Host a High School Musical Friends Forever Birthday Party

A High School Musical Party is sure to be a hit with the tween crowd and the young at heart. ShindigZ has tons of decorations, party supplies and ideas to help you create a High School Musical Party to remember!

Start decorating for your party with the High School Musical Friends 4 Ever Party Kit. It contains everything you need to host a party for 8 including dinner plates, napkins, cups, thank you notes, curling ribbon, red metallic star confetti, cutlery, red bright-tone balloons, white balloons, and a red plastic table cover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10” x 30” vinyl banner, a red star mylar balloon, red crepe streamers, white crepe streamers and white glitter spiral candles.

Create a backdrop for your party using red gossamer to drape on the walls. The High School Musical banner and character standees.

Add HSM Friends 4Ever Danglers to the ceiling around your party space to add a third dimension to your party decorating.

To divide your party space or welcome guests to the room, add a HSM Friends 4Ever walk through door banner.

The biggest essential decoration for a birthday party is a well decorated table. Cover your table with a red plastic tablecover. To the middle of the table add a HSM Friends 4Ever centerpiece. Over the top, sprinkle red metallic star confetti.

Next, set the table with HSM tableware. Use coordinating Friends 4Ever stadium cups for beverages. Create cutlery bundles using personalized napkins or HSM napkins and red curling ribbon.

Use HSM Friends 4Ever photo holders as placecards. Simply add a photo of each guest or a slip of paper with their name in it. It makes a need favor for them to take home with them.

Send guests home with a special favor to remember the party by with High School Musical favor packs. Select a  High School Musical treat box and include a glitter microphone, metal whistle, High School Musical megaphone, glitter nail polish, vinyl pom poms and silver body glitter. You can create your own favor packs by hand selecting each of the items!

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Food Ideas for a High School Musical Birthday Party

Food is a favorite part of any party. Check out these food and cake ideas for an awesome High School Musical party:

A Sport Ball Cake Pan includes easy-to-follow directions, and can be modified to create a terrific basketball cake.

To make the cake a real standout, purchase a few 12″ X 12″ linoleum squares from a home improvement store (they are very inexpensive). The tiles can be used as a “hardwood floor” cake board. Use a red paint pen or Sharpie marker to create the three-point line, free throw line, etc. Purchase one individual tile for each party guest, and you’ll have an awesome “placemat” for each place setting.

If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by one boxed mix, which is what this pan calls for, we recommend that you simply bake extra cupcakes, or an extra rectangular cake. All can be frosted in matching frosting, and cut and served behind the scenes.

If you prefer cupcakes, try making these easy “Microphones”, which are guaranteed crowd pleasers
Microphone Cupcakes–What you’ll need:

1 Cake mix
24 flat-bottomed cones
16 oz. container of frosting
Silver Dragees

Prepare mix according to the directions on the package. Spoon about ¼ cup of the batter mix into each cone.  Place cones in muffin tin for easiest handling. Bake for approximately 20 minutes at 350 degrees, or until toothpick inserted in the center of the cupcake comes out clean. Cool completely, frost the top of the cone, and then roll the frosted part of the “cupcake” in the silver dragees.


As the excitement is so high at children’s birthday parties, most children under the age of 10 or 11 will eat very little, and the waste can be disheartening. If you wish, schedule your party during a time when parents will not expect that their children will eat a meal, and serve only cake, ice cream, and a few other munchies.

If you decide to serve a light meal, serve food that you would typically find at a mall food court or school caffeteria – pizza by the slice, nachos, burgers and fries or soft pretzels.

Serve all your party food on High School Musical Tableware.

Party Favors for a Rockin’ High School Musical Party

There are tons of party favors you can use to thank guests for joining you for a High School Musical party or give out as prizes in party games.

You can create party favor packs for your guests by selection a favor box or bag and filling it with an assortment of favors from our party favor store. For this party, we suggest a High School Musical Treat Box filled with a glitter microphone, hologram notebook, basketball pencil, punch balloon, red paw pin, Fun Dip Candy, guitar bubble necklace, vinyl poms and a tambourine.

If you’re leaning toward the basketball aspect of High School Musical for your party theme, creating a basketball themed favor pack, including a  basketball rocket, basketball stickers, Fun Dip Candy, birthday bubbles, inflatable cheerstick, basketball clapper, a trophy and a basketball.

You can create your own favor packs by buying any combination of favors separately and packaging them in a High School Musical treat box or stadium cup.

Add some High School Musical Funtoos temporary tattoos to any favor pack for extra fun. Kids love wearing temporary tattoos and our funtoos are so easy to put on and remove!

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Awesome Activities for a High School Musical Party

There’s tons of easy ways to have fun at a High School Musical party.

Perhaps the easiest idea that’s a ton of fun is to actually watch the High School Musical movie(s). Pop some popcorn and dim the lights for theatrical fun. This is an especially fun activity for guests who haven’t actually seen High School Musical (or those who just really like it).

Additionally, host some karaoke or a sing-a-long using the songs from the High School Musical movies. Guests will have a great time laughing with (or at) each other trying to remember the lyrics.

For a really active activity, practice some basketball drills like the guys on the Wildcats’ team. Set up orange cheerphones (cones) around the room or driveway in a zig-zag or other pattern. Guests can take turns dribbling a basketball through the obstacle course or they can work together for a fun team race. The possibilities are limitless. If guests don’t want to participate, they can use red and white spirit poms to cheer from the sidelines!

Send guests back to school with a High School Musical trivia quiz. No cheating!

ShindigZ offers a High School Musical piñata. Guests will have a blast trying to set the candy inside loose.

Check out our High School Musical party favors to stock up on prizes for any of your party games and tell us your High School Musical party activity ideas!

Winning Decorations for a High School Musical Party

Set a spunky scene for your High School Musical birthday party. Decorations should be vibrant and fun. Plus, you have a built-in color scheme: the Wildcat’s colors (red and white).

Start off your decorating with the High School Musical Party Kit. It contains tons of supplies to get your party looking really cool. The kit includes invitations, tableware, star confetti, red balloons, with balloons, silver curling ribbon, and a tablecover.  The Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle includes more decorations such as a High School Musical Banner, a HSM mylar balloon, silver spiral candles, red crepe streamers and white crepe streamers.

Welcome guests to your party with a personalized megaphone vinyl banner custom printed with your birthday message. Plus, add the High School Musical yard sign to your walkway.

Add more decorations to fill out the base you’ve created using the Kit-N-Kaboodle. High School Musical Danglers are great for hanging from the ceiling. They add an extra dimension to your party decorating by making good use of the space above guests’ heads.

Really set the scene with a High School Musical Backdrop. Guests can even take their pictures with this decoration, which features their favorite HSM characters. Accent the rest of the walls in your party space with die-cut music notes.

Invite the stars of High School Musical to your party with the Troy Bolton Standee and Gabriella Montez Standee. The life-sized cardboard standees make great decorations as well as keepsakes when your party is over. Plus, guests will love taking commemorative photos with the standees.

Don’t forget balloons! These are classic party decorations that may be simple but they can go a long way. Create balloon clusters of odd numbers and secure them with curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or balloon weights. Spice the clusters up by adding a High School Musical mylar balloon to each.

Table Decorations:

The High School Musical Kit-N-Kaboodle is full of the tableware—plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery—you need to serve party food, but don’t forget to decorate your tables. A well-decorated table can really create a focal point to tie all your decorations together.

Cover your tables with High School Musical tablecovers. Over the top, sprinkle red metallic star confetti and add a High School Musical centerpiece.

Add place settings around your table. Tie your cutlery in bundles with curling ribbon and your High School Musical napkins.

Don’t forget your cake!

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