Shindigz Summer Games: Cake Decorating Results are in!

After kicking off the Shindigz Summer Games: Race to the Golden Dog Bone with a cake decorating contest, Shindigz allowed the entire world to vote for the winner. After a week of voting, the results are in! Party Hosts were challenged to create a cake that uses the Summer Games theme.

Shindigz Cake Decorating Results:
1st Place: Kick ‘em in the Shindigz
2nd Place: Ankle Biters
3rd Place: Snoop Doggy Dawgz
4th Place: Taj Mautt-hals

Come back and check out our blog for additional party ideas on creating your own Summer Games with products and supplies that are easily found on our website. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Games updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

Shindigz Summer Games: The Race to the Golden Dog Bone

The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continued Tuesday afternoon with six teams battling to be TOP DOG in tabletop ping pong! One member from each team stood behind their colored cheerphone in order to bounce five ping pong balls into water-filled cups for the win. The race was close and a 3-way tie breaker was needed.  The Taj Mutthal’s came in 1st place followed by The Party Pooches and The Hot Dawgz taking 3rd. Currently we have a 3-way tie for 1st place after two events.

Continue to follow our blog for additional party ideas on creating your own Summer Games with products and supplies that may be easily found on our website. Watch for our Shindigz Summer Game updates as The Race for the Golden Dog Bone continues until August 15th!

Jacquie Downey – Gold Medal winner

Caution: Party Under Construction

If your child adores hard hats and the heavy equipment of a construction zone, Under Construction is a great birthday party theme with its colorful backhoe, bulldozer and dump truck design.

It also makes a cute theme for a baby shower!

The Under Construction Party Kit comes in Basic or Deluxe versions. The Basic Kit includes latex balloons, curling ribbon, table cover and tableware for up to 8 party-goers. Deluxe has everything the Basic kit does, and adds streamers, birthday candles, a metallic mylar balloon and an Attach N’ Go banner you can customize.

Our Construction Yard Sign makes a great outdoor marker for the party, as does generous usage of orange construction cones. Indoors, hang the whimsical Giant Tool Cutouts. Provide photo ops with the Giant Dump Truck Standee or the Construction Stand-in; each can be personalized to capture the moment in time.

The Under Construction theme also gives you plenty of fun options for cake. Decorate a sheet cake with mini construction hats, construction truck and cone candles, or our new Construction Dig Cake Deco Set. Another sure hit is the “dump truck cake.” The recipe is below.

Dump Truck Cake

  • One packaged chocolate cake mix
  • Two 3 oz. boxes of chocolate pudding prepared according to directions on the box
  • One box of Oreo Cookie Crumbs (or make them yourself in your blender)
  • One 9″ X 13″” cake pan
  • One well-washed Tonka Dump Truck
  • One yellow shovel scoop
  • Prepare and bake the cake according to directions on the package. After cake is completely cooled, cut it into bite-sized pieces. Layer the bed of the dump truck with cake, pudding, and crumbs. Continue to add layers until the dump truck is piled high with “dirt.” Serve heaping scoops of dirt with the shovel.

    If you are serving more people than one boxed mix can cover, we recommend that you simply bake an extra rectangular cake or some cupcakes – which also gives you the chance to accommodate vanilla-lovers who attend the party.

    Find more baby shower and birthday party supplies on ShindigZ Theme Party pages.

    Jungle Animal Birthday Cake

    Try this easy but immensely kid-pleasing decorated cake for a jungle- or safari-related themed kid’s party. You’ll need:

  • One cake mix
  • Hard board surface on which to build the cake

  • Chocolate icing

  • White icing

  • Green colored sprinkle sugar

  • Cake decorating icing to write happy Birthday or a package
    of Happy Birthday Pick Candles

  • Small hard plastic toy jungle animals (or Lion King™ characters)
    to fit the theme

  • First, you’ll need to bake your cake. We like a good boxed mix, but of course a scratch cake is great. Chocolate or vanilla will work. To make the cake moister, try adding a handful of chocolate chips into the batter before baking. You can match chocolate chips to a chocolate cake or white chips to vanilla, or go for opposites for a contrasting “confetti” sort of effect.

    Bake the cake in a rectangular cake pan per the directions, and let it cool completely.

    While the cake is cooling, prepare a board to support your cake creation. Foam core works if you have it readily available or select a large cutting board, corrugated or other sturdy flat surface. Cover the board with foil.

    Place the rectangular cake on the covered board. Create zebra stripes across the entire cake – remember to continue the stripes onto the sides of the cake – by alternating white and chocolate icing. The stripes do not have to be perfect.

    Using leftover white frosting, ice the part of the board that’s sticking out beyond the cake. Sprinkle green colored sugar on the white icing to create a grassy feel. At this point let’s note that you will need to decide whether you are going to write “Happy Birthday” on your board or on the top border of your cake. This will depend on how much board is sticking out. If you choose to write on the board, do leave some space in the icing without the green sugar.

    Create a leafy jungle border by placing plastic leaf garland around the top outside edges of the cake, except for leaving space across the front for the Happy Birthday message or toothpick candles.

    Add the toy animals to the top of the cake. It is best to have one animal for each child at the birthday party so you can place one on each piece when you serve it. You can clean off the animals later, and send them home in gift bags at party’s end.

    A last trick we like is to store the cake in the oven to keep it fresh until party time. Obviously you want to be sure the oven is completely cooled before you do this. Place a piece of tape on the oven control knob to remind everyone it’s in there.

    We’re sure the young “party animals” will love this cake. For more ideas for a safari/jungle theme, check out our Jungle Party Supplies catalog.

    Try Your Luck with a Fortune Cookie Cake

    Fortune Cookie CakeThe fortune cookie has an interesting history. First used in Japan as a temple tradition, its migration to the United States, subsequent evolution and marketing resulted in a version associated with Chinese restaurants but which is just about as American as apple pie!

    At any rate, our offering today is a recipe for a Fortune Cookie Cake. This cake goes great with an Asian-themed party but also for going-away parties, retirement celebrations, and any other occasions where wishes for good luck and good fortune are in order. It’s also pretty easy to make.

    Please note that the Fortune Cookie Cake requires a much larger cake pan than usual, but if you are baking for a small group you can certainly adapt the recipe for the more standard household 9” or 12” round pan.

  • Fortune Cookie Cake
  • 16″ round cake pan
  • Two white or yellow packaged cake mixes
  • Three 16 oz. Containers of vanilla ready-made frosting
  • An 18″ round “board” or plate – foam, corrugated, etc. – preferably black for nice contrast in display
  • Parchment or waxed paper
  • “Pooh Gold” Wilton™ paste or gel food coloring
  • One computer-generated fortune
  • Fortune Cookie Cake at PartyPrepare the mixes and the pan according to the manufacturer’s directions. Bake the cake according to directions on the package, but add an additional 5-10 minutes to the suggested time to bake. Because you are baking 2 mixes at one time, you will need to bake the cake for longer than the directions indicate. Check your cake using a toothpick inserted into the center every 5-7 minutes after the initial required baking time, and add more time as needed. All ovens bake differently, so add extra baking time in small increments.

    Allow cake to cool. Place cake on wire rack in freezer for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    When removed from the freezer, place the cake on the cake board or plate after edging it with parchment or waxed paper strips for easy cleanup. Typically, a cake would be placed on the board upside down so that the top of the cake would be flat. For this cake, place the flat (bottom) of the cake directly on the cake board, so that the “bump” will be on the top of the cake. This gives the fortune cookie dimension. Cut a pie-like wedge out of the cake. Tint the vanilla frosting with the “pooh gold” food coloring. Frost the entire cake, then carefully remove the waxed paper or parchment strips.

    Create a fortune with a personalized message using a large font and the “landscape” page setting on your computer. Trim the page so that the strip is approximately 4″ wide. Using a knife, make a slit in the cake near the “wedge”, and slide one end of the fortune strip into the cake.

    We hope you enjoy the Fortune Cookie Cake! For more ideas, browse the Asian Party and Special Party Events catalogs at


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