab a few friends and gather all the shopping carts in a parking lot and return them to the store. Someone will surely appreciate the help.

Cookies for Co-Workers

Instead of announcing to everyone that you’ve brought in some delicious homemade cookies, get to work early and leave the cookies where everyone will see them, along with a note that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!” Act as though you don’t know who brought them in either. Afterall, many random acts of kindness brighten other people’s days without receiving any praise in return.

Shovel the Snow

If there happens to be a snow shower the night before Valentine’s Day (it’s highly possible in most parts of the country!), get up early and shovel the driveway or walkway of your neighbors. If you live in an apartment complex, brush the snow off of some cars in the parking lot.

cb125Deliver Some Love

Because of confidentiality laws, it might be hard to get into a homeless shelter, children’s hospital or nursing home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a random act of kindness for the people inside. Drop off some Valentines or personalized candy bars just to let them know that someone is thinking of them on Valentine’s Day.

Give More of Yourself

You may never know where your blood or organs end up, but one of the greatest things you can do is help save someone’s life. Find a place to donate blood on Valentine’s Day, or sign up to be an organ donor if you aren’t one yet.

Exercise Your Patience

At the bank, pharmacy, grocery store… anywhere you wait in line, let someone go in front of you. It’s not only a sweet thing to do on Valentine’s Day, but it will help test your own patience. Sometimes it’s better to let someone else go ahead of you.

Throw a Party11szcotvlh

If you’re single, there’s a good chance you have some friends that aren’t looking forward to spending the evening alone either. Don’t ignore the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day, embrace it! Valentine’s Day is about love, and you love your friends, don’t you? Decorate your home in reds and pinks, hang swirl decorations from the ceiling, and plan for a night of eating and drinking with your single pals.

Just Smile

Sometimes something as simple as a smile will change someone’s entire day. Make it a point to smile at everyone you see on Valentine’s Day. You’ll have no idea the impact it might have on lots and lots of people.

What’s great about these random acts of kindness is that most of them can be done on any day of the year. Every day is a great day for a random act of kindness!

6 Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys

Many believe Valentine’s Day to be an over-commercialized holiday, hyped by retailers looking to cash in on yet another gift-giving opportunity. Others know the true meaning of Valentine’s Day honoring the martyred Saint Valentine of ancient Rome after which the holiday is named.

No matter what your opinion of the heart-shaped holiday, if you’re of the male gender, there’s one thing for certain: much is expected of you on this day, whether you like it or not.

Have no fear, gentleman! The gals at Shindigz party supplies have gone against the “girl code” and conspired to offer you 6 sexy ideas to help ensure that your Valentine will be swept off her feet! So guys, it’s time to focus and pay close attention!

Unique Valentine ideas we think are AWESOME:

  • Heartbreaker: Write love notes on a small piece of paper and insert them into heart shaped balloons before blowing them up. Throughout the evening, pop a balloon and let her read the note inside. The notes can be “20 Questions” if you’re still getting to know each other.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Prepare several clues on heart shaped cutouts to be placed around the house. Blindfold your girl, place the first clue in her hand, ask her to count to 30 and run to hide. The first clue will lead her to another clue and then another. The final clue will lead her to a romantic dinner on the patio or a candle lit massage in the bedroom. She’ll be putty in your hands!
  • Heart-shaped dinner: Make a homemade, heart-shaped pizza. Or, mix up a batch of pancake batter and use a heart shaped mold to create heart shaped pancakes. Get creative with the syrup for a more risqué meal, if you know what we mean!
  • Double, triple or quadruple the fun: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends instead of just the two of you. This takes the pressure off a new couple or a relationship that hasn’t quite been “established” yet. Have the guys cook dinner while the girls plan some fun homemade games like “Battle of the Sexes” or “The Newlywed Game.”
  • Roses are red: Everyone knows red roses are a symbol of romance. So plan ahead and hide long-stemmed red roses or rose petals everywhere you plan to take your date. Place one in the front seat of the car. Ask the waiter to bring one to the table at dinner. Arrange a romantic carriage ride with a red rose awaiting your Valentine in the carriage. Place one on her pillow or in the shower. Not going out? Arrange with her workplace to have a co-worker bring her a rose every 30 minutes all day long! Attach a love note attached to each rose!
  • The Date of Memories: Take your Valentine to all the places that mean something to you. Start the evening by taking her to the restaurant where you had your first date. Then arrange a romantic dessert picnic at the park where you had your first kiss. Give her a gift at the spot where you asked her to marry you. Take her dancing at the place where you had your first slow dance. At the end of the evening, she’ll be reminded of all the times when you first fell in love!

These unique Valentine’s Day activities are almost guaranteed to leave your lover wondering how she ever got so lucky to find you. You’re welcome!

Cool Valentine’s Day Crafts and Decorations

 Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

Love is in the air, as friends, families and communities prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is a time to playfully exchange all sorts of Valentine greetings, cherish the people we love and of course, eat way too much chocolate. Valentine’s Day is cheesy, crafty and oh, so much fun. It is decked out in bold shades of red, pink and white – everything from soft and shadowy pastels, to strong and brilliant burgundies and fuchsias, all emblazoned in simple and ornately designed hearts, often accented by ribbons and flowers.

Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be simple or extravagant, depending on the mood or event taking place. Intimate lovers desiring a romantic setting will benefit by covering aisles, pathways and hallways with large sheets of gossamer fabric, overlaying them with flower petals, confetti and curly ribbon. Votives and candles strategically displayed will add warmth and passion to the scene.

Families longing to share their love and devotion with each other in a special way might plan a tasty family dinner, decorating the dining area with numerous Valentine’s Day party supplies, and offering personalized chocolate bar party favors, complete with a family photo and memorable family motto, message or favorite saying.

Groups and communities are bound to enjoy the festivities taking place on Valentine’s Day, a time when social gatherings like parties and dances increase the energy in the air. Valentine balloons strewn about a dance floor, or crafted into floating arches and heart shapes add to the effect of a light and fun-filled event.

Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Children also enjoy the happy traditions of making Valentine party crafts and exchanging Valentine greetings on Valentine’s Day.  Party tableware like paper plates can be made into Valentine holders and personalized Valentine cards and decorations. Make a simple Valentine holder by using two paper plates. Cut one in half and join it around the edge to the other one. Decorate with glitter, fringe, even crafting feathers.  Design Valentine gifts and decorations by cutting hearts from solid color tableware and stringing them together; join the ends to create festive jewelry or use as streamers and garland, hanging them from ceilings, bookcases and lighting fixtures.

Pull back the arrow and let it fly through the air. This year’s target for February 14 is on cool Valentine’s Day craft and decorations. It’s all about lightening the mood, being playful in the spirit and having fun with the people you love and cherish the most. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate!

He’s My Valentine! Plan a Daddy-Daughter Dance

Create Valentines MemoriesPlan a Daddy Daughter Dance

February is the perfect time to celebrate that special bond between dads and daughters of all ages. After all, what better occasion is there to host a grand and glorious, He’s My Valentine! Daddy-Daughter Dance, than for a Valentine’s Party? Making preparations for such an event is easy and fun, especially when you use Shindigz Valentine’s Day Party Supplies.

Set the Valentines Party Scene

Move the furniture out of the largest room in the house. Create an atmosphere and theme of your choice, choosing from a large selection of lighting, party decorations and confetti sprinkled all over the floor. Drape gossamer fabric as a focal point in one corner, accented by a “Daddy’s Little Girl” personalized banner, and prepare to set the scene for one of 2012’s happiest Valentine’s Day Party events of the year.

  • Display a scrumptious arrangement of appetizers and easy to eat finger foods on a large, and very crowded buffet table, in an adjacent room that has matching table decorations, background materials and party favors, to give your guests a celebration that will be remembered and talked about for years.Plan Party Games!
  • Engage guests and promote interactive conversation with a fun variety of party activities. Include all-time favorite dance games, as well as things like silent auctions, guessing jars, darts, ping pong and billiards, enabling dads and daughters to dance and play at their leisure.
  • Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like Cupid and archery. Favorite treats might include a chocolate dipping fountain, complete with heart-shaped cookies, cakes and fruit pieces nearby. Dipping chocolate need not be reserved for the fountain, however. Chocolate fondue is not only easy to prepare, but sure to be a crowd pleaser too. Guests can even be sent home with their very own personalized chocolate bar party favors.

Dads and their daughters will be able to relax in a Valentine haven, created just for them. Photos will be plentiful of this amazing Daddy Daughter Dance. Watch out, Facebook! Timelines are about to go on overdrive!

Valentine’s Day Classroom Ideas

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance and lovers. Spread the love with a Valentine’s Day celebration in your classroom. Give the students Valentine invitations that let them know you’re going to devote an entire day to Valentine’s themed activities. Begin by decorating your room with Valentine’s Day decorations and hanging a personalized Valentine’s Day banner to get the students excited about the day.

Tie in all of the subject areas during your Valentine’s Day celebration:

Art: Create Valentine’s rather than buying them. Cover your tables and desks with Valentine’s tableware to catch all the glitter and glue.

P.E.: Play tag. The “tagger” is can be cupid for the day.

Music: Listen to the top 10 love songs of the decade (be sure to pre-screen these and be sure they’re appropriate for your students).

Math and Science: Bake–this incorporates measurement, fractions, and the principles of mixtures. Use heart shaped cake pans or heart cookie treat pans to make your own desserts.

Reading/Writing: Give each of your students a box of candy message hearts (No eating yet!). Students must read each message and use each (that doesn’t repeat) in a story. Share the stories at the end of the class time.

Social Studies: Research the origins of Valentine’s Day and why it’s celebrated.

No celebration is complete without food! You will have already made your dessert, so have the students bring something in to share with the entire class. Be sure you have plenty of classic pink tableware and classic red tableware to go around. Finish off the day with fun photos that students can take home as keepsakes. Now everyone can play cupid with the cupid photo stand in!


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