Oriental Trading Company For Sale, Again

Oriental Trading is For Sale, Again

Oriental Trading is For Sale, Again

It is with great interest that I see another one of our competitors—Oriental Trading Company—has put itself up for sale… again. Apparently, after emerging from bankruptcy and being sold to a group of financial institutions, it is time to cash in again and flip the company to enrich the banks, private equity firms and top management. This comes on the heels of another competitor—Party City—also selling itself again from one private equity group including Goldman Sachs to another private equity company in Boston. Now, I am all for the free market and for companies being able to buy and sell as they please. But, I worry for our industry and for our customers getting lost in the shuffle.

It seems that these firms spend more time in financial gyrations and sales than in the reason we exist—to serve our customers. Maybe it is an old fashioned, American ideal of the family business that I embrace. Our company has been in business for 86 years. It has been in our family for 38 years and Wendy and I have owned Shindigz for the past 22 years. Our company has grown and it has changed dramatically in that time. But our focus has been on serving the customer and creating unique and fun products to change the way the world celebrates and “to make life more fun.”  We just keep innovating.  They seem to spend more time on initial public offerings, bankruptcies, private placements and financial engineering than on what the customer wants. That’s a doggone shame.

I suppose all companies are sold at some point. But selling your business every few years seems to have the equation a bit backward.  But it sure seems nice to have a business that you can count on - one that employs American workers producing American products each and every day. It makes me proud to be a part of a company that is focused on our customer and their needs and not Wall Street investment bankers. I love the challenges of competition and of our free market system that lets the customer decide winners and losers each and every day. I just wish that our industry was more customer focused and less focused on quick sales to private equity firms. It’s about great products at great values. That’s lasting impact.

That’s my two cents…

Shep Moyle, Shindigz Owner/CEO

Shindigz Unveils New Charlie Sheen Party Theme

#WinningShindigz, one of the world’s leading party supplies retailers, announced yesterday that they are now featuring Charlie Sheen Themed Party Supplies. From vinyl banners featuring some of his over-the-top quotes (winning! Duh.) to goddess tiaras and tiger standee decorations, Shindigz has created a timely collection of party goods that can be used to throw a Charlie Sheen party worthy of a rock star.  
The popularity of Charlie Sheen memorabilia has proliferated into a retail and social media frenzy since his media-hopping tirades began late last month. While some are still trying to make sense of the television star’s bumbling musings, others are catching on and cashing in. Shindigz has already generated sales from the new Charlie Sheen inspired party page and has officially laid claim to having the #1 spot on Google search for “Charlie Sheen Party Supplies.”
Shindigz Party King, Shep Moyle, said, “We think that Charlie continues to make life more fun for all of us. With the high traffic and sales we are seeing already, we think the rest of the world agrees.”

Visit http://www.shindigz.com/charlie-sheen-party to decorate a smokin’ hot Charlie Sheen party with swords, movie props, rock star décor, cool black sunglasses and more.

New, Lower Prices on 1,000 Party Supplies

At ShindigZ, we’ve just marked down our prices on over one thousand party supplies! Stock up on Birthday Kit’N’Kaboodles, confetti, metallic curtains, favor boxes, solid tableware, life size standees and party basics.

Shop a sampling of these best sellers for your next party and SAVE. Shop storewide for more value priced items and get your party decorations now up for Christmas, New Year’s and more.

New, Lower Prices on 1,000 Party Supplies

New, Lower Prices on 1,000 Party Supplies

Add Personalized Hollywood Decorations for Star Quality

Star-Hand-Prints-Peel-N-PlaceHollywood party decorations deliver some extra dazzle when you use personalized Hollywood party supplies from ShindigZ! In addition to our party decorating basics and Hollywood theme decorations, we offer fun personalized Hollywood decorations, invitations, and favors.

Invite guests to your party with the Spotlight on Hollywood Invitation! The invitations are designed like postcards from Hollywood. Each 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ invitation allows for 14 lines of personalized black wording on the backs of the card.

Welcome guests to your party with our Now Showing Theater Marquee Banner. The banner features a classic marquee design personalized with your party details. All of our banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and available in several sizes to suit your decorating needs.

Another great option is our Movie Clapboard Standee. It makes a great entrance piece to your party and a fun focal point for taking commemorative pictures. 3’ 10” x 3’ 10” black and silver cardboard freestanding movie clapboard can be customized with your custom wording.

Adding your guests’ names to the party decorations is a great way to make them feel like they are part of the event. What could be better than recreating the famous Chinese Theater with our Star Hand Prints Peel N’ Place Graphic (pictured above). Each 12” x 15” graphic has the look of real cement with hand prints in them. Add guests names before the party or have them sign the handprints themselves! They make for great photo-ops!

You can hand out personalized Hollywood party favors for another fantastic personalized touch to your event.

Our Custom Creation Hollywood Photo Album is a fantastic choice. It features a photo of a Hollywood clapboard and is personalized with your party details. The photo albums hold 24 of your 4″ x 6″ photos. Guests will love filling them with their favorite pictures from your party! You can use them as placecard holders too when you slip a placecard in the first page of the album.

Our Hollywood Clapboards make fun favors too. The 8” x 7” clapboard chalkboards include chalk so you can personalize them with guests’ names and then they can write whatever they want on them!

Check out all of our Hollywood Party Supplies and other Hollywood Party TipZ for more ideas!

Host a Michael Jackson Tribute Party!

Dancin'-Party-TablewareHonor the King of Pop with a Michael Jackson themed party!

Michael Jackson’s death on June 25th, has prompted many fans, new and old, to take another look at the life and music of this beloved and controversial performer. Why not gather your friends and family around for a Michael Jackson Tribute Party that’s sure to be a great time?

Get out your Michael Jackson CD’s or create a playlist and dance to the songs of the King of Pop. Here are our tips for Michael Jackson party decorations:

Since Jackson’s career spanned four decades, your party can highlight the changes in era and genre by incorporating Motown, Disco and 80’s decorations into your event.

Our party supplies like Gangster Fedora Hats, sunglasses, disco balls, and even Chimpanzee Standees (Remember Jackson’s pet Bubbles?) and Zombie Standees (for Thriller!) evoke the sensation of Jackson’s spectacular career.

Welcome guests to your party with a Disco Vinyl Banner, personalized with your custom wording. The bright colored banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and makes a great keepsake from your event. Our Musical Note Vinyl Banner is another great choice.

Create a focal point for your party decorations using our Giant Record Standee. Each standee is 6 feet in diameter and made out of corrugated cardboard.

Gangster-Fedora-HatHave our Personalized Record Wall Graphics printed with your favorite Jackson songs and place them around your party space!
Create a base for more specific Michael Jackson party supplies by adding musical notes all over! Put Music Note Cutouts on your walls or suspend them with fishing wire from the ceiling. Add balloon bunches of our music note latex balloons accented with music note mylar balloons.

Next, decorate your party tables, cover them with black, red, or silver plastic table covers or floral sheeting and add a coordinating or contrasting wavy metallic tableskirt and coordinating plastic tableware. Our Dancin’ Party Ensemble (pictured above) is a fun tableware option that coordinates with the feel of the Jackson 5 years. Be sure to add plenty of confetti or sparkle powder to your tables.

Create a dance floor for your party by covering the are intended for dancing with black and white checkerboard flat paper. Add some sparkle powder, twinkle lights, and a disco ball for a really fantastic look.

You could add our Starry Horizon Boarder and Crescent Moon Mylar Balloons too, to encourage the Moonwalk! Have a dance contest for the best Jackson impersonation or best overall dancing!

Really encourage guests to get into the mood for the party by handing out Fedora Hats and white gloves as they arrive (You only need one pair of gloves for every two guests!). Ask guests to come dressed to fit their favorite time period in Michael Jackson’s career and primed for fun like voting on their favorite Michael Jackson video (watch a few), dancing like a zombie to Thriller (use our Zombie Silhouettes to decorate if you’re having this contest!), or battling it out in a Michael Jackson trivia contest. You could even wear one of our Afro Wigs!

For prizes in your party games or other party favors, hand out disco ball necklaces or earrings, Musical Notes Magnet Frames, Musical Notes Votive Holders, or Michael Jackson CD’s.

There’s so many options for hosting a Michael Jackson Tribute Party. Shop all of our party supplies and tell us about your event!


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