Buying Habits Don’t Match AFC, NFC Championship Poll Results

Super Bowl XLVII party supplies

It’s a complete football party for 8 with these Super Bowl XLVII party supplies

Which teams do party shoppers believe will have the big wins on Sunday and make their way to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3, 2013? According to a poll performed on, the February match-up to watch for will be the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.Those participating in the NFL division championship poll picked the Patriots (53%) over the Baltimore Ravens (47%) and the 49ers (81%) over the Atlanta Falcons (19%).

Shindigz has also been keeping a close eye to NFL team purchases since the final four football teams were determined.  While the 49ers are ahead in the polls, Falcons fans have been purchasing more plates and napkins for parties than any other NFL team. For purchase behavior, the Falcons are followed by the Patriots, Ravens, and then 49ers.

The Shindigz NFL Championship poll is open for voting through Sunday and can be found at

NFL Football Party Supplies

Just 4 NFL teams remain: get your San Francisco 49ers,  Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, or New England Patriots party supplies.

Fans Jump on the Tim Tebow Party Bandwagon

Cheer on Tebow and the Broncos with an Orange Football Fan Wig

Cheer on Tebow and the Broncos with an Orange Football Fan Wig

“Tebowing” hit new heights this week across the nation with football fans tweeting about Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Social media sites are buzzing with followers singing the praises of a newfound hero in quarterback’s clothing. As a result, Shindigz, where the world comes to party, has seen a surge of activity with fans searching for Tim Tebow party supplies.

Team-colored orange and blue noisemakers, wigs, game day tableware, and NFL football party supplies are briskly selling on the new Tim Tebow Party web page assembled at www.shindigz/tim-tebow-party. “Add in some Super Bowl or Florida Gators products (Tebow’s alma mater) and What Would Jesus Do or God Loves You items and you can see that parties are being planned for this Sunday’s NFL playoff game,” notes Keith Bansemer, Shindigz Director of Internet Marketing.

Even though this is the just the second year of this young Christian’s professional career, “The Tebow” has become the country’s most watched sports figure. Denver hopes to win two more games to reach Super Bowl XLVI, February 5th in Indianapolis. Tim Tebow and the Broncos go up against the New England Patriots in AFC playoff game action this Sunday. “Expect those on the Tim Tebow bandwagon to have their smart phones ready to tweet about every play at these Tebow parties,” says Bansemer.

Also, see how Yahoo! Sports recommends Shindigz for Super Bowl XLVI party supplies!

September Madness Is Here. Host a Football Brackets Party!

football inflatable goal post cooler

Ease your September madness for football fever by keeping your beverages cold in an inflatable goal post cooler!

ARE YOU READY for some FOOTBALL?!! You’ve no doubt heard of March Madness, with winter still hanging on and NCAA basketball fans going wild for the upsets that add to the excitement of the single-elimination college basketball tournament. What? Basketball is not your game? Well, never fear. Now we’ve got September Madness, a form of football fever that can’t be cured—at least, not without a little help from Shindigz, your September Madness bracket sponsor!

Shindigz Brackets for the Big 16—Only the Top 8 Move On
Shindigz has created the first-ever Big 16 College Football’s National Champion. The deal is YOU decide who wins! Just register to vote for who you think is the best of the Big 16. Voting ends on 9/7/11. At that time, eight winners will move to the Awesome 8 brackets. After that, the Fabulous 4 teams move into the top spots. Who will the finalists be? The Texas A & M Aggies? The Wisconsin Badgers? The ultimate champion will be decided on 9/28/11.

Host a September Madness, Football Brackets Party Ideas
Football fans have been waiting for a bracket opportunity like this! Get your game face on with team stamp instant press tattoos and rally your friends to get the September Madness party started.

  • Decorate with your favorite college party supplies. Choose plates and napkins with your college logo, or order your team’s solid color BIG value packs.
  • Line up the drinking games as your College Football’s National Champion party begins. Give away pom pom party favors.
  • Strut your team spirit with fan gear. From wild wigs and party beads to crazy towels and face paint, we’ll help you “cure” your football fever (or at least provide an outlet for your September madness!).

Super Bowl Party Ideas


super bowl trophy table cover

Your Super Bowl Party Ideas are Covered

Who’s Watchin’ the Game?

Most people who watch the Super Bowl are true football fans who want to see their favorite team crowned as the champions. Many others watch the game to see the outrageous commercials, and a few watch the game because they’re hanging out with family and friends and that’s what’s on the TV. With so many people watching the Super Bowl, it’s no wonder that it’s the most-watched event on television! To get your Super Bowl party ready for kickoff, here are some great Super Bowl party ideas:

Organize Your Super Bowl Party Space

Knowing these types of “Super Bowl watchers” can help you plan the perfect party. For your diehard fans, you can create a “touchdown zone” right by the big screen. Put up football party banners and balloons in the teams’ colors to set this area off. Give your diehard fans noise makers and poms to cheer the players to victory. Hint: If your home has a basement TV area, make this your “touchdown zone”!

For those who favor the commercials, they may want to be close to the “touchdown zone” but maybe not shoulder to shoulder with the guy who shouts so loudly that you might think the team will actually hear him through the TV! If you have a second TV space, you can create a “commercial district” for the ones who insist on watching the TV ads as well as for the more casual watchers who might want to meander back and forth to the kitchen for some good Super Bowl party food.

Remember that not everyone who comes to Super Bowl party cares about the action on the screen. Some folks just like to socialize and hang out. For these guests you can create a third space with seating that allows for comfortable conversation. You might call this the “journalists’ corral.”

Finally, you may want to designate an area just for the kids where they can hang out, play games, and eat easy snacks like trail mix, popcorn, and chips.

Super Bowl Party Essentials: Keep It Simple

• Send out football party invitations to invite your guests over on Sunday, February 6, 2011.
• Set up food stations in convenient areas. Use football party table covers for buffet-style tables. Serve dinner and dessert on disposable NFL logo plates and napkins, or pick tableware in designs from the two playoff teams: (Who will it be, the Patriots, Bears, Steelers, or Packers?)
• Load up a couple of inflatable football coolers with ice and your favorite beverages.
• Welcome your guests at the door with fun football party favors.
• Make food that is easy but filling, like macaroni and cheese, chili, and pulled pork sandwiches.
• Add face tattoos, sports ball lollipops, and other favorite football party supplies to cheer your Super Bowl party to victory.

Win the Ulimate Super Bowl XLIV Football Party

Who will be at your Super Bowl XLIV football party? Will you be cheering for the Indianapolis Colts and Manning or the New Orleans Saints and Brees? Host the football game party at your house with the ShindigZ Ultimate Super Bowl Football Party.

Enter today through Janaury 25, 2010 for your chance to win a football party contest prize package with a retail value of over $200. Prizes include:

Win the Ulimate Football Party

Win the Ulimate Football Party

24 Super Bowl XLIV Invitations
32 Super Bowl XLIV Beverage Napkins
16 Super Bowl XLIV Banquet Plates
32 Super Bowl XLIV Luncheon Napkins
16 Super Bowl XLIV Desert Plates
16 Super Bowl XLIV Plastic Cups
1 Inflatable Goal Post Cooler
8 Unimprinted Sport Ball Football Clappers
1 Mylar Sports Football Balloon
1 Silver Curling Ribbon 75′ Roll
2 Silver Beaded Football Necklaces
2 Gold Beaded Football Necklaces
2 Red Beaded Football Necklaces
2 Blue Beaded Football Necklances
8 D-Fence Head Boppers
12 Bright Tone Red Latex Balloons
12 Bright Tone Blue Latex Balloons
2 Emerald Green Plastic Table Covers
1 Inflatable Football Decorations
1 Red Crepe Streamer Roll
1 Blue Crepe Streamer Roll
3 Beer Mug Candles

Enter today! Winner will be annouced January 26th. Don’t forget to order your football party supplies today.


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